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You will already know in October me and Ellie were in Gran Canaria. If you haven’t already read our holiday diary or look book make sure you catch up with those! I mentioned in our holiday diary that I would be telling you more about our hotel and here it is today. The Nido del Aguila, Puerto Rico Gran Canaria hotel review. 

Where is the Nido del Aguila, Puerto Rico Gran Canaria hotel?

The Nido del Aguila hotel is the Puerto Rico, Mogan area of Gran Canaria. The hotel stands at the top of the Puerto Rico hill so has stunning views over the valley. Transfer time from the airport is about one and a half hours.

Nido Del Aguila, Puerto Rico Gran Canaria hotel views

About the Nido del Aguila, Puerto Rico Gran Canaria hotel

The Nido del Aguila is a fairly small hotel with just 87 apartments. The apartments are white townhouses built in squares around the two swimming pools and lining the walkways around the hotel complex. There is a bar and restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating. If you are all inclusive you can have breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks and dinner. It is currently 27th out of 67 hotels in the area on Trip Advisor. As almost always our booking is with Love Holidays.

Nido Del Aguila, Puerto Rico Gran Canaria hotel apartments and palm trees

The rooms at the Nido Del Aguila, Puerto Rico Gran Canaria hotel

Nido Del Aguila, Puerto Rico Gran Canaria hotel

Our room at the Nido Del Aguila, Puerto Rico Gran Canaria hotel is a one bedroom twin room. It is still surprising large for just two people!

There is a separate bedroom with plenty of wardrobe space for two, even if you have a teenage girl.

Nido Del Aguila, Puerto Rico Gran Canaria hotel bedroom

The living area has a sitting area, dining area and small kitchenette. The kitchenette is well equipped with pans, plates, cups, glasses and cutlery There is a small hob, microwave, kettle and fridge freezer too. The fridge freezer is in the living room area and is quite noisy when it’s running.

Nido Del Aguila, Puerto Rico Gran Canaria hotel living area

Nido Del Aguila, Puerto Rico Gran Canaria hotel kitchenette

Through the patio doors in the living room is a balcony. Our balcony overlooks one of the swimming pools. The balcony is small but there is enough room to sit at the table and chairs and has a rack for drying wet towels and bikinis.

Nido Del Aguila, Puerto Rico Gran Canaria hotel balcony

The bathroom is basic but has a huge walk in ultra modern shower. There are complimentary toiletries and a hairdryer and lots of towlels too. Perfect for two girls with long hair.

Nido Del Aguila, Puerto Rico Gran Canaria hotel bathroom


The area around the Nido del Aguila, Puerto Rico Gran Canaria hotel

As I’ve already said the Nido del Aguila is at the top of the Puerto Rico hill. There are still things to do around the hotel. There are the traditional touristy holiday shops just a minute or twos walk out of the hotel. A 5-10 minute walk will take you to the Europa Centre, an open air multi-level shopping centre with shops, restaurants and bars. Our holiday was about total relaxation so we didn’t venture very much further than this. From the transfer coach window I did see quite a few areas like the Europa centre with more bars and restaurants. We didn’t venture in to the main town so I’m not sure what is down there.

Puerto Rico beach is a €5 taxi ride away. It is apparently walkable but I was quite unwell while we were there so didn’t try. I definitely wouldn’t enjoy the walk back up the hill either!

Advertised in the hotel are excursions you can go on. Trips on boats, to different resorts and towns and the usual waterparks and animal parks or sightseeing trips.

Our Nido del Aguila, Puerto Rico Gran Canaria hotel review

The Nido del Aguila, Puerto Rico Gran Canaria hotel is a really lovely place to stay. The hotel complex is super pretty, with white buildings, terracotta roofs, lots of palm trees and plants.

The rooms are all basic but comfy and have everything you might need. They are cleaned daily with clean towels every day and clean bedding every two or three days.

The hotel buildings and complex is spotless.

