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It is no secret by now that I am a big foodie. I love eating and love trying new foods. One thing I am guilty of is snacking, usually on naughty “treats”. So, when asked if I would like to try some Ombar raw vegan chocolate I had to take them up on the offer. 

What is Ombar raw vegan chocolate

Ombar raw vegan chocolate review collection flat layOmbar is a UK brand wanting to introduce people to the power of raw cacao. They create a healthier, more nourishing chocolate that doesn’t compromise on taste.

Ombar raw vegan chocolate is organic, ethical, uses live cultures and is free from refined sugar and dairy.


My Ombar raw vegan chocolate review

Ombar raw vegan chocolate review collection flat lay

Ombar raw vegan chocolate comes in chocolate buttons or chocolate bars. There is both dark and milk chocolate. The packaging is a thick, luxurious brown paper that feels strong and high quality.

I really love the dark chocolates. The chocolate is deliciously rich and bitter. My favourite is the goji berry bar as the chunks of berry are perfect with the dark chocolate.

Ombar raw vegan chocolate review goji berry bar

The coco mylk chocolates are more like milk chocolate. It has a strong taste of coconut and is rich and creamy.

Ombar raw vegan chocolate review buttons

I am not vegan and do eat regular chocolate and dairy products too. I can’t tell the difference between this chocolate and dark chocolate at all.

The bars and buttons didn’t last long in our house at all. As it is vegan I knew my friend Holly would love it so I’ve already ordered more and sent some over to her too!

Ombar raw vegan chocolate is a tasty treat and I really love that it is organic too. If you are looking for vegan chocolate, raw chocolate or even a healthier version of your favourite snack, make sure you try Ombar.

Have you tried Ombar? Or any other vegan chocolates?

Ombar raw vegan chocolate review


*I was sent this chocolate in exchange for an honest review. As always all words and opinions are my own.

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6 comments on “Ombar raw vegan chocolate review”

  1. I actually know someone who works there and she gets to try sooooo much of this. I’m so jealous!
    It’s really lovely chocolate
    Debs @

    • Dark chocolate is the best isn’t it. I love that it’s organic and raw too, doesn’t make it quite as much of a naughty treat.

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