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February has been a strange month for me. A month where I need to take a step back and look after myself. A month where self care needs to increase. Today I’m sharing my ideas for pamper nights with you all. I’m also holding another giveaway which you can read about at the end.

Why self care and pamper nights are important

You know those months where everything just seems so stressful? And where one thing after another seems to happen? At the moment we have a family member in hospital, Ellie has been really poorly, issues with other family members and work has been crazy. So crazy I had to cancel annual leave and go in.

When you are being pulled in every direction like this it is so important to take a step back. It’s impossible to look after everyone else if you’re not on top form yourself.

My pamper nights ideas, flatlay


What my ultimate pamper nights look like

Everyone has a different idea of what pamper nights look like. For some it’s a night out with friends and for others it’s good food and a glass or even bottle of something. My pamper nights are all about total relaxation, nourishing my body and emptying my mind. Depending on the time I have I can have an entire night using all of my ideas, or just a much needed quiet half hour.

One thing that always features heavily in any kind of relaxation is tea. Mugs and mugs of tea. A hot cup of tea is a pampering night idea that you can bring in when you’re short of time. I love sitting in the quiet, no TV or music, sipping a hot drink. I find it quite calming just being quiet and alone with my thoughts.

My pamper nights ideas, teapot and mug of tea

Can you have pamper nights with out a bath featuring? I certainly don’t think so! A soak in a nice hot, bubbly bath with a favourite bath bomb is the ultimate way to unwind.

If I am having pamper nights I always make sure I use a good body scrub to invigorate my skin. Then a rich moisturiser afterwards to really nourish it.

My pamper nights ideas, Lush bubble bath

After relaxing in the bath and giving my skin a treat my pampering nights move on to calming my mind. For me that means snuggling up under my faux fur blanket and binge watching Netflix or reading.

My pamper nights ideas, faux fur blanket over armchair

I often find it so hard to just sit and do nothing and really have to work at making myself do this more often!

My pamper nights ideas, kindle flat lay

My final idea for pamper nights is to dim the lights and light your favourite candle or wax melts. I have a wax melt obsession so always make sure I have some more relaxing scents in.

My pamper nights ideas, wax melt burner


A giveaway to have your own pamper nights

As I said above I have a giveaway for you to have your own pamper nights at home. If you are a regular reader you will already know I love smaller, indie brands. So I am making giveaways a more regular thing here and sharing and supporting the brands I love. Some might be brands I have worked with and some just brands I buy from regularly.

My first giveaway is a body scrub and balm from Absolutely Blendid who you may remember from my review here. The healing body scrub smells amazing and is a great body scrub without being too harsh for the skin. The balm is so moisturising and doubles up as a great facial cleanser too.

My pamper nights ideas, Absolutely Blendid beauty products

If you would like to win these make sure you enter my giveaway via the rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

How do your pamper nights look? Do you do any of the same things as me?

Pamper nights ideas


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165 comments on “My pamper nights ideas & giveaway”

  1. Awesome, Thanks for contributing your important time to post such an interesting & useful collection of knowledgeable resources that are always of great need to everyone. I visit this blog first time and encourage by this good stuff work. Unbelievable post keeps up posting such great information. There are things here that I didn’t think some time as of late. I am very enjoyed for this weblog. It’s an informative subject matter.

  2. My OH takes care of our daughter and I get to have some me time. A nice soak in the bath (using my best towels), moisturise all over, paint my nails, put on my favourite pjs and jump into bed with freshly washed sheets to listen to some relaxing music with a scented candle burning. Bliss xx

  3. A hot, bubbly and undisturbed bath surrounded by candles followed by a glass of rose wine, a takeaway pizza and a night infront of the tv!

  4. As a new mum, my pamper nights are few and far between! I love lighting a candle, having a relaxing bath and reading a few chapters of a book, snuggling up under a blanket with my cats to binge watch Netflix

  5. I am new hear and can relate to your idea of a pampering night. It also sounds like you needed/need a pampering night and you are so right about taking me time.
    Since I spend so much time alone I would invite a couple of really close friends over and pamper ourselves with wonderful products and also uplifting ideas and experiences. I look forward to learning about the products you use and love.