For a three star all inclusive hotel the food is really good. We did eat out one night, but that was more for a change than that we had to. The meals are all self service. Breakfast has a good mix of continental and cooked food. Lunch is full, hot meals, snacks, soup and salad bar. There are lots of different breads and you can make your own sandwiches. Dinner is pretty much the same, hot meals, smaller snacks, salad bar and breads. There is a lot of traditional spanish food such as seafood and paella. There are vegetarian options but it is one per session and vegans will probably struggle. Each day they serve an afternoon snack which can be chips, toasties or muffins etc. Whilst after six days it does get a bit same-y we didn’t feel the evening meal was left overs from lunch time.

The bar is self-service for soft drinks, lager and wine and there is a hot drink machine. I don’t drink whilst I’m away with Ellie but the bar looks pretty well stocked with local spirits.

As the food and drink is all self-service you don’t speak to many staff but if you do they are all lovely and friendly.

There are two pools at the hotel, a small one that you can see from our balcony and a larger one. Both have plenty of sunbeds (so no need to pre-book yours here!) and parasols to use. We prefer the bigger pool but there’s no real reason for that.

As a single female travelling alone with a child I am happiest when I feel safe and secure. The Nido del Aguila, Puerto Rico Gran Canaria hotel “feels” safe. No-one can get into the hotel complex without coming through the main entrance and reception. The room seems secure too. I’m comfortable walking around the area at (early) night with Ellie too. It is quiet around the hotel at night though with not many people or cars around.

The only negatives I have about the hotel is the daytime entertainment is pretty non-existent and the evening is pretty poor. Whilst we were there through the days we had a fashion show where you could buy the clothes afterward, someone with a massage bench set up beside the pool who you could pay to give you a massage and someone selling aftersun. The evening entertainment was Spanish dancers, a drag queen hosting bingo and a magic show. The magicians are really good and well worth staying in the hotel for.

Another little niggle is the beds are very close together and don’t move apart. I’m sure for a lot of people this isn’t a problem but Ellie doesn’t enjoy practically sharing a bed with her mum!

Like with a lot of hotels abroad you do have to pay for wi-fi and it is pretty pricey. There is a sitting area in reception and it would be nice to have free wi-fi there for guests.


Who should go to the Nido del Aguila, Puerto Rico Gran Canaria hotel

If you are looking for a hotel where you can completely relax peacefully in the sun and cut yourself off from the world the Nido del Aguila is perfect for you. Older teenagers who are happy laying in the sun and reading and cooling off in the pool will like it. It is perfect for couples or friends wanting a quiet week away too.

If you are looking for a holiday with lots of entertainment for the kids through the day, acts on a night or in a lively area in easy staggering home distance from the nightclubs this isn’t where you want to be.

If you would like to book at Nido del Aguila, Puerto Rico Gran Canaria or find out more check out Love Holidays.


Would you like to stay at the Nido del Aguila? Or Puerto Rico resort in Gran Canaria?

Nido Del Aguila, Puerto Rico Gran Canaria hotel review

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18 comments on “Nido del Aguila, Puerto Rico Gran Canaria hotel review”

    • I agree, as long as it is clean and comfortable we’re happy. It is a shame there isn’t much to do in a daytime but with not being well it worked out fine for us.

  1. It does look like a really lovely hotel, and a good location! It’s a shame about the entertainment though & the weird fridge freezer next to the sofa though!

    • It’s so pretty isn’t it. The fridge freezer was so strange there, very noisy if I was sat reading on a night.

  2. I had a great stay in Gran Canaria many years ago, I remember those superb views. The idea of a quiet week away here without the kids and without entertainment sounds like bliss to me. Mich x

  3. This sounds and looks like a great place to stay for a more relaxed intimate holiday. Gran Canaria is definitely on my travel wishlist

    • It is a great place if you are looking for super quiet and away from the world. Oh lovely, hope you cross it off the list soon

  4. I’ve never been to Gran Canaria before. It looks so nice where you stayed though. You have me dreaming of a relaxing week away now!!

    Louise x

    • Gran Canaria is such a pretty island, definitely worth a visit. Ah sorry, hope you get to escape and relax soon! x

  5. How wonderful to visit Gran Canaria, and this sounds like a lovely hotel. To be honest, I don’t spend much time in the hotels I visit so I never would expect them to provide entertainment – I’m always too busy out adventuring! 🙂

  6. Loved your holiday diary, the minimalistic design and practicality of the hotel is a big thumbs up!

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