Lunch at The Alchemist Leeds

Lunch at The Alchemist Leeds

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The Alchemist Leeds is somewhere me and my friends often go for cocktails. It is a meeting place for us and we spend many a Saturday night in there. It isn’t somewhere I have been for food before. For no real reason, I just haven’t got around to eating there yet. So I happily accepted an invitation to go and try out the menu for myself.

Lunch at The Alchemist Leeds

Lunch at The Alchemist Leeds

The Alchemist Leeds is in the Trinity shopping centre. It is on the top floor and the floor to ceiling windows offer incredible views over the city. The restaurant section is really bright and airy and has a mix of traditional tables, booths and bar seats around the windows.

Lunch at The Alchemist Leeds

Their menu has everything from tapas style dishes to nibbles and quite bite sandwiches to main meals.

Lunch at The Alchemist Leeds – starters

Both me and Ellie like nibbling sharing starters, so we can have a bit of both. So our first starter is cheese nachos. Nachos with cheese, sour cream, guacamole and salsa. The nachos are warm with lots of gooey cheese on top. There is a really good size portions of sour cream, guac and salsa. All three dips are really tasty and perfect for the nachos. It is a great sharing starter and a really generous portion size.

Lunch at The Alchemist Leeds cheese nachos

Our next starter is popcorn chicken, which is £4.75. These are bite size chicken pieces with a southern fried chicken coating. The coating tastes amazing and is really crunchy. The dips from the nachos make a perfect popcorn chicken dip too. Again it was a great portion size and a perfect sharing starter.

Lunch at The Alchemist Leeds popcorn chicken

Lunch at The Alchemist Leeds – Main courses

For her main course at our lunch at The Alchemist Leeds Ellie chose chilli and rice, which is £10.75. This is chilli con carne with rice, nachos, sour cream and guacamole. It arrives in a really unique tin can and everything is in separate compartments. The chilli is mild, which is perfect for Ellie, but still really tasty and the accompaniments go with it perfectly. It is a large portion size so definitely one for when you are hungry!

Lunch at The Alchemist Leeds chilli and rice

Lunch at The Alchemist Leeds chilli and rice

Lunch at The Alchemist Leeds chilli and rice

I chose the fish finger sandwich, which is £9.00. This is a fish finger sandwich with fries and tartar sauce. Fish finger sandwiches are one of my comfort foods and it is so unusual to find it on a menu. The bread is thick, soft, white and crusty and perfect for the crisp, breaded fish fingers. The homemade tartar sauce is SO good and the skin-on fries are amazing too. There are six fish fingers in the sandwich so again it is another large meal.

Lunch at The Alchemist Leeds fish finger sandwich

Lunch at The Alchemist Leeds fish finger sandwich

Unfortunately both me and Ellie were too full to try out the desserts. I did have my eye on the lemon polenta cake though and I know Ellie would have chosen the chocolate brownies.

Lunch at The Alchemist Leeds – Final thoughts

Having lunch at The Alchemist Leeds is a real treat. Both me and Ellie really enjoyed all of the courses, the food is all delicious. I