Food Safari in Victoria Gate Leeds

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The Victoria Gate Leeds only opened in 2016 but it has transformed the once tired end of Leeds into something really special. The development has shops, restaurants and a casino all inside the most beautiful building. Think floor to ceiling glass walls, steel structure and a stunning glass ceiling. Despite living in Leeds and being a huge shopping and food fan, I hadn’t visited Victoria Gate yet. I was incredibly excited that changed this week and I was invited along to review three of the restaurants, having a course in each one. A food safari is my idea of a heavenly night out!

Victoria Gate Leeds

Victoria Gate Leeds

Le Pain Quotidien in Victoria Gate Leeds

Victoria Gate Leeds Le Pain Quotidien

The first stop on my foodie tour is Le Pain Quotidien, a Belgian restaurant where their homemade bread serves as a canvas for all of their dishes. LPQ’s menu is full of seasonal produce and meals. At the heart of the restaurant is their communal dining table. Not only is it beautifully laid but I really love the idea of sitting and eating while making new friends.

Victoria Gate Leeds Le Pain Quotidien communal table

I chose from the new seasonal dishes and have the super greens and ricotta baked omelette. The presentation is just amazing! A board with the omelette, a huge salad and LPQ’s homemade bread. My omelette is perfectly seasoned and cooked. The greens and ricotta are lovely and go perfectly. LPQ’s bread tastes as amazing as it looks. I was really surprised the dish also comes with a huge salad. It is crisp and fresh with a really tasty vinaigrette dressing.

Victoria Gate Leeds Le Pain Quotidien Super greens and ricotta baked omelette

Cau in Victoria Gate Leeds

Victoria Gate Leeds Cau

The second stop of my Victoria Gate foodie feast is Cau. Cau is an Argentinian restaurant bringing the passion, vitality and fun from Buenos Aires. The restaurant has THE most amazing ceiling that I just can’t stop looking at.

Victoria Gate Leeds Cau

I just had to choose a steak in Cau. There is a lot of choice so the waiter is more than happy to ask a few questions then make recommendations. I have the sirloin steak with peppercorn sauce and sides of dirty rice and fries. The steak is perfectly medium, just how I like it. The peppercorn sauce is thick and tastes great. Cau’s dirty rice is just amazing, I could quite happily eat my rice like this forever.

Victoria Gate Leeds Cau Sirloin steak, peppercorn sauce, dirty rice, chips

Victoria Gate Leeds Cau Sirloin steak, peppercorn sauce, dirty rice, chips

East 59th in Victoria Gate Leeds

Victoria Gate Leeds East 59th

The last stop on my eating tour of Victoria Gate Leeds is East 59th. East 59th is an American restaurant on the top floor of Victoria Gate. The interior is candle lit and cosy and will be a perfect date night spot. It boasts a rooftop terrace that I can’t wait to take the girls to for cocktails.

Victoria Gate Leeds East 59th

My final course is East 59th’s Baked New York cheesecake with berry compote. The cheesecake has a great biscuit to cheese ratio. The base is buttery, sweet and crisp and the topping is rich and fluffy. The berry compote is tart and works perfectly with the sweet cheesecake. I really love the sugar glass decoration too.

Victoria Gate Leeds East 59th Baked New York cheesecake with berry compote

Victoria Gate Leeds final thoughts

The Victoria Gate Leeds is a beautiful building that is a real welcome addition to Leeds city centre. Le Pain Quotidien, Cau and East 59th are all amazing places to eat. I will definitely be going back again to try more of their menus. There are other eateries in there that I can’t wait to try too. The Victoria Gate Casino would be a great place to go after food for cocktails too.

Have you been in the Victoria Gate Leeds yet? Which restaurant would be your favourite?

If you would like to try any of these foodie places then why not pin this to your food board and remember them.

Foodie safari Victoria Gate Leeds\

*I was invited along to Victoria Gate in exchange for an honest review. I have not been influenced by this and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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28 comments on “Food Safari in Victoria Gate Leeds

  1. They all sound like amazing places to eat. I love the look of LPQ especially – that communal table is gorgeous! I come from Yorkshire originally, and have lots of really fond memories of shopping trips to Leeds with my Gran. It definitely didn’t look like this back then!! 😀

  2. That steak looks really good, especially with the sauce on top. I would like to try the super greens and baked ricotta omelette. It looks like a proper feast rather than a simple omelette.

  3. This looks absolutely delicious and that steak, I mean cooked to perfection. I’m so hungry right now and this ‘safari’ looks like a really cool idea to try different places in one go!

  4. This place looks stunning – and super fancy! I love how you visited so many restaurant at once to test them all out. I think my favorite would be Le Pain Quotidien

  5. Now that’s what I call a food heaven, 3 course meal, each from a different restaurant how awesome. Victoria Gate seems really amazing

  6. Sounds an amazing place to give a treat to taste buds. Trying different places at a time in a so called “Safari” looks wonderful and one can really get to taste so many different things.

  7. I am in love! All these dishes, especially the chocolate one has my tummy yelling for them! Thank you for sharing your opinion! And that steak is looking delicious as well!

  8. Looks like there are some great restaurants. Never been in there but will check it out if im in Leeds

  9. I am more mesmerized with their ceiling than their foods 🙂
    Its the work of art! Modern and elegant.

  10. This looks like a great place to visit. I need to visit this place someday and try those foods you shared.

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