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This is going to be a post you will either love or hate, my what I got for Christmas post. I personally love seeing what people get as presents on special occasions. I’m super nosey and it’s a glimpse into peoples personal lives from people that know them best. But, there are people who don’t like seeing presents posts. If that’s you feel free to click away or read another post that is more for you.


I will start by saying I am lucky enough to have a large circle of friends and family that all buy gifts  for each other. I’m incredibly grateful not just for my gifts but to have them all in my life.

What I got for Christmas 2017 – stationery products

As you will already know I am a HUGE hoarder of stationery. A girl just can’t have enough diaries, planners and notebooks. Am I right?

What I got for Christmas 2017 Paperchase diary, Paperchase list pad, Ted Baker notebook


My friend Holly bought me a beautiful Ted Baker A5 Notebook It is A5 size so there is plenty of room to write all my thoughts and ramblings down in it. And as well as being a notebook it has sticky notes in too.

I have this super pretty A5 diary from Paperchase from my friend Linda. I love the whimsical colours and the slogan on it. I’m taking this to work to brighten up my desk there.

From my mum is this Paperchase list pad. I will be keeping this in the kitchen for my meal planning and food shopping lists.

What I Got For Christmas 2017 – homeware products

Homeware is always a good present for anyone. I’m extremely house proud so always love more treasures to display around my home. Fortunately my friends and family know this so my what I got for Christmas 2017 has lots of homeware.


What I got for Christmas 2017 plaque, harry potter sign, wax burner, candle, unicorn ring holder

From my friend Marie, a friendship quote plaque. Our group of friends has become incredibly close this year following some awful news for one of them so this was really touching to open Christmas morning.

Ellie got me a Harry Potter street sign plaque. I’m a huge Harry Potter pan so this is the perfect present for me. I can’t decide where to put this just yet but it will be going somewhere everyone can see it.

I have a new wax burner from my mum. The grey colour goes perfectly with my silver and purple living room so it is stood on one of the windowsills in there.

Another present from my friend Marie is this Coco Snowball mocktail candle. It smells amazing both cold and lit and gives a really good throw of scent when it is burning.

From my friend Linda is a unicorn ring holder. Unicorns are my fave so I’m super happy with unicorn anything.

What I got for Christmas 2017 oven gloves, Harry Potter coasters, candle, magnet, toaster, pastry forks



My Nan has bought me some pastry forks. I always comment on her set whenever we go and use hers. Now I can feel fancy eating cake at home!

Another present from Ellie are these Harry Potter coasters. I can’t decide whether to have them out or figure a way to display them instead?

There is another candle, a blackberry George candle from my friend Manda. This smells amazing  and looks great on display too.

My friend Linda has also got me a unicorn fridge magnet. I love the sassy quote on it.

I have a new red and chrome toaster from my friend Emma. My last toaster broke so I bought one of the cheap student style toasters. Unfortunately it is pretty rubbish and takes ages to even lightly toast anything  and is so small a slice of bread doesn’t fit inside it properly. Thankfully I have a shiny new one now that works perfectly and fits four slices of bread in no problems.

I also have a set of Christmas oven gloves from my nan. As they are Christmasy I’m putting them away until next year.

What I Got For Christmas 2017 – beauty products

No girls what I got for Christmas post is complete without beauty products. Again my friends and family know my passion for beauty well.

What I got for Christmas 2017 body brush, mirror, hand cream, bath bombs

Ellie bought me a body brush. Dry body brushing is something I’ve been reading about lately and really want to try. I’m hoping soon I can say “hello cellulite free thighs” thanks to it.

I have a sparkly flower hand mirror from my mum. This will be perfect for my handbag.

From Linda a Beauty and the Beast rose hand cream. This is almost too pretty to use, but it smells amazing so I’m sure I will still use it all up.

Julie, my friend from work, has got me two bath bombs. I’m looking forward to relaxing with these in hot, gorgeous scented baths.

My nan has got me a Lush bubble bar in THE best scent. I’m going to save this for as long as possible so I can have a Snow Fairy hit months after the shower gel has run out.

What I got for Christmas 2017 perfume, make up brushes, mirror, hand soap, lipstick

My friend  Lisa has bought me a set of Victoria’s Secret perfumes. They all smell lovely, really fruity and girly.

From Ellie I have more Harry Potter goodies. The Harry Potter make-up brushes in the shape of the wands.

Another present from my friend Linda is this unicorn mirror. I’m going to keep this in my travel make-up bag so I have a bit of unicorn when I’m on holiday.

I’m slightly obsessed with hand wash and love trying new ones out. This Imperial Leather one is a present from my Nan.

My friend Manda also bought me a set of Liphop lipsticks. The colours are all gorgeous but the lipsticks themselves are adult only in the shape of something quite rude! I’m not sure I would dare take them out and apply in public.

What I got for Christmas 2017 bubble bath, hand cream, shower gel

From Linda I have a bottle of Kelloggs cranberry bubble bath. It smells lovely and really festive.

Also from Linda is a tube of hand cream. As a former nail blogger I go through so many hand and cuticle lotions so I love having new ones to add to my stash.

I have some Imperial Leather shower gel from my Nan. Shower gel at this time of year can be nice as we get so many bubble baths and bath bombs. It’s nice to have something new to use day to day as well.

Another gift from my Nan is the L’Occitane Rose et Reines hand cream. This smells absolutely gorgeous. I’m keeping it in my handbag to use through the day.

What I got for Christmas 2017 – bits and bobs

I also have a couple of other bits and bobs in my what I got for Christmas pile.

What I got for Christmas 2017 bag, gloves, washbags

My mum has got me a holiday / beach bag with matching purse. Me and Ellie travel quite a lot so this is a great gift for us.

I have 2 pairs of gloves from my friend Emma. I have perpetually cold hands and can never find my gloves. At least if I have two pairs now I’ve a good chance of knowing where one of them is.

My mum has recently come home from India. The gold silk bag is something she has picked up there. I think I will use it as a make up bag for our holidays.


What did you get for Christmas this year? What has been your favourite present you received?

What I got for Christmas 2017

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