  6. Bliss to have a whole interupted hour – foaming bath oil facemask and a book – PERFECT

  7. I set the mood by lighting some scented candles, get comfy by having a long soak in a bubble bath, grab a glass of wine, cleanse, tone, moisturise and gently massage my face whilst listening to a relaxing playlist and then I moisturise my whole body and change into my favourite pyjamas.

  8. Bottles of wine! chocolates, some great gossip, fab films and slipper socks. Basically comforting, and happy

  9. A good novel, a lovely bath soak and pampering face mask. This hasn’t happened in years though!

  10. Scented bath, candles, face mask, painting toenails – all things that make me look and feel better.

  11. my perfect night would be a glass of something nice, a bubble bath and a good movie with my family

  12. my ideal pamper evening would be face masks, nails painted, a lovely hot bubble bath and lots of chocolate! Heaven!

  13. a lovely hot bubble bath followed by a glass of wine and a good film then off to bed xxxx

  14. My perfect pamper night would be coming home to the smell of lit candels and a warm running bubble bath. Then I’d get into cosy pj’s and wrap myself up in my warm duvet and watch netflix.

  15. As much as I love my kids, pamper night does not include them, candles, bubbles, lovely sccents, wine, and quiet is my ideal pamper night

  16. My perfect pamper night would be having a long and relaxing bubble bath and then watching TV in front of the fire

  17. My perfect pamper night in would be a glass of wine, a good romcom, a long soak in the bath and a face mask!

  18. Little lighting, candles, fire on, Lovely bubble bath run, face masks at the ready and body butter! Some nice comfort foods and fine wine! Perfect pamper combination.

  19. A hot bubble bath with candles round the bath, Champagne, and my partner scrubbing my back. Film more champagne, strawberries and chocolate

  20. My perfect pamper night would be a bubble bath, face mask & then paint my fingers & toes.

  21. It goes a little something like this, the evening to myself, the house is fairly clean, clean bedding, a pamper shower (a shower where I shave myself and exfoliate!), moisturize, clean PJ’s, a takeaway, diet cola, movie of my choice! WOW !

  22. Daughter’s asleep and a box of chocolates while watching a film I’ve mean wanting to watch for months… It still hasn’t happened yet lol

  23. A pamper night for me consists of a bath and applying body lotion to every inch of my body and actually rubbing it in rather than just slapping it on in a rush! I love a good candle and low lighting too x

  24. a nice long soak in a bubble bath with candles around, followed by a gin and tonic whilst watching a good thriller or reading a good book, and only ME AT HOME.

  25. hot shower, brand new PJs, candlelight, a good book, and plenty of decaf coffee on tap!! Oh, and someone else changing the bedcovers, so I’m all cosy!!

  26. It starts with a Face peel, followed by my facial recovery exercises (free with my recovery) and chin up. Eyebrow tweeze. Then a shower with a hair treatment, shave, pedicure and spending time drying my hair and styling. Clean fresh pj’s and bedding also required

  27. I would start with a lovely bath where I’ll apply my face and hair mask. Afterwards i’d put in some calming music and light some aromatic candles and eat some yummy chocolate fondue.

  28. it would be an undisturbed 30 minutes in a hot bath, with nice smelly bubble bath, with the radio on in the background and a nice drink to hand

  29. Snuggles beside the fireplace with my wonderful fiance Mark awww and a nice glass of something fizzy . What a lovely giveaway. Thanks for the chance

  30. Once I know my house is clean (clean house clean mind etc) I would have a shower, face mask, candles, glass of wine and a good chick flick

  31. A warm hot bath with all the aromatic flowers followed by a delicious Chinese take away and thick creamy Begium chocholate drink with lots of fragrant candles all round the house!!

  32. For me it has to be a nice bottle of wine, a box of chocolates and a good film to watch while i snuggle in my blanket enjoying my wine and chocolates.

