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I shared my monthly round up in my last post so today I’m sharing my favourite monthly photographs. I love looking back over my photographs from the month, it is a great way to recap the month and they make such good memories. 

My first favourite monthly photograph is from the Make Up Revolution launch at Superdrug. Meeting Soph and Carmi was such an amazing experience and they are both so lovely.


We are just home from a weeks holiday in Gran Canaria. I do have lots of new travel posts about it coming up but have to add one to my favourite monthly photographs. The blue skies are gorgeous and nothing screams holiday more than a palm tree.

Favourite monthly photographs Palm tree Gran Canaria

As you might already I started my blogging life as a nail blogger. (My blog is still online over at Hellz Nails if you want to check it out.) For one reason and another I fell out of love with nail blogging but recently I have been missing doing nail art. So this month I have been doing my nails and posting them on my nail Instagram. I am loving getting back in to it again and catching up with everyone there.

Favourite monthly photographs - polka dot nail art

I love this photograph from my wine tasting night at Veeno Leeds. Red wine, cheese and a night with my friend is a perfect night out for me.

Favourite monthly photographs Italian wine tasting at Veeno Leeds - Cutaja Le Selezioni Nero d'avila Riserva with gorgonzola

You know when you have done your hair and makeup and just feel really happy that day? This is just how I was feeling when I took this selfie. I had a new pink, super girly dress and felt a bit like a princess.

613 Blonde Human Hair Wigs
613 Blonde Human Hair Wigs


What has been your favourite photograph you have taken this month?

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8 comments on “Favourite monthly photographs October”

  1. Awesome photos. Awesome nails. I finally tried the EMPRESS nails…and I LOVE THEM! Awesome make up too! Here is to another month of awesome blogging and photos that make them pop!

  2. I love getting my nails done, and like nail art too even though I only use one colour. We are heading to Gran Canaria in a few months. Very excited.

  3. Great shots! the one that captivates my eyes most is the wine tasting photo – very tempting and lively. I’ll be looking forward for more pictures that you can share.

  4. I loved all your photographs and your article just game me a reminder for something that I have been planning to do from long time. I wanted to purchase a new camera and try out my hidden photographer talent! (he.he..he..) 😀 on things around me. But so far I have not been able to go beyond mobile clicks for Instagram. Hope I can enjoy and post some pics like you did 🙂 Loved your article, thank you for sharing your experience with us.

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