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As I am well in to my mid thirties now taking care of my skin is something I make more of an effort with. The first signs of ageing are starting to appear *sobs* and I want to stop those pesky fine lines before they get any deeper. As well as a good skin care regimen that takes care of my skin from the outside I am always looking for products that take care of it from within. I have been trying the Bodyfit Collagen Plus tablets for the last month and today I’m sharing my review of them.

What do the Bodyfit Collagen Plus tablets do

Bodyfit Collagen Plus tablets review

The aim of the Bodyfit Collagen Plus tablets is to improve the look, feel and health of your skin.

They have marine collagen which aids the rejuvenation and repair of the skin. Collagen improves skins elasticity and suppleness while reducing lines and wrinkles.

They also have B vitamins for skin health and energy levels and vitamins C, D and E for the skin and immune system.

How to take Bodyfit Collagen Plus tablets

You take two tablets twice daily. Bodyfit encourage you to drink plenty of water along with them.

The tablets are gluten and soy free and suitable for diabetics. Due to the marine collagen they are obviously not suitable for vegetarians / vegans.

My Bodyfit Collagen Plus tablets review

Bodyfit Collagen Plus tablets review

I have been using the Bodyfit Collagen Plus tablets for a month now. I have the bottle next to my kettle so I remember to take them as soon as I get up and just before bed. The capsules are quite big but easy to swallow. They do have a strong B vitamin smell to them but they don’t taste of anything and don’t leave an after taste.

After one month I am starting to see the tablets working. My skin is clearer and feels more hydrated and plumper. My nails seem to be growing much faster too. I have recently had my hair cut quite dramatically so I can’t say if the tablets are affecting that just yet.

One of the most surprising effect of the tablets is the boost in energy they are giving me. The vitamins in the capsules must be just what my body needs right now.

I was already a fan of ingestible collagen products but I am really happy with the Bodyfit Collagen plus tablets.

There are 90 capsules in a bottle and it costs £14.99. I think the price is brilliant, especially in comparison to the collagen drinks, and I have already bought another bottle.

The Bodyfit Collagen Plus tablets are definitely a permanent addition to my beauty routine now.

*I was sent a bottle of Bodyfit Collagen Plus tablets in exchange for an honest review. I have not been influenced by this and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Interesting, hope you do a review after a longer time period to see if you are still getting good results. Great write up and I am going to look into these supplements.

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