  33. My idea pamper/spa night would be relaxing in a nice bath, followed by clean pj’s and reading a good book in bed!

  34. House to myself, phones turned off and the door knocked. A hot bubble bath with a small glass of wine. Then nightshirt and dressing gown on, snuggled up on the sofa with a good horror DVD and a bag of midget gems. Doesn’t happen very often.

  35. Mine would start with some bubbles and a luxury mani pedi, followed by a feel good movie, pizza and choccies with my girls.

  36. Very much like your photos, a nice bath, a good book, a great drink and maybe some chocolate 🙂

  37. A bath with a scented bath oil and a scented body scrub. Nice meal and a glass of wine with good movie to watch for a relaxing evening.

  38. Getting together with my daughter and daughter in law for a relaxing evening of manicures, pedicures & face masks

  39. A long, hot bath with some nice bubble bath or fizzers in it, quiet music playing, some candles burning and a glass of Merlot. Bliss.

  40. I big bubbly bath with a g&t. no body entering the bathroom for a poo! and to actually lay there long enough to top the water up because its gone cold. right this has now got to be a plan lol!

  41. my favourite pamper night involves a nice hot bubble bath with a glass of wine followed by curling up with a good book

  42. a nice soak in the bath with a face mask, some lovely music, followed by a baileys hot chocolate x

  43. As long as I’m on my own, with no interruptions or pestering to help do things or finf things, then that’s a pamper night for me! A lengthy bath without someone bashing on te door is bliss!

  44. Jacuzzi in the garden with friends. Then jam sarnies and Pepsi’s after followed buyba film and hot water bootle snuggled in bed

  45. My perfect pamper night starts with a long relaxing bath, then watching a favourite movie while giving myself a manicure and rubbing in lots of hand cream.

  46. I love to have time with no phone, no having to answer 100 questions an hour, no dogs following me everywhere! When this happens, it’s wine, Netflix catch up and sleep!! But in reality it doesn’t happen that often, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  47. A candle lit bubble bath, face mask, a gin and lemonade, pjs warming on the radiator, calling music playing in the next room. Get out and into bed with a good book.

  48. A hot bath with lots of bubbles, a glass of wine followed by relaxing on the sofa in my pjs watching a good film with a bag of minstrels xx

  49. My ideal pamper night is having a long soak in a bubble bath, taking the iPad & a glass of wine some candles – as long as there were no kids or hubby at home. Just pure bliss!

  50. I dont get them often but when I do get a free night to myself I love to pamper myself with a glass of rose wine, sat in front of the logburner and give myself a pedicure. I then lounge on the sofa with my magazine and grab a packet of vegetables crisps…perfect xx

  51. I can’t get in the bath anymore 🙁 so I have a good foot bath and a face mask and if I am lucky a little massage too !

  52. A night in with my girlfriends, talking about everything and anything. Enjoying facemasks, glasses of wine, nail painting and a few foot spa’s between us!

  53. An aromatherapy massage, to help me to relax. A pre-theatre meal followed by a musical theatre show, accompanied by fiancé. Followed by a good nights sleep. Bliss!

  54. A perfect pamper night would start with a lovely meal, cooked by someone else. A long soak in the bath, a glass of wine and lots of pampering beauty products

  55. A really good ready meal for supper (no cooking!), then a favourite tv programme followed by a warm bubbly bath and an early night with a good book. Heaven!!

  56. Definitely would start off with a bath bomb and nice soak in the bath with no interruptions. Followed by an hour reading and then maybe a movie if I’m still awake!!

  57. A bath,surrounded by candles and a cup and tea and bar of chocolate – I am not sophisticated.

  58. A long bubble bath with a bath bomb, surrounded by aromatic candles and then big snuggles with my son.

  59. Netflix, a takeaway, wine, chocolate and a nice candle burning. Oh and the kids staying asleep!

  60. A nice relaxing bath in warm water with Epsom salt with a great book to read and a lighted lavender candle on the shelf, while sipping on some warm Chamomile tea.

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