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The Bingley Music Live Festival is fast becoming one of my favourite festivals of the year. The tickets are cheap, the line up is good and it is local to me which means I can easily get home at the end of each day. It is also a really good festival for families so Ellie loves to come along too. It takes place the first weekend in September so always seems a good way to officially end the summer.

Bingley Music Live Festival 2017

Bingley Music Live Festival 2017 – The line up

Bingley Music Live Festival 2017 line up

I’ll be honest and say this year the line up wasn’t my favourite. There are a few bands I know and like and a few I’ve never heard of before. But we go most years so this year was no exception. Even if I didn’t like any of the bands spending the weekend with my friends is worth it for me.

Bingley Music Live Festival 2017 – The venue

The Bingley Music Live Festival is set in Myrtle Park in Bingley. The park is huge and the festival is split in to two parts, the Main Stage and the Discovery Stage. There are stalls along the walkway between them, a bar by each stage and food vendors spread all over the park. There is also a gin bar, cocktail bar and coffee stall. The Discovery Stage does tend to be where people with smaller children stay as it is very enclosed and much quieter. There isn’t a camping site at the festival however there is camping available in the area if you do want to stay over.

Bingley Music Live Festival 2017 The Main Stage
The Main Stage
Bingley Music Live Festival 2017 The Discovery Stage
The Discovery Stage

Bingley Music Live Festival 2017 – The Food

At Bingley Music Live Festival you are able to bring in your own food, but not drinks. We always bring a picnic lunch and treat ourselves to something from the food vendors on a night. This year BML really upped the quality and variety of the vendors. As well as the standard burger stall there was turkish street food, chicken, pizza, fish and chips, burritos, Indian, Chinese, paella, hot dogs, pulled pork and pie stalls. My absolute favourite has to be the halloumi fries which I may or may not have had every day.

Bingley Music Live Festival 2017 halloumi fries

Bingley Music Live Festival 2017 – The weekend highlights

My first highlight has to be spending a full weekend with Ellie and my friends. The Bingley Music Live Festival always has a great, friendly atmosphere and it feels like a real community sitting around in camp chairs.

Bingley Music Live Festival 2017

My favourite bands from the weekend are Twin Atlantic, Kaiser Chiefs, Feeder and Sundara Karma.

Bingley Music Live Festival 2017 Twin Atlantic
Twin Atlantic
Bingley Music Live Festival 2017 Kaiser Chiefs
Kaiser Cheifs
Bingley Music Live Festival 2017 Feeder
Bingley Music Live Festival 2017 Sundara Karma
Sundara Karma

One of the most exciting parts of festivals for me has to be getting ready for them. I have “festival” clothes I love getting out and I love being able to wear festival make up and hair. Ellie chose lots of highlighter and glitter this year and I went with a super highlight and space buns.

Bingley Music Live Festival 2017 festival look
Festival look
Bingley Music Live Festival 2017 festival look
Festival look

Bingley Music Live Festival 2017 – The downsides

This year at the Bingley Music Live Festival the weather was not kind to us. Although I prepare well and we have lots of waterproof layers, sitting and standing around in the rain is just miserable.

Bingley Music Live Festival 2017

The weekend of Bingley Music Live Festival unfortunately clashed with the Northern Rail train strike. Trying to arrange transport from Bingley for our whole group was stress before the festival you don’t need.

Bingley Music Live Festival 2017 – Final thoughts

All in all Bingley Music Live Festival was an amazing weekend. Despite the rain we had a great time with our friends. Even though I didn’t know all the bands I enjoyed seeing every single one of them. I have found some great new artists to listen to and follow and saw a lot of old favourites. Mine and Ellies tickets were £61 and £48 each for the weekend which I think is a real bargain.

We will definitely be going again next year and hopefully having just as much fun as this year.


Bingley Music Live Festival is a great festival for both groups of friends and families and if you are local to Myrtle Park I really recommend going.


Have you ever been to Bingley Music Live Festival? Which band would you have liked to see from the line up?

Bingley Music Live Festival

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29 comments on “Bingley Music Live Festival 2017”

  1. Sorry for the soggy and boggy weather but by the pictures,you and friends kept your spirits high…
    The band I would have liked to have seen would have been British Sea Power and The Wombats

  2. Ive never heard of it let alone been to it, but festivals aren’t really my thing. I think getting ready for it would be one of my favourite parts too, the glitter looks amazing!

  3. I have to admit I’ve not heard of the Bingley Music Festival before but it sounds like a great line up and as though you had a lovely time, even though the weather wasn’t that great.

  4. Each summer I keep telling myself I’ll go to a music festival – even if just for a couple hours, but still yet to go to one! You look like you’ve had lots of fun, and I love the glitter eye look!
    Kayleigh x

  5. I have not actually heard of this festival before but looks really good and loving the food too. I am jealous that you get to go home after the festival instead of slumming it with the lot lol

  6. I’ve never heard of this festival but the line up looked incredible. I’ve heard of most of these bands so it would have been perfect for me. I would love to have seen kaiser chiefs and Maximo park.

  7. We go most years as well. Until last Christmas I used to live in Bingley so it was really easy for me to get home. I love the Kaiser Chiefs and The Manic Street Preachers. It was definitely the busiest year and feels like it’s getting bigger every year. I love it!

  8. That lineup looks great to me and your highlights would probably have been the same ones I’d have loved. Shame about the rain though, not a festival if it stays dry though is it?! x

  9. I haven’t been to a music festival in years! I love how you can enjoy quite a large selection of different foods on site and that there is a gin bar as well Yumm! The price is cheap, especially that there were some big band names on the line as well.

  10. It looks like a fun festival to visit. I haven’t been to anything like this in years. It sounds like they have a nice range of food stands there too which is great – saves you taking some with you.

  11. Haha to be fair I would be excited by the hallumoi fries as well. Shame the line up was not as stellar as previous years but I would have been excited to see the Kaiser Chiefs x

  12. You had me at music festivals. I love going and I love the variety you get at a festival. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t find the line-up the best this year but it looks like you still had a great time. You know you’re a music festival pro when you have festival clothes 🙂

  13. Ah, that famous British weather! We did PennFest this year and it was an ankle deep mud bath. We still had a great time though, and it makes a good story afterwards, right? 😉 x

  14. I am thoroughly embarrassed to say that at 36, I have never been to a music festival. Please invite me next time and put me out of my misery haha. I am glad that you made the most out of it even though you didn’t like the lineup.

  15. I’ve never been to a music festival it’s not my scene really I like indoor events with quiet cutesy things lol although I do love the kasier chiefs so may try it one time!

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