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So this week my blog is two years old. I can’t believe it! Two whole years since I set up my little corner of the internet and started rambling away. Today I am celebrating my blogs second birthday and I have a little giveaway at the end as a thank you for sticking with me.

My blogs second birthday – why I started blogging

I started my blogging journey with a nail instagram account, Hellz Nails  ,6 years ago. Eventually I branched that in to a blog. Nail blogging and nail art was and still is a huge passion of mine. But, after 6 years of talking about nail polishes and “how to” nail art tutuorials, I was getting bored. I want to talk about other things I love. Having such a specific niche makes branching out in to other areas hard. People follow my nail instagram account and blog to see nails and don’t want to see other things. So, a second blog had to happen and Helerina Blogs was born. This blog is a “lifestyle” blog. No niche and I can talk about all of my passions and interests. I love all aspects of beauty and skincare, I love travelling and I love food. Here I can talk about all of those things and share my thoughts and feelings.

As is often the case once second blogs are started one of them has to give. Running two blogs and individual social medias for them both is very time consuming. Last year I made the decision to quit nail blogging. My domain expires later this month and I won’t be renewing it.

My blogs second birthday – my favourite blog posts

I am choosing six of my personal favourite blog post from the past two years to share with you again today.

  • Firstly, my gin tasting Guinness World Record post. This was the very first blogging event I attended and it was such a good night. Plus I’m part of a Guinness World Record now!
  • This is another blogging event, my meeting Scotty T post. I have been a big Geordie Shore fan right from the beginning so meeting someone I have been a fan of for many years was an amazing experience. I love that I got to take Ellie along too so she could meet him as well.
  • The One Love Manchester post is a blogpost very close to my heart. The awful terrorist attack in Manchester touched the entire world and I was so honoured and privileged to have been able to attend the charity concert for it.
  • I am incredibly proud of my photography in my Wagamama blog post. I had just started taking my DSLR out and the difference in photograph quality compared to my old iPhone photos is so noticeable.
  • We also got to meet Brooklyn Beckham at his book signing event in Manchester. Ellie was thrilled to meet him and I was incredibly surprised at what a lovely, down to earth guy he is.
  • Out of all of my travel posts, Spending a day in Palma is my favourite. Palma is a place that captured my heart. The cathedral and its surroundings is just stunning. We never go back to the same country twice as we like to cross new countries off our list each time. But I could quite happily to back to Palma time and time again.

My blogs second birthday – your favourite blog posts

And from my stats I can also tell you what your favourite blog posts have been over the years. I’m not going to include any posts with a giveaway in this.

Seeing my stats has been quite surprising. I have some high end beauty products posts but the budget, drug store brands seem more popular. I’ll definitely be keeping this in mind for current posts.

My blogs second birthday – giveaway

As I mentioned earlier in the post I have a little giveaway to celebrate my blogs second birthday. I want to say thank you to everyone for reading, following and supporting me.

One winner will receive a box full of gorgeously scented things to make their skin and home smell amazing. There are skin care, hair care and bath goodies along with some wax melts for the home.

lilybridal NZ

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Don’t forget I’m currently raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust. You can sponsor me here.

My blogs second birthday and giveaway. Blogiversary. Anniversary. Celebration

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158 comments on “My blogs second birthday and giveaway”

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  2. I loved your favourite monthly photo graphs i am going to start saving my favourite monthly photos too rather than delete them to save memory! :O
    Your recipes are brilliant too thank you

  3. I like to read the Degustabox reviews I used to subscribe so I like to read other peoples thoughts on the products.

  4. Happy Blog birthday! Foodie posts are my favourites the one about the chocolate fountain reminded me of the fun we had when we first got one of those, and yes you are right you do have to clean it straightaway otherwise it takes ages!

  5. Hiding roots and greys with Everpro Beauty as 30 is creeping closer I’m starting to worry about greys so this was a very relevant post. Thank you xxx

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  11. I do love reading about the Degustabox as I have been considering subscribing! your reviews are swaying me towards xx

  12. I love the monthly photos. I love photos and have 1000s. Lot harder to store before the digital age mind

  13. happy Birthday! Congrats! My Dublin city break weekend diary – it really made me want to go!

  14. Happy birthday! I have loved all of your blog posts but my fave one was your stocking filler gift guide for Christmas! 🙂

  15. Thanks for this giveaway – great selection. Read you blog about hairdressing saga and sympathise with you – so difficult to get a hairdresser you can totally trust

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