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Regular reader will know I am a huge music fan. Nothing makes me happier (or eats more of my money) than live music tickets. Bands like The Killers, Biffy Clyro and Green Day are my favourites and spending a weekend traipsing around a festival is my idea of heaven. I do have a few musical guilty pleasures, Nelly being one of them. Tickets were released for Leeds but I couldn’t decide how much of a guilty pleasure he is and put off buying them, until the Groupon two for one sale. Taking it as fate just a week later me and Ellie were seeing Nelly at the Leeds O2 Academy. 

Nelly at the Leeds O2 Academy support act

The support act for Nelly at the Leeds O2 Academy is Sir the Baptist , an American hip hop artist. Although I don’t know his music he is great to watch. He is energetic and great at working the crowd up ready for the main artist.

Nelly at the Leeds O2 Academy - Sir the Baptist

Nelly at the Leeds O2 Academy

Nelly at the Leeds O2 Academy

This is the first time I have seen Nelly, or any rap artist before. I had no idea what it would be like or what to expect.

From the moment it starts until it finishes it is a brilliant gig. Even if you don’t like his music, Nelly is just cool. He just is! Watching him swagger around the stage rapping the songs everyone knows from the radio is a great night.

Nelly at the Leeds O2 Academy


He is on stage with his entourage, two other rappers.

Nelly at the Leeds O2 Academy entourageNelly at the Leeds O2 Academy entourage

There is a great mix of songs from the early Batter Up and Air Force Ones to the newer Over and Over. Brand new songs not heard before to the hits everyone knows like Dilemma, Just A Dream and Hot In Herre.

Nelly at the Leeds O2 Academy

Nelly at the Leeds O2 Academy – final thoughts

Nelly and his entourage put on an amazing show from start to finish. Both me and Ellie loved our night seeing Nelly at the Leeds O2 Academy. The mix of old and new songs is just right. It made quite a nice change seeing a gig that isn’t a big “production”. Whilst the lights and show are always good to watch, seeing musicians just perform their music is quite unique these days.


Who is your musical guilty pleasure?


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