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I always love attending craft fairs. Despite being creative in my own way I’m not very arty. Seeing the products people design and create with so much love and passion is heart warming. Craft fairs always have something for everyone and you can never leave them without a few sneaky purchases. The Northern Craft Fair was my last fair and today I am sharing the goodies that made their way in to my Northern Craft fair haul and came home with me. 

Northern Craft Fair haul – Betty Joy

Betty Joy Design Studio creates happy art for children and grown ups too. The artwork takes inspiration from nature.

Northern Craft fair haul Betty Joy stall

Betty Joy has the cutest sloth and bird bunting that I did have a hard time not bringing home with me in my Northern Craft fair haul. Maybe once my office renovations are done I can get some to hang around my desk.

Northern Craft fair haul Betty Joy bunting

One thing I can never resit are post cards and prints. So, this pretty mermaid post card has made its way to my house and is ready for hanging in my office.

Northern Craft fair haul Betty Joy mermaid post card


Northern Craft fair haul – HCLS Ceramics

HCLS Ceramics creates thrown and hand built ceramics with different effects to mark them and make beautiful pieces.

HCLS Ceramics stall

Each piece is individual and absolutely stunning! I could quite happily fill my rooms with the huge dishes and vases.

HCLS Ceramics stall

The piece that has made it in to my Northern Craft fair haul is this pretty black and white dish. It is quite small so a perfect size for a bedside ring / trinket holder. I want it on display though so everyone can see it so it is sat on my living room windowsill.

HCLS Ceramics dish


Northern Craft fair haul – Natko ceramics

Natko Ceramics makes handmade ceramics and jewellery. Everything is made by hand, not on a wheel, and every item is unique. Graphic patterns, cute images and a shiny glaze finish each piece.

Northern Fair haul Natko ceramics stall

I really love the small dishes, especially the triangular shapes. It’s quite unusual to see dishes this shape and I love the squiggly patterns on each one.

Northern Fair haul Natko ceramics stall

What has made it into my Northern Craft fair haul is probably the cutest thing you have ever seen! A pink and white pointy piece with a sleepy face. I’m not too sure what it is supposed to be but I like to think it’s a unicorn horn. So my unicorn is another item with pride of place on my living room window sill.

Northern Fair haul Natko ceramics unicorn haul


What is your favourite piece from my Northern Craft fair haul? Do you ever go to craft fairs? What always finds its way home with you when you do?

Northern Craft fair haul

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20 comments on “Northern Craft Fair haul”

    • They make perfect jewellery dishes. I did plan on using mine for that but it’s just too pretty to hide away in my bedroom.

  1. The mermaid postcard is so adorable, my best friend would absolutely love that. I’m also loving the little ceramic pots, definitely something you would find in my home x

    • Yes I might have been there longer than I’d like to admit looking at everything and deciding what to buy. The bunting is so cute isn’t it.

    • A vintage fair is something I’ve never been to, will have to see if there are any near me some time soon. If not we’ll have to swap areas for the weekend!

  2. I love this post, looks like there are so many fab things to look at! The nakto ceramics are so up my street, I’m forever adding cool pieces to my home, would love those little trinket dishes! X

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