Bellevue Club Hotel in Alcudia Mallorca

Bellevue Club Hotel in Alcudia

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When me and Ellie go on holiday I almost always travel on a tight budget. I would rather spend a little less and have more holidays and more spending money. For the most part, hotels are simply somewhere to lay your head after a day exploring or laying by the pool. This means we usually stay in smaller, family run hotels that are slightly out of town. When booking our Mallorca holiday it was different as the Bellevue Club Hotel in Alcudia was the best deal.

Bellevue Club Hotel in Alcudia

About Bellevue Club Hotel in Alcudia

Bellevue Club Hotel in Alcudia

The Bellevue Club Hotel in Alcudia is a 3 star, huge resort / complex. It has 17 hotel blocks, 8 swimming pools, 6 restaurants and 7 bars. The hotel blocks are typically Spanish white buildings surrounded by lots of palm trees, grass and plants.

Bellevue Club Hotel in Alcudia plants

It has a day and night entertainment package for children and adults. There are lots of extras you can do too like tennis and go karting and there is a children’s play area. The hotel resort all sits on a lake.

Bellevue Club Hotel in Alcudia The lake

The hotel is 800 metres from the beach, 5 kilometres from the town centre and 3 kilometres to the port.

Bellevue Club Hotel in Alcudia – The hotel rooms

Our room is in the Sirena II complex which is right beside the lake. The room is basic but very clean and comfortable and has everything you need. It is a really bright and airy room which I always love.

The twin room has two double beds (well singles pushed together) which is a nice surprise.

Bellevue Club Hotel in Alcudia hotel room beds

There are huge floor to ceiling wardrobes full of coat hangers. No trying to squeeze a weeks worth of outfits on to 4 hangers here – yey! I have major wardrobe envy and would love this much space at home. There is also a desk with shelves and a TV. We didn’t actually try the tv so I can’t tell you what channels are available or if you need to pay for it.

Bellevue Club Hotel in Alcudia hotel room wardrobes

And finally in the room there is a balcony over looking the lake. It is small but there is plenty of room for a table and chairs and space for just me and Ellie.The view from the balcony is spectacular through the day and looks even more stunning as the sun sets.

Bellevue Club Hotel in Alcudia hotel room balcony view

Bellevue Club Hotel in Alcudia hotel room balcony view sunset

Bellevue Club Hotel in Alcudia – Our experience

Bellevue Club Hotel in Alcudia pool

I was a bit skeptical about going to a huge holiday resort. Both me and Ellie like to spend our holidays either quietly laying by the pool or out of the hotel exploring whichever country we are in. Neither of us are “joining in with the entertainment” people. But we both had an amazing time at Bellevue Club Hotel in Alcudia. Our stay was in the school Easter holidays so the hotel was busy but it will probably be busier the summer months.

The hotel, rooms and restaurants and bars are all really clean. Some parts could probably do with a lick of paint or modernising but nothing worth especially commenting on.

Our all inclusive food was really good and we didn’t once have to eat out as there was nothing we liked. There is sometimes a queue to get in to the restaurant, especially for breakfast, but it moves quickly. I don’t drink alcohol when I’m away with Ellie but there is a good choice of soft drinks and hot drinks available with your all inclusive wrist band. There isn’t any decaffinated coffee or tea, which is a bit awkward if you’re allergic to caffeine like me. The hot chocolate from the machines is especially nice though.

If we had a pool day we actually laid by the liveliest pool. Although we didn’t join in with the entertainment it gave us both something to watch and giggle at. The entertainment staff did come around to see if we were joining in, but weren’t pushy when we said no. I did go join the yoga class a few times. Doing yoga early morning, under palm trees and in the sun is such a lovely experience.

The best part of Bellevue Club Hotel in Alcudia for me is the setting. The view over the lake really is stunning, especially in the Sirena complex right next to it. I really love the little rivers that come from the lake through the hotel. Walking over the bridges to various parts of the complex is a super pretty walk.

Bellevue Club Hotel in Alcudia river

The hotel is really close to the beach, which is definitely worth visiting. The sand is SO white. As the hotel away from the main town the beach here is really quiet too.

