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This month I was invited to my first ever travel event, the Blog at the Beach January 2018. are the UK’s leading holiday comparison site with 20 million visitors a year. Their website is a mine of information and inspiration. From the website you can compare prices and hotels in specific areas or even choose the date you want to go on holiday and compare holidays around the world. You can find city breaks, beach holidays, skiing trips or even UK mini breaks.

The Blog at the Beach January 2018 is a chance to meet other travel bloggers, talk to themselves and listen to some fabulous guest speakers. Blog at the Beach January 2018 – Kirsty Leanne Blog at the Beach January 2018 guest speaker Kirsty Leanne

Our first guest speaker was Kirsty Leanne with a talk about pitching to brands. Pitching to brands is something I want to do more of, but am never sure of what I should be saying. Thanks to Kirsty I now know what I should be doing and saying. Her speech covers why you should pitch, who you should pitch to, how to find contacts, what to say and media kit tips.

As a blogger pitching can be quite controversial. Only this week a blogger was blasted on social media for approaching a hotel. Doing your research first is definitely the key to avoiding that reaction. Blog at the Beach January 2018 – Queen Beady Blog at the Beach January 2018 - Queen Beady

The second guest speaker was Queen Beady with a talk about how to take your blog to the next level whilst working full time. I have followed Bee for a while now and she has an amazing blog and instagram feed. Her speech covers how to find your own voice, how to make blogging work for you, how to fit everything in and how your job can add skills to your blogging. She also speaks about how blogging achievements translate into things brands will want to work with and how to re-invest back into your blog to keep momentum going.

As a working mum with no intention to quit my job and blog full time this was the perfect talk for me. I definitely have lots of new tips and tricks to manage to fit everything in to my days now. Blog at the Beach January 2018 – Fordtography Blog at the Beach January 2018 Fordtography

The last speaker was Kaye from Fordtography / The Life and Styles of KLF with a talk on travel photography. Her speech covers features to focus on or not, thinking about the scene, making sure you include tourists, getting cameras off the auto mode and reminding everyone snow is hard and looks blue in photographs.

I can spend hours pouring over peoples travel photographs. One single photograph can instantly make you want to jet off there (ok I’ll admit a good chunk of my travel wishlist comes from a single photograph I’ve seen on insta!)  and I would love to be able to make someone feel like that. Blog at the Beach January 2018 – final thoughts

After spending the day with at Blog at the Beach January 2018 I am feeling so positive about both blogging and travelling this year.

I am ready to pitch to brands I want to work with and feel I know what to say now. Creating a list of brands I want to work with, ideas I have for them and researching each one is my job for the next few weeks.

I feel really energised and ready to continue blogging alongside working. It can be so hard to fit everything in to the day, especially with being a single mum too. I haven’t thought about the skills my working role brings to blogging before so that is something I’m thinking more about now.

Upping my photography game both travelling and at home is already a New Year goal. So, I’m taking my camera with me everywhere I can and practicing as much as possible.

I’m also feeling ready to go and see more of the world. Travelling both abroad and in the UK is already a goal for 2018 so I am working on making sure I fit in as much as possible. Blog at the Beach January 2018

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80 comments on “ Blog at the Beach January 2018”

  1. Ooo it sounds really interesting, I never knew things like this existed, so I learnt something new today. Sounds like a great event and would really help a lot of people out.

  2. I have read a little bit about this event and I have to admit I didn’t even know it was happening, but it sounds absolutely fantastic. I love how involved have decided to be in the blogger community!

    • It’s brilliant how involved they are isn’t it. I love that more and more brands are looking towards bloggers.

    • I signed up to the blogger outreach programme for this one. Most of my events the PRs find me or a few I hear about in Facebook blogging groups.

  3. what an awesome event! I didn’t know about this until today. I am so glad I came across your article. Love seeing the blogger community grow. thanks! xx

  4. Aw yay I am so glad that you had a good time at the Ice Lolly event and that you are now feeling more confident about pitching to brands, as you should do! You have a wonderful blog and I really hope that you get some amazing collaborations this year!

    • Aww Ana, thank you so much! That means a lot coming from you. I hope you have a great blogging year too x

  5. Sounds like a worthy event especially if you are based in the UK. Good topics covered that most bloggers are concerned about. We are certainly all interested in growing our following and working with brands more frequently.

  6. This seems like a great event to be a part of, more so as I felt that so many queries of the bloggers were answered. Great that you got to listen some great speakers.

    • Oh that’s a shame. Look at some of the local to you blogging facebook groups and I’m sure there will be some near-ish to you.

  7. This event sounds great to me and it is always good to listen to some amazing people who have quite a good experience. Learning is the first step to achieving your goal I suppose. Good luck and do share all you learned in the event with us!!

    • It was a great day. You’re right learning is definitely the first step. Thank you and good luck to you too!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful event – I’ve checked out some of the speakers on your recommendation! I would love to start getting to events like this soon, I feel they’d be so helpful!

    • The speakers are all brilliant, I love all of their blogs. Have a look at local blogging groups on facebook (I’m in Leeds so part of the Yorkshire Bloggers group) as brands often post invites in there and look at brands you would like to work with to see if they have a blogger outreach programme. Once you go to one or two events more companies seem to find you for more too x

  9. Wow! This sounds like such an interesting and helpful event, with some really fantastic speakers! I’m so glad you had a great time! xx

  10. That was an awesome blogger event. I love how the speakers gave the right “nudge” to start leveling up with your blog. I have attended something similar and it did change my strategy in pitching to brands.

    • It was such a fab event Alison. Oh lovely, have you been more successful since changing strategies?

  11. I’ve read a couple of accounts from people who went to this event – I was really sad to have to miss it. I’m sure I’m not the only one to want to revisit the protocol when I pitch following last weeks’ debacle.

    • Sorry you had to miss it Helen. I think the hotel/blogger debacle has put a lot of people off, researching the company first seems to be the most important thing to do.

  12. I imagine this was very informative and educational. I am still working full time and working my blog full time. It takes a lot, but it’s been worth it to get my voice out there and cultivate readers.

  13. I’ve heard some great things from this event and it does sound very educational and helpful for bloggers which is great. It’s amazing how much the industry has changed and that brands are realising how important and beneficial it is to work with bloggers now.

    • Even just the two years I have been blogging I’ve noticed a change. I love how more and more companies are looking towards bloggers now.

  14. Ooh thanks for the reminder about Ice Lolly – we are looking at booking a holiday this week and I had forgotten about them.

  15. The event was such an eye-opening one. You surely got much..wish you could share much more about it. Anyway, blogging perfectly requires strategy to make I’ll be on the lookout for a parallel event to this one here in Kenya. All the best in your blog this year!

  16. I wish I could have attended this great event but it was too far away for me. I love that the talks were all different, touching subjects like photography and brand pitching.

  17. I have heard a lot of good things about the Blog at the Beach event. I hope that if it happens again next year, I will be able to go as I spend a lot of my free time going on City breaks, blogging about them and taking thousands of photographs! This would be a really helpful source of information and advice for me.

  18. This is sure sounds like a fun event! I hope i could attend one of this…. Its nice that companies are hosting such fun events for bloggers.

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