What’s inside my bag *

What's inside my bag

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This is a post I have been planning for the longest time. For some reason I always seems to move it down my to do list. So Polos getting in touch wanting to collaborate means I finally have my reason to post! Today I am going to share what’s inside my bag. This is my every day bag and things that I carry around everywhere with me on a day to day basis. 

What’s inside my bag – My bag

I love looking at designer bags and admiring the fancy bags when I’m out shopping. But carrying one around on a  daily basis just isn’t “me”. I like bags I can sling over my shoulder or across my body and not think about whilst I’m out. SO my day to day bag is an across shoulder bag.

It is a gorgeous light brown colour leather and feels so soft. I love the size of it as I can easily fit everything in. If I’m at a blogging event I can fit my DSLR in too. My bag is a good few years old now but is still up to the job and I’m loving the worn leather look it’s developing. It is actually from BHS (and caught my eye as I was rushing through the store to the car park one day) so it wasn’t super cheap but it also wasn’t too expensive either.

What's inside my bag, brown leather bag

What’s inside my bag – The contents

What's inside my bag contents

So I don’t think I carry around too much around with me day to day!

Firstly my purse. This was a gift from a friend and I really love it. It’s a great size and fits all my money, cards and loyalty cards. Does any one else seem to have hundreds of those?

What's inside my bag purse

Next is my planner. This literally comes everywhere with me as it runs my life. Inside I have my diary and a notepad for jotting down the random things that pop in to my head through the day. This is a personal size planner from Paperchase.

What's inside my bag Paperchase planner

The next items inside my bag are Polo pots. These new Polo pots are perfect for keeping in your bag. They are really sturdy so protect the Polos and save any minty crumbs in the bottom of the bag. Each pot has 44 of the iconic mints with a hole. Even better is the fact these polos are sugar free, great if you are watching the calories! There is always mints in my bag as they are great to freshen your mouth after eating or drinking,

What's inside my bag Polo pots

I also have a few beauty essentials inside my bag. I always have a bottle of perfume, this one is from Next. There is a little compact mirror, perfect for spot checking what I look like through the day. A little pot of lip balm is always in my bag, I suffer terribly with sore lips especially this time of year. I keep a tube of BB cream for quickly touching up my make up if I need to. This one from the Body Shop is my absolute favourite as it adapts to your skin tone so suits me all year round. FInally I keep a tube of my favourite concealer, Collection Lasting Perfection .

What's inside my bag beauty essentials

I always try to carry some healthy snacks around with me to save me reaching for anything naughty whilst I am out and about. These are my favourite snacks at the moment.

What's inside my bag snacks

And finally a pair of sunglasses, even though we’re into Autumn now I still sometimes need them for driving, and my glasses. If they are not on my face I keep them in my bag otherwise I can never find where I put them.

What's inside my bag glasses and sunglasses

What do you think of what’s inside my bag? What do you carry round with you day to day? And I love to know what your bag is like?

*This post is in collaboration with Polos. I have not been influenced by this and all words and opinions are my own.

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19 comments on “What’s inside my bag *

  1. I really like your bag, practical and nice! You are quite like me and the contents of my bag are very similar. I only take what I need and its usually minimal make up, sun glasses, phone, gum and money!

  2. Wow! I would say you have so much useful things inside your bag. And I was able to get some tip because of your reasons you have them in. In my case, I usually go out either small or big bag – but I wouldn’t forget to bring a hand sanitizer, for some reason I cant go out without it hehe.

  3. Pretty much the same contents of my bag. Except I’d skip the candy and replace them with sugar free lozenges. I also have my rescue medication in my bag. That is more important than anything else.

  4. I always carry mints and breath spray in my bag, just never know. Sanitising gel also is a must. I always throw snacks in but they seem to be forgotten and mushed lol

  5. You’re so organized! The inside of my bag is such a mess – littered with various lipsticks, loose pieces of chewing gum, crumpled note papers, etc. I should really clean it out!

  6. This is a nice and easy post to put together that’s entertaining. I can really only relate to this in the sense of what I carry around in my backpack, but I’ve definitely always got my camera and sunglasses with me!

  7. My bag = a hot mess of makeup, a book, old receipts that I can’t seem to throw away, and good intentions haha! I love how fancy and cute your planner is. looked everywhere for a planner that’s small enough to fit in my bag but pretty enough that I would be more committed to using it. I didn’t think to carry snacks to munch on when I’m hungry so I’m definitely going to stock up next week.

  8. Cool topic for sure! Women and their bags, I thought so many times of writing about this! I like Your bag, simple and containing what is really usuful. Mine is quite different, much mire messy, I must confess, but I an striving to do better and keep my bag much more organized. Thank you for the inspiration!

  9. This is such a good and basic list of things to carry in your bag. I love keeping mints too in my bag, I have never tried that TBS BB Cream, I think I should. This post also inspires me to do a similar one on my blog, I carry way too much stuff in my bag. 😀

  10. I can have that bar of cashew crush right now if you’d like to share some. You’ve got a lovely bag.

  11. very tidy bag! Mine is usually a mess, full of things. I carry from my journal and purse, to a battery charger, gum, medicine, tissues, sunglasses and so much more! Its always so heavy!!! (Oh and a bottle of water)

  12. I love seeing what is in people’s bags, probably just because i’m so nosy! Your glasses are so cute! xo

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