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Hearing that Simpson Travel are looking for two new creative families to be Simpson Travel ambassadors this year really caught my interest and got my creative juices flowing. Apart from the occasional girls night away for birthdays, I am an exclusive family traveller. Keep reading to find out why I want to be a Simpson Travel ambassador.

Who are Simpson Travel?

Simpson Travel are a luxury travel company with a personalised service. This along with 40 years of travel experience, amazing locations, stunning accommodation means they offer so much more than regular travel agents or DIY holidays. Every property is visited in person and the company know their destinations inside out.

Each holiday is individually chosen to suit the needs of each booking and each family. Booking with Simpson Travel means the accommodation, transport and car rentals are taken care of at once. You can even arrange airport parking with them too.

There are hotels, villas and apartments in 7 countries, France, Mallorca, Spain, Italy, Corsica, Greece and Turkey.

Simpson Travel are proving luxury holidays don’t just have to be for adults only and honeymooners. Families deserve and can have luxury holidays too.

Why I want to be a Simpson Travel ambassador

About us

We are a travelling family with a difference. Travelling as a single mum with a teenage daughter changes how we holiday and what we do whilst we are away. I’m currently on a mission to take Ellie to see as much of the world as possible. It will be all too soon before she is at university and not wanting to go on holiday with her mum. I want her to experience new sights, new languages, new foods and new cultures.

Simpson Travel ambassador Alcudia beach
Alcudia beach at dusk

Holidays for us are a way to mix exploring somewhere new with some peace and tranquility. We both love spending time somewhere that gives us time to relax and unwind as well as spending quality time with each other. Holidays give us a sunny break from our busy work and school lives.

Simpson Travel ambassador Puerto Rico Gran Canaria swimming pool day
Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria swimming pool

While we enjoy a day or two just completely relaxing we are happiest on holiday out and about. Exploring both the area we are staying in and further afield. We love adventuring off the beaten track and away from the traditional tourist sights.

Simpson Travel ambassador Bamburgh Castle Bamburgh beach sand dunes
Ellie on Bamburgh beach, Northumberland dunes
Simpson Travel ambassador Spending a day in Palma - The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma / Cathedral La Seu
Ellie sat in front of The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma

If we can find stunning views and dramatic sunsets as well as lots of sights to see our holidays are made.

Simpson Travel ambassador Puerto Del Carmen, Lanzarote sunset
The sun setting over Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote
Simpson Travel ambassador Yorkshire Sculpture Park / sculptures / art exhibition
The lake at Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Why we want to travel with Simpson Travel

Simpson Travel are a perfect brand for us to travel with and, as a single parent adventuring family, we offer them a different view point too.

Staying in a villa means we can come and go as we please. There is no having to be back at the hotel for meal times. We can be up and by the pool as early or late as we want, no waiting for the sunbeds to open and no missing out on a sunbed if we have been out for the morning. Both of us can happily float around the pool on an inflatable unicorn without being in anyones way and there will be no-one splashing or knocking us off.

I love that one booking sorts out all the travel arrangements. There isn’t the trawling comparison sights for the best or cheapest flights, hotels and car deals.

Having a car whilst away is an amazing way to explore more of the area. It means you don’t have to rely on public transport or excursions. If you wake up one morning and decide to go somewhere you can. Or, if you don’t fancy a trip you can have a pool day and take the trip the day after.

Both a car and villa is a great excuse to scour local shops and markets for fresh, local produce to cook ourselves. I can just picture us cooking and eating out together on a patio whilst the sun is setting.

I really love that staying in Simpson Travel accommodation means peace of mind. You know the villa, apartment or hotel has been visited and is exactly as described.

Travelling as a single mum is such a wonderful experience but it is tough at times. Even though Ellie is now a teenager there is still some worry, especially in hotels. I don’t want to leave her by the swimming pool whilst I get a drink from the bar or nip to the toilet. If she wants something from our hotel room we both go as it is often out of site. A villa totally removes those worries. I can nip for another bottle of water and she can go charge her mobile or get a new magazine.

I would love to stay in a rustic Corsican villa in the middle of nowhere exploring and photographing the scenery. A French cottage in the countryside immersing ourselves in the French culture and sights. Or a Greek villa with magnificent sea views and historic sights for Ellie to see for the first time.

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32 comments on “Why I want to be a Simpson Travel ambassador #SimpsonTravelFamily”

  1. I wish you the best of luck! It sounds like you would make a pair of awesome ambassadors! And Simpson Travel sound like they have some amazing places to stay on their books.

    • Thank you so much Sarah. Simpson Travel do have some stunning venues in such gorgeous parts of the world.

    • I didn’t get to see much of it when I was younger so it was always my plan to take her. It does give us great bonding time and I think it’s one of the reasons we’re so close.

    • Thank you. It definitely changes how you travel but I love sharing that it can be done, and how easy it is too.

  2. Ooh! This sounds like an amazing opportunity – good luck!! 🙂 I think it’s wonderful that you and your daughter are so close and enjoy travelling together so much! I really hope they choose you! xx

    • Thank you Chrissy, it does sound amazing doesn’t it! We are very close and love travelling and seeing the world together.

    • Thanks Helen. We are very close, she’s my little best friend, and I think travelling just us two has probably helped that.

    • Thanks Nicolette. She’s definitely of an age to really appreciate something like this. Got my fingers crossed too x

  3. I think it is a beautiful idea to travel as much as possible with Ellie, such a wonderful experience. So much to see and learn, and open your eyes to all kinds of cultures and history.
    Lovely to see Bamburgh beach on your travels, I recognised it straight away.

    • I honestly love every second of travelling with her, we’re both learning and seeing new things together. I love Bamburgh and all of that area, it’s the most beautiful part of Britain.

  4. I love that you’re encouraging Ellie to experience new cultures and sights. I wish you all the best with the competition!

    C x

    • Thanks Charli. I didn’t travel much when I was younger so always wanted to take her to see as much as possible. Hopefully she can carry on travelling when she’s older and see even more of the world.

  5. I know you would make a brilliant ambassador for Simpson Travel Helen, I love all of your travel posts, and you always take such beautiful pictures 🙂 I think the fact that you’re a single parent and still find the time and funds to venture around the world with Ellie is really admirable. What a cool mum you are! xx

    • Aw thanks Becca, you’re one of my favourite bloggers so that means so much 🙂 Like all of us with the travel bug I work hard and sacrifice luxuries for as much travelling as possible. Hopefully Ellie will carry it on once she’s older …. and maybe let me tag along xx

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