My favourite monthly photographs August

favourite monthly photographs

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Last month I started a new series on my blog, sharing my favourite monthly photographs. I really love how it came out and I had a lot of positive reviews so I am carrying it on this month. So here are my favourite monthly photographs for August. Some might already be on my blog and some you haven’t seen.

My August favourite monthly photographs

My August favourite monthly photographs – Bamburgh beach

This photograph is on the first day of our holiday. A quick selfie of me and Ellie on Bamburgh beach. I love how happy we both look here. And of course I love the beach and blue skies too. Despite it being such a gorgeous day there is no one else on the beach for miles.

Favourite monthly photographs August Bamburgh beach

My August favourite monthly photographs – The Alchemist Leeds

You might have seen this photograph already but this is The Alchemist, Leeds Trinity. I love the huge floor to ceiling windows looking out over the city. I really like the light fitting too, its so simple and elegant. I would love something like this in my house, though I’m not too sure  how practical it would be.

Favourite monthly photographs August Lunch at The Alchemist Leeds

My August favourite monthly photographs – Wagamama, Leeds White Rose Centre

I have to include this in my favourite monthly photographs. The beef tataki from Wagamama in the Leeds White Rose Centre. Ever since I have been taking my DSLR camera out with me I love the quality of my food photos now. I adore this dish so I am really happy with how well it came out. The only problem is looking at it makes me want to eat it again!

Favourite monthly photographs August Beef tataki Wagamama at the White Rose Centre

My August favourite monthly photographs – Northern Craft Summer Fair at Northern Monk Brew Co.

Whilst waiting to go in to the Northern Craft summer fair I had a look around the Northern Monk Brew Co. I utterly adore this wall. Once I start turning my spare bedroom in to an office I am going to look in to having a huge photography collage on one wall. So many photos sit in our memory cards now a days this is a great way to start printing them and showing them off.

Favourite monthly photographs August Northern Craft Summer fair Northern Monk Brew Co

My August favourite monthly photographs – Tea and biscuits

Another photograph from a blog post this month. You just can’t beat tea and biscuits can you?

favourite monthly photographs August Fox's Biscuits minis


Which is your favourite photograph? Do you display the photographs you have taken in any way?

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24 comments on “My favourite monthly photographs August

  1. You cant beat tea and biscuits although I am partial to hot chocolate. Great pictures and great camera- I have nikon D5300 perfect little thing for blogs. I have always wanted to visit The Alchemist, Leeds as heard nothing but good. It seems its a must now…

    1. Oo yes you can’t beat a hot chocolate! I definitely recommend a trip to The Alchemist, lovely food and a gorgeous venue.

  2. Ohh my husband and I have traveled a lot and we used to have one of our wall in the living filled with photography from our trip. It was beautiful!

    My favorite of your photography is of the beef! You did a great job!

    1. Oh that does sound so beautiful! It’s such a great statement feature isn’t it. Thank you, I think that one is my favourite this month…and it was the most delicious too!

  3. Aw I love the idea of a favourite monthly photo feature. I really like the photo of your beef tatiki, the photo is very well lit x

    1. Aw thank you Ana, its a great way to see how my photography is progressing and share the photos I love each month that might not make it in to blog posts of their own. x

  4. Phones have made it easy enough for people to take better pictures, even if that is not their strong point, so I can say I take a lot more pictures than before I had a smart phone! I print my favorite ones and I display them in walls usually in frames! You have great pictures here!

    1. Smart phones are such a brilliant thing for photography. That’s a brilliant idea! And thank you Kallia.

  5. How fun to post some of your favorite photos! I especially love the one of you and your daughter. It’s fun to look back on those from when my own was that age because they bring back such wonderful memories. What more could a girl need than some san under toes and a pretty blue sky overhead? x

    1. Thanks Ali, photos do instantly bring back amazing memories don’t they. You just can’t beat sand between your toes can you.

  6. I love the photo collage wall. Like you, I think it would be a great idea to have one like this at home. What an awesome way to showcase pretty photos we’ve taken of our travels and the awesome sights we’ve visited.

    1. It’s such a great idea isn’t it. I’m busy planning which ones I’m going to put up on my collage wall.

    1. Thanks Calleigh. I’m really enjoying my photography journey and it will be great to look back and see how far I’ve come.

  7. It’s a cool idea to present your favourite photos of the moment! The meat makes me so hungry… I’m off to the kitchen xD Also, you look lovely!

  8. Taking photographs with Nikon is so great. You have shared some of your beautiful photos in the month of August like that restaurant and tea-pot ones.

  9. As you say, you can’t go wrong with biscuits so that’s definitely my favourite. I mostly use instagram for my photos, and I incorporate them into blog posts as well.

    1. You definitely can’t go wrong with a biscuit and cup of tea. Instagram is such a great way to show off your photographs.

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