Bellevue Club Hotel in Alcudia - Alcudia beach

It is 5km to the main resort of Alcudia. We didn’t have time to head into the resort so I’m not sure what it is like there. There are plenty of restaurants, bars and shops around the hotel though if you are not staying all inclusive.

As a single female travelling alone with my daughter feeling “safe” is really important on holiday. I always felt incredibly comfortable and safe at Bellevue Club Hotel in Alcudia and walking around Alcudia too.

I would definitely head back to the Bellevue Club Hotel in Alcudia if I was visiting Mallorca again. It makes a great base and is a clean and comfortable hotel with lots to do. It is perfect for single parents, families and even couples.

Bellevue Club Hotel in Alcudia view

Would you stay at the Bellevue Club Hotel in Alcudia? What do you think of the views around the hotel?

If the Bellevue Club Hotel in Alcudia is somewhere you would like to stay why not pin this to your wanderlust board.

Bellevue Club Hotel in Alcudia

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34 comments on “Bellevue Club Hotel in Alcudia Mallorca

  1. It looks like you found a great place to stay. I love that they have extra activities such as go karting. My girls would enjoy doing that.

    1. It was a fab place Melanie. We would have loved trying the go karting if we had been here longer too.

  2. What an idyllic place to be. I love the photos. The beach is so peaceful. I like that it is not very “touristy.” I am daydreaming of being on that beach, watching sunsets for the rest of my life. Thanks for sharing your photos with us. The hotel looks awesome too!

  3. I had no idea that you were allergic to caffeine as well! So am I, so shame about the wristbands. Still the club hotel in Alcudia is absolutely gorgeous and it looks like a great place to take Ellie x

  4. Ohh this looks like where I would stay on my holiday! Really great view and I could sit on the balcony enjoying the sunset while putting on my makeup for dinner. Hopefully we will be able to try Bellevue Club hotel one day!

  5. The hotel looks so gorgeous and sleek. I love the bedroom decor with the white and greys looking so modern. I’ve recently been back from Mallorca and loved it. Hope you enjoyed your stay too! X

  6. This hotel looks like a nice stay and looks like you had an amazing time out there. I also liked the decor of the room. The striped black and white wall creates a signature style!

  7. This hotel is huge! I mean 17 hotel blocks, 8 pools, 6 restaurants and 7 bars is too good. I like that in spite of being basic the rooms were really clean and fresh. I will keep this one in mind when we plan our trip to Mallorca sometime. 🙂

  8. What I love about this is that the resort sits in a lake. Having a room with that kind of balcony is what I want too! Great way to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  9. Oh, I would definitely stay there! Never been to Alcudia, well, actually been there for one afternoon while working in Palma, but it’s already long time ago.

  10. We are going to Mallorca next year, well toying with the idea at present, but I am glad I found this post as I have a daughter, most reviews I’ve read no mention of children’s facilities.

    1. I’m sure you’ll love it if you do go. As a mum (even though she is older now) I know it’s important to know in advance what there is to do there.

  11. Looks like a great place to stay! Great review. I’m the same with hotels, as long as it’s clean I’m pretty happy. I plan to not spend too much time there as like to be out exploring x

    1. Thanks Natalie. I’m the same, we tend to only sleep there and be out most of the time. It’s always a nice surprise when you find a good one though.

  12. I can’t believe it’s only a 3 star Helen! I’ve stayed in so many 4 stars that look way worse than this! My mum and I travelled to Majorca in 2011, and it was sucha fun holiday, though we stayed on the south coast in Callas de Mallorca x

    1. It’s lovely isn’t it Becca. Majorca is such a gorgeous island, I would love to go again and explore more of it.

  13. Hi, I stayed in serena 2 in may. Was really surprised how nice the room was. I was disappointed the boat wasn’t running (my friend had told me I must go on it). I’m going again in 2 weeks and have emailed to stay in same block. I’ve never in the past gone back to same place twice. But this is really good value for money and my granddaughter begged me. Haha

    1. Hi Shelley. I’m so pleased you enjoyed it as much as us! It’s such a fab hotel isn’t it. Enjoy your next holiday there. Helen

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