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I have been dreaming of visiting Scotland for quite a while now. Even though I live in the North of England I’ve never crossed over the border. When I think of travelling to Scotland the Scottish Highlands are the places I dream of. The scenery just so beautiful up there! Stunning landscapes, weathered coastlines and plenty of castles and lochs to explore. At Blog at the Beach I found out that have a UK travel section so my Scottish Highlands travel wishlist and plans are coming together nicely.

As I haven’t been to the Scottish Highlands myself all of todays photographs are royalty free photos from Pixabay.

My Scottish Highlands Travel wishlist – The Castles

I don’t know what it is about old castles and abbeys but I just love exploring them. Standing in them, the history is almost palpable and it is amazing how long they have stood guard over the area. For me my Scottish Highlands travel wishlist wouldn’t be complete without a few on the list. There are so many in the area but I’m choosing my three favourite.

My first choice has to be Urquhart Castle on the banks of the Loch Ness. The ruins are beautiful and it is set in the most stunning landscape.

My Scottish Highlands travel wishlist Urquhart Castle Loch Ness


To the other side of the highlands, Eileen Donan Castle. The castle stands on an island where three lochs meet. This castle is one of Scotlands most iconic and has so much history behind it.

My Scottish Highlands travel wishlist Eilean Dornan Castle

Further North is Dunrobin Castle, a beautiful French chateau style castle that looks like it is straight out of a fairy tale book.

My Scottish Highlands travel wishlist Dunrobin Castle


My Scottish Highlands Travel wishlist – The Lochs

You can’t plan a trip to the Scottish Highlands without planning on visiting some Lochs.

The most famous one, Loch Ness, is top of my Scottish Highland travel wishlist. The Loch, and the mythical monster inside, are a must see and the Loch is also where I will find Urquhart Castle.

My Scottish Highlands travel wishlist Loch Ness

Loch Fyne is a seawater loch famous for its oysters. It is also home to dolphins, seals, otters and sharks. The town here, Inverary, is so pretty too so I would love to spend a night or two here.

My Scottish Highlands travel wishlist Loch Fyne

Loch Rusky is a smaller loch that tourists often miss out. It sounds like it will be much quieter and more peaceful there. It is right next to Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park so there will be a lot to see here.

My Scottish Highlands travel wishlist Loch Lomond


My Scottish Highlands Travel wishlist – The mountains

The Scottish Highlands are home to some spectacular mountains, Ben Nevis being the most famous. Whilst my mobility problems mean I can’t climb them I would love to see some whilst travelling around.

My Scottish Highlands Travel wishlist Ben Nevis


My Scottish Highlands Travel wishlist – The landscapes and coastlines

At the moment all of my Scottish Highlands travel wishlist is around castles and lochs. I don’t have any particular coastlines I’m wanting to explore. But I’m sure travelling around the Highlands means I will come across them and I will find some beautiful new places to explore.

My Scottish Highlands Travel wishlist landscape


Have you ever visited the Scottish Highlands? Where would you recommend visiting if you have?


My Scottish Highlands Travel wishlist

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35 comments on “Scottish Highlands Travel Wishlist”

  1. Scotland is definitely on my traveling list, it sounds like an amazing experience, I love castles, and Dunrobin castle looks so beautiful in your photos, I’m sure that my kids would enjoy a castle traveling tour as well.

  2. I would absolutely love to visit the Highlands, it looks so beautiful. We were in Ayrshire last month which was goegeous and has definitely made me want to visit more of Scotland. Great inspiration here, thank you!

  3. When I was little my parents had a painting above their bed with Eileen Donan Castle. I didn’t know where it was back then, but it always stayed in my memory. If I ever find myself in Scotland, that would be the first place I’ll visit.

  4. This is definitely on my travel wishlist!! What beautiful pictures. I would rather be there on this Monday than working. The Dunrobin castle looks magical. I love visiting different castles around the world. I will be planning a trip here very soon 🙂 thanks xx

  5. I believe that Scotland is much more beautiful than people give it credit for and I think that it is great that it is on your wishlist. As a lover of history Dunrobin Castle is definitely on my wishlist. I agree that it looks like it has come straight out of a fairy tale book.

  6. Sad but true I have never made it to Scotland at all, but it is definitely somewhere I would love to explore I mean just look at that those pictures, those castles, the history the views! WOW!

  7. I have drove from Yorkshire up to Scotland a few times although it was only to see a friend but I must say that although it is a beautiful scenery some of the town’s can let it down. I would most defiantly recommend driving the scenic route’s as the views are stunning x

  8. We are hoping to do a big trip round Scotland next year and visiting as many castles as possible is a must for us.

  9. I haven’t been there but it’s on my bucket list. To be honest ever since seeing highlander I fell in love with the nature of Scotland.

  10. This is somewhere I would love to visit and would be fantastic for my hubby who is a landscape photographer.

  11. I was born in Scotland! I didnt live there long but I did go back to visit as a child and one of the places I remember the most is Loch Ness. You really should go one day!

  12. Wow. Just Wow. Looking at your photographs makes me want to explore Scotland a lot more. The lochs and mountains just call to me and I know the scenery would be sublime. x

  13. Wao…I have no words for these stunning pictures, especially that Dunrobin castle looks so beautiful in your photo. Scotland is also on my traveling list. Thanks for sharing your travel guide with us.

  14. I haven’t been to Scotland for years. not since I was a child. my son is going to Uni there next year so I will be over lots so this post has been super helpful for me to plan days out and amazing places to visit

  15. The Scottish Highlands are most beautiful, and so vast. There are so many Lochs, Mountains, and the history is just fascinating. I think you could easily spend a month or more touring.

  16. Scotland is truly a majestic place to visit. I remember my first time there when I studied abroad and just was captivated by the lush scenery and those amazing castles. The Eileen Donan Castle was one of my favs cause it was in its own little world.

  17. Have never visited the Scottish Highlands, but it is on my wish-list! Will have to take a trip up there maybe in the summer. It is truly beautiful and your pictures are just breath-taking!

  18. Dunrobin Castle looks so European, I can’t believe it can be found in Scotland!! I’ve never been that far north myself but I need to check these beauties out!

  19. Oh. my!!! These are some great lists to travel. I think I need to add some new places to my travel lists. Thanks for sharing this wonderful places.

  20. I am a huge fan of Scottish history the locations look beyond beautiful and I can’t wait to hear about when you go.

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