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It has been a few months now since my hair horror story so I thought I would update you all with how it is doing now and what I’ve been using to help. There is one thing in particular that has been helping, the Wella Fusion range.

Wella Fusion range review

Wella Fusion range review – hair recap

If you didn’t read my original post, click the link above then come back. To recap after some pretty major errors and the wrong strength bleach my hair was in a terrible state. My new hairdresser had no choice but to cut the majority of the damage away. One of the products she recommends for hair in this state is the Wella Fusion range. I have been using the range ever since.

Wella Fusion range review

What is the Wella Fusion range?

The Wella Fusion range offers 95 % more resilience against breakage. It repairs and protects the hair against breakage and damages. The formula is designed with the silksteel fusion program, inspired by spider silk, one of the strongest fibers in nature. It penetrates deep down the cortex and instantly recovers hair fiber and helps to prevent future hair breakage. Even the most damaged hair feels renewed, smooth, elastic and resilient against breakage.

What is in the Wella Fusion range?

The Wella Fusion range is a shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. There is also an amino refiller rinse off treatment in the range, but I haven’t tried that yet.

Wella Fusion range review intense repair shampoo

Wella Fusion range review intense repair conditioner

Wella Fusion range review

My Wella Fusion range review

Firstly I have to comment on the packaging. It is gorgeous! I love the white and copper together and it looks really luxurious standing on the top of my bathroom cabinet.

I have been using the Wella Fusion range for over three months now. I’m using the shampoo and conditioner every time I wash my hair and the mask every three or four washes.

The Intensive Repair shampoo is really gentle on my hair. After washing hair feels clean but soft.

The Intensive Repair conditioner is really moisturising. As soon as you rinse it off the hair feels moisturised and tangle free.

The Intensive Repair mask is the real star of the range. It is a wonderfully thick and creamy hair mask that after 5-10 minutes really does make the hair feel amazing.

All three products are working wonders on my hair. After just a few weeks my hair looks shiny, feels strong and isn’t breaking and falling out. And after three months it is like new hair. You would never know the state it was in previously.

My hair is currently growing SO fast at the moment too. I obviously can’t say if that is just due to this range or because all of the dead hair has gone now.

The Wella Fusion range is a professional hair care range so, it is quite expensive. You can buy it in your hairdressers but I’m finding shopping around the online beauty stores a cheaper way to do it. The medium size bottles will set you back around £50 for the set. I wouldn’t normally spend this much on haircare but it really has been worth every penny to get my hair back into great condition again.

Wella Fusion range review About me, Leeds blogger

I have bought the Wella Fusion range at Terence Paul, Look Fantastic and Amazon.

We are going abroad again in a few weeks time so I have been researching ways to look after my hair on holiday. I don’t want the last few months of hard work going to waste! Kacie at The Rare Welsh Bit has an amazing post on holiday hair care tips that I will be trying out.

Have you ever tried the Wella Fusion range? Or any other professional haircare range? What is your current hair routine? And do let me know if you have any holiday hair tips.

Wella Fusion range review

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16 comments on “Wella Fusion range review”

  1. Your hair looks amazing. Thanks for sharing this post. I managed to revive my long hair from over styling with the Tigi Antidote Range that Charli B recommended on her blog.

  2. I had a horror story myself with a hairdresser and it took me almost a year to get rid of the damage, as it was on my fringe and it couldn’t be cut, the only way was to let it grow and gradually cut the damage. It was such a nightmare. My hair is quite sensitive now and I only use professional products in it. I will give range a try when my current one finished, it sounds very nutritious for the hair.

  3. Wow, your hair was quite damaged! And I’m sure you were feeling pretty upset about it. But your hairdresser gave you a beautiful cut and the Wella products used were worth every penny. You really do get what you’ve paid for 🙂

  4. WOW I can’t believe how different your hair looks, these products sound amazing and might be just what my hair needs too! I’m pretty sure I need to chop it all off, treat it with something like this range and then let it regrow but its just plucking up the courage to do it lol!

  5. When I trained to become a hairdresser Wella was the brand I trained with, so I think the products are genuinely great. I’m so glad that it has helped your hair x

  6. What a horror story – Your hair looks so much better after the dead stuff was cut off but I can imagine it must have been harrowing. I agree that the packaging of the fusion range is so stylish – great news that you have found a product line that is helping your hair.

  7. I am ashamed to say I didn’t even realise Wella were still around, Glad the products are getting your hair back to a good condition

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