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Both me and my friend Linda have an ever growing list of places we want to eat at. Living in Leeds means we are surrounded by amazing venues and spoilt for choice. Tattu Leeds is somewhere on both of our lists so, a few weeks ago we finally got to try it out.

Tattu Leeds has seasonal menus that take their inspiration from Chinese cuisine. They create classic Asian dishes fusing traditional flavours and techniques with modern craft and presentation. Tattu cater for vegetarians, vegans and gluten free diners too. There are two branches, one in Leeds and one in Manchester.

Tattu Leeds review – the restaurant

Tattu Leeds is a large, glass fronted bulding that to be honest doesn’t look like much from the outside. As soon as you step in though it is THE most beautiful restaurant. The interior is dark and moody with just the right amount of illumination where you need it. The real highlight inside are huge cherry blossom trees that fill the venue and look absolutely stunning.

Tattu Leeds review cherry blossom tree

I really love the wall art around the restaurant too, photographs of stunning tattoos.

Tattu Leeds review tattoo wall art

Tattu Leeds review – The food

The menu at Tattu Leeds is large with lots of choice for everyone. The staff are happy to give you plenty of time to choose and are really knowledgable about everything on the menu.

As each dish is brought to your table the waiting staff describe the dish and tell you exactly what is on your plate.

From the dim sum menu I have the Waygu Dumplings with kimchi and spring onions. The dumplings are soft and squishy and with a generous filling. They are incredibly tasty and four is the perfect size for dim sum.

Tattu Leeds review waygu dumplings

Linda has the Spicy Pork Wontons with szechuan and peanut. The wontons are crispy and again have a generous filling. They are true to their name and very spicy. I’m not a huge fan of spice but they are great for Linda.

Tattu Leeds review spicy pork wonton

From the small plates menu we have the Crispy Pork Belly with black vinegar, sweet soy and ginger to share between us. This is four squares of super crispy pork belly pieces. It is absolutely the best pork belly I have ever had, I’m a huge pork belly fan so don’t declare that often! The pork has been rendered down so isn’t too fatty. The cracking lives up to it’s name and is so crispy it is almost difficult to cut into. The flavours of the pork, vinegar, soy and ginger are amazing together.

Tattu Leeds review crispy pork belly

From the main menu I have the Roast Char Siu Pork with yellow bean, hoisin and honey along with jasmine rice. The char siu pork is delicious and melt in the mouth tender and the honey sauce tastes incredible.

Tattu Leeds review roast char siu pork

Tattu Leeds review rice sides

Linda has the Chinese Barbecue Chicken with chilli, sweet soy and garlic along with egg fried rice. The chicken is moist, tasty and perfectly charred. The sticky, chilli sauce tastes great and has just the right amount of heat (even for me).

Tattu Leeds review Chinese barbecue chicken

Both of us were far too full to even look at the dessert menu. I guess that just means I will have to again and make sure I save enough room!

Tattu Leeds review – final thoughts

I can’t even tell you how much I love Tattu Leeds. The food is amazing and the restaurant is just so beautiful. I love how attentive the staff are, without being annoying or overbearing.

Whilst Tattu Leeds isn’t the cheapest restaurant around, it is very reasonable. Our bill, including two soft drinks each, was around £100. For the quality and amount of food I am more than happy with that.

Tattu is the perfect restaurant for a date night, a birthday night out, or just a lovely weekday girls night treat like I had.

Tattu Leeds review

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10 comments on “Tattu Leeds review”

  1. What a stunning restaurant I love the look of the decor. The food looks delicious I definitely wouldn’t mjnd eating the barbecue chicken dish as it sounds so yummy.

  2. I think this restaurant looks and sounds ideal for a date night or just for a treat with the girls or special occasion I think the food looks outstanding

  3. I know what you mean about having an ever growing list of places you want to try the food at! I have a list as long as my arm haha! This place looks amazing – the food and the decor x

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