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Between Christmas and New Year me and Ellie were in need of a walk to burn off some of the Christmas calories and some fresh air to blow away being indoors for a few days. The Leeds Magical Lantern Festival was just the place to go. The Magical Lantern Festival has a few different venues around the UK, but the Roundhay Park Leeds is the closest to us. 

The Leeds Magical Lantern Festival

The Christmas theme lantern festival illuminates Roundhay Parks grounds with hand sculpted lanterns.

Leeds Magical Lantern Festival Christmas display

We got the Leeds Magical Lantern Festival at about 7pm so it was really dark and the perfect time to see the lanterns.

You follow a set walk around Roundhay Park and the walkways are lined with illuminated displays.


Leeds Magical Lantern Festival flower display

As well as Christmasy theme displays there is an oriental section. The displays here are just beautiful. We love the huge life size Chinese temple and Chinese dragon.

Leeds Magical Lantern Festival oriental lantern

Leeds Magical Lantern Festival Chinese temple

Leeds Magical Lantern Festival Chinese dragon

My favourite lanterns are the flower displays. They are just super pretty and girly.

Leeds Magical Lantern Festival flower display

Leeds Magical Lantern Festival flower display

Leeds Magical Lantern Festival flower display

A slow walk around the Leeds Magical Lantern Festival and stopping for a look at each display takes around an hour.

Leeds Magical Lantern Festival illuminated turnel

The Leeds Magical Lantern Festival – final thoughts

I got our tickets from Wowcher so they were half price at £6. For £6 I was quite happy with the festival. But had I have paid full price that would seem expensive for what it is.

The Magical Lantern Festival has unfortunately finished for the year but will be back next winter. As long as we can get a deal on tickets it is something we will go to again.

I would love to try make a trip to the London one though as I’m sure that must be bigger and better.

Did you go to the Magical Lantern Festival this year? Have you ever been to anything like this?

Leeds Magical Lantern Festival

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18 comments on “Leeds Magical Lantern Festival”

  1. I would of loved to have gone to this. The colours look great. I have never been to anything quite like this, plenty of lights all over London but I don’t think an actual festival.

    • Look out for it next year Alan, there’s a few all over the country and hopefully they’ll add more next year.

  2. This looks so pretty and must have been magical for children to see over Christmas. They are going to have some sort of light display in London so I really want to go and see that.

    • It was definitely a good family night out. I hope you get to the one in London (and write about it so I can see)

  3. I didn’t get to go to much around Christmas time, which I was sad about. This looks delightful, and so pretty. I’m in agreement with you on the price however, the cheaper price was certainly reasonable, but a bit much at twice that.

    • Oh no, sorry you didn’t get out much over Christmas Jen! Hope you’re out and about now. Yes the full price is a bit off putting for what it is and how big it is.

  4. There was something similar to this in Birmingham but didn’t get a chance to go. Looks cool though.

    • Thanks Zena. I love that there are now still things for us to do outdoors even when the weather turns.

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