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Some years I set New Years resolutions and some years I don’t. When I do I tend to break them pretty quickly whatever they are! So, this year I’m setting myself goals. Some are things to aim for, some are things I just want to do. Either way there is no pressure to do them and hopefully that will mean I hit them. Keep on reading to find out what my 2018 goals are.

My 2018 goals – blogging goals

My 2018 goals, blogging goals, laptop, flatlay

I have quite a few blogging goals I would like to aim for this year.

  • Keep up my hard work and keep to schedule. I currently post three times a week and that works well for me. It gives me time to write and promote them all. This year I want to really concentrate on getting my posts written and scheduled on a weekend. That will free up my time on a night.
  • Improve my photography. I have been working really hard, especially that last year since having my DSLR and I would love to push that even further. One style of photography I really love is flatlay so I want to practice and use much more of that.
  • Grow my social medias. I think this is something all bloggers want to achieve each year. Growing social accounts is so hard, especially with the ever changing algorithms.
  • Trim down what I write about. I started this blog as a place where I can write about anything and everything. But from an outside eye it can seem a little all over the place. My main passions are beauty, travel, food and music and they are the things I will be writing about from now on.
  • Page views. I ended the year on around 6000 page views per month. I would love that to be a regular figure and, if I can, increase that.

My 2018 goals, Nikon DSLR camera

My 2018 goals – personal goals

My 2018 goals Puerto Del Carmen, Lanzarote sunset

  • Family and friends. I want to spend as much time as possible with Ellie, my friends and family doing as many fun things as possible.
  • See more of the world. Last year me and Ellie travelled. A lot. I would love to show her more of the world and tick more countries off our list.
  • See more of our home. I also want to explore more of my local area. Whilst I love being abroad and feeling the sun on me, the UK is a pretty beautiful place too.
  • Body image. I want to work on my weight and fitness this year. I’m currently doing 10,000 steps a day for the Teenage Cancer Trust and would like to build on that. I’m going to start going to the gym and building up what I do and eating better too. I did Slimming World last year and did really well with it but with being diagnosed with thyroid disease, more hip problems and falling off plan the weight is steadily creeping back on. Slimming World isn’t something I want to go back to unless I have to. Any restrictive diet just isn’t for me long term.
  • Find a new skincare routine. Since being diagnosed with thyroid disease my skin has really changed. I want to take some time to try new products and find new things that work for me again.
  • Buy my house. This is sometimes a controversial topic but I’m a council tenant and have the right to buy as I’ve had my tenancy a long time. This year I want to sort everything out and start the ball rolling with that. I know this is the house we will stay in and I want to make it 100% ours. It also means if anything happens to me I have something to leave behind for Ellie.
  • Renovations. There are just two rooms in the house and three gardens left to do. I’m really hoping I can get it all done this year. We’re starting the spare bedroom this month and turning it into a office / sitting room for Ellie and her friends. I’m really excited to get going with it.

My 2018 goals Party Hard, Train Harder challenge for Teenage Cancer Trust

What do you think of my 2018 goals? Do you have any goals and plans of your own this year?

My 2018 goals and plans

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24 comments on “My 2018 goals”

  1. What some great goals for 2018, I keep saying every year I will post 3 times a week but always end up doing 5, I think 3 is a nice place to allow you to promote and have some time off.

    • I don’t know how you manage 5 Sarah! If I can keep up to 3 a week I’ll be happy, maybe one day I’ll manage as many as you 🙂

  2. Love all these goals Helen, especially the “see more of the world” one 😉 but you’re right, the UK is a beautiful place and I’m also gonna try and see more of it this year x

    • We definitely both need to see more of the world don’t we 😉 I cant wait to find out where you’ve adventured over the year x

    • Photography seems to be such a popular goal this year doesn’t it. I’ll look forward to seeing yours over the year Rhian x

  3. Improving my photography and growing my social medias are at the top of my list too. Good luck for 2018 and hope it brings lots of success and new followers x

    • Good luck with your goals Ali. I love Neutrogena skin care, I’ll have to look out for the Hydro boost range here.

  4. Good luck with the goals, we have very similar ones. I think it’s all about managing to get a balance with life, improving and fitting in a work out and blogging, we don’t half juggle a lot! Spending time with loved ones is the most important of them all though.

    • Thanks Kirsty. We do juggle so much don’t we! Especially mums like you with little ones, it’s definitely all about spending as much time as possible with them x

  5. Fantastic Goals! I am wishing you a fantastic 2018 and hope you CRUSH every single goal. I recently stopped eating sugar, and to my surprise I have an enormous amount of energy, my skin looks incredible, and I am losing weight on 10,000 steps per day. I highly recommend it. It’s hard at first but easy after a few weeks.

    • Thanks Stephanie. Oh wow it sounds like you’re doing amazingly with it! I did give up sugar last year and once the cravings had gone it was ok. I’ve just gradually slipped back in to my sugary ways!

  6. These are great goals, I would love to improve my photography, I only use my phone but would love to improve my shots and styling. Good luck with buying your home 🙂

  7. Improving my photography is one of mh aims for this year too. I am going to read the manual that came with my camera, as I know that will help.

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