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I have been wanting a fitness watch for quite some time now. There always seems to be something else I want more or somewhere else the money needs to be so I never get around to getting one for myself. So Four Fit getting in touch to collaborate is perfect timing. I have the Four Fit Health Band fitness watch and have been wearing it for the last month.

Four Fit Health band fitness watch boxed

The Four Fit Health Band features

Health bands differ from regular fitness watches as they measure lots of different aspects of your body through out the day. They can give a really good impression of your activity and general health.

The Four Fit Health Band has a really impressive array of features.

  • Step tracking
  • GPRS distance tracking
  • Calorie tracking
  • Heart rate tracking
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Blood oxygen levels
  • Advanced Full sleep Analysis
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Phone link enabled
  • SMS alerts
  • Rapid charge
  • 4 day battery time
  • Stopwatch
  • Water resistant (in cold water only ie. swimming)

Some of the features you can see on the screen of the watch through out the day and some download via bluetooth in to the app on your phone.

Four Fit Health Band review

The Four Fit Health Band is really easy to start. Simply take it out of the box and put it on. Mine didn’t need charging but again its really easy to charge if you do need to. The watch has a large screen and you tap it to go through the different options on the watch. Although it has a large screen the Four Fit Health Band doesn’t feel heavy or bulky. Once I have it on I forget about wearing it.

Four Fit Health band fitness watch

The app shows the same information as the watch but in much more detail. You can see a summary of each measurement, then click through for the in depth report. It is really easy to swipe through the previous days reports both in the at a glance section and in depth reports. I love this feature as it is really easy to compare data from a few different days or look at patterns in the reports.

Four Fit Health band fitness watch app

I am finding some of the features really useful in the watch. The step counter is brilliant and I am finding myself walking a lot more to try and get my steps up each day. The calorie counter calculates how many calories walking is burning. To be honest it’s not a feature I use as I don’t tend to track my calories. It will be a great feature for anyone who does though. Both of these features display on the watch. In the app you get the information in more detail, so you can see what times you are most active.

The sleep tracking has been the most eye opening feature for me. I do have awful problems sleeping but seeing how bad it is some nights on my mobile phone screen is quite shocking. On the watch screen you can see how many hours of sleep you had the night before but in the app it really breaks it down. You can see how much light and deep sleep you have had and any times you have been awake. As you can see from my results some nights I have hardly any deep sleep and I’m up quite a lot too.

Four Fit Health band fitness watch app sleep results

The Four Fit Health band also measures blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels. I’ve found the blood pressure readings to be quite inaccurate for me. I am getting really high blood pressure readings each time I try it. Working in a medical setting means I can check my blood pressure quite easily to compare it to the results. It also means I’m sure nothing measures blood pressure quite like a proper machine. The heart rate and oxygen readings do seem accurate measurements. It does state in the manual that the readings aren’t medically accurate and perhaps something I am doing is affecting my results?

The watch is also waterproof in cool water. Unfortunately I haven’t been swimming to test this out and didn’t want to risk it in the bath!

I connect mine to bluetooth on a morning and on a night to upload the date to the app. This doesn’t use very much of the battery so my watch last 4-5 days before it needs charging up again.

Four Fit Health Band final thoughts

All in all I am loving wearing the Four Fit Health Band fitness watch. I’m finding it is encouraging me to move about more and beat the previous days steps.

Whilst the blood pressure feature doesn’t seem to be accurate for me that isn’t what I am using the band for.

The Four Fit Health Band fitness watch is currently £49, reduced from £99.

If you are looking for a fitness tracker for yourself or for a Christmas gift I recommend checking out the Four Fit range.

Four Fit Health band fitness watch review

*I received this watch in exchange for an honest review. I have not been influenced by this and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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9 comments on “The Four Fit Health band fitness watch review *”

  1. This is so timely for me as I was just discussing the other day that I wanted to get a new fitness tracker for Christmas but I was unsure of which one I wanted. I am really loving the in-depth reports and all of the data available from the Four Fit Health Band.

  2. I really love the fact it has the oxygen level and blood pressure monitoring as well. I use a fitbit and love it but it doesn’t have all the features you’ve mentioned. I really love to see how I’ve slept!

  3. I’ve actually been meaning to buy a new fitness tracker for the new year (in an attempt to get fitter lol). This one looks like good value for money, and does everything I need. Will have a look online and check out more.

  4. Good article. I need to buy a new one as mine has been acting all wonky lately. Appreciate the insight on this!

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