Exploring Bamburgh, Northumberland

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We recently had a holiday to Northumberland, UK. On our first day we were up early and had a day out exploring Bamburgh before we arrived at our Airbnb cottage. I love visiting castles and abbeys but Bamburgh isn’t somewhere I know or have seen anything about but it’s not too far from the cottage so it seems a great starting point.

Exploring Bamburgh – Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh Castle is in the North East and sits high above the Northumberland coast line. It covers 9 acres of land and is the largest uninhabited castle in the UK. Its history dates back thousands of years. It is open daily and admission is £10.85 for adults and £5 for children. There is a car park and parking is £2.

Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh Castle

If you don’t want to pay to go inside or if you want something to do afterwards you can walk around the outside. It is quite a hilly walk but the view of the castle on top of the cliff is well worth the effort.

Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh Castle

Exploring Bamburgh – The Green

If you do venture down the hill away from the castle there is a gorgeous green to walk around.

Bamburgh Castle The green

There are lots of benches which makes it a perfect picnic spot too. We loved sitting out in the sunshine eating our sandwiches with such a stunning view.

Bamburgh Castle The green

There are some really interesting finds along the walk around the green. The war memorial inside of a cave is really moving to see.

Bamburgh Castle The green

Exploring Bamburgh – The sand dunes

Bamburgh Castle sits at the top of a cliff right on the coast. To get to the sea you need to walk down the hill and over the sand dunes. The walk is SO beautiful. The sandy hills are quite steep in places and the sliding sand along with my hip problems means I did struggle in some parts. It isn’t an unmanageable walk though and I would do it again if we went again.

Bamburgh Castle Bamburgh beach sand dunes

Bamburgh Castle Bamburgh beach sand dunes

Bamburgh Castle Bamburgh beach sand dunes

Exploring Bamburgh – The beach

The beach at Bamburgh is just stunning. Despite being a sunny August day it is really quiet with only a few walkers dotted about. The grassy dunes, remoteness and castle in the background make it one of the most scenic beaches I’ve ever been to. I really love that you can see the Farne Islands and their famous lighthouse from the beach. You can also just make out Lindisfarne / Holy Island further down the coast.

On the day we visited there were quite a lot of jellyfish that had washed up. It wasn’t a problem for us but if you have small children or dogs it is something to be aware of.

Bamburgh beach

Bamburgh beach

Bamburgh beach

I really love the ridges in the sand and little salt water pools, they are really unusual to look at.

Bamburgh beach sand

Exploring Bamburgh – final thoughts

We loved our day in Bamburgh for just the £2 parking charge we saw so much. It is a place you could spend a quick hour or two or several hours. The castle, beach and grass sand dunes are stunning and make for a gorgeous walk. Despite it being the summer holidays and a sunny day it wasn’t busy there at all. If you are ever in Northumberland I really recommend going and exploring for yourself.

Have you ever been to Bamburgh? What do you think of the views there?

If it is somewhere you would like to visit make sure you pin this to your wanderlust wishlist board.

Exploring Bamburgh Northumberland

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25 comments on “Exploring Bamburgh, Northumberland

  1. Ohhh my gosh this is my Childhood memories of Bamburgh Castle as my Mum & Dad used to take us on our holidays. Its such a beautiful place to go visit looking at your pictures puts a smile on my face again 🙂

  2. What an amazing time exploring it looks like you had, I am in love with that castle, isn’t it beautiful I would love to explore it for myself and I love the beach, I could do with an extra day or two there.

  3. Bamburgh looks like a great little place to explore on a sunny weekend. I love the castle, it looks so impressive and intact. There is a castle next to where I live as well but it’s in ruins. The beach looks beautiful as well, shame about the difficult walk to it thought the dunes.

  4. I had to do a double take, I couldn’t believe we have this amazing castle in the UK and the name made me thing Germany or Austria lol 😂

  5. I must admit that I hadn’t heard of this castle but it looks like a stunning place to visit. The walk on the sand dunes must have been fun too

  6. The castle sounds like a fantastic place for me to take my children to explored they would love that. I think the beach would also be a hit with them!!!

  7. The pictures look amazing and I have always thought of that coast line as beautiful. I went once a few years ago I haven’t had chance to go back but would like to one day x

  8. What an awesome castle. We are creating a list of must see places in the UK and this is definitely going in it.

  9. Banburgh looks great, definitely a place my sister would love to visit because she loves historic castles.

  10. Bamburgh Castle looks amazing – I’ve heard so many good things from other people I know who’ve visited, but I’ve never made the trek myself unfortunately. I really should get around to it! x

  11. It literally looks like you’re in spain or somewhere sunny and exotic! Such a lovely day and location.
    Holly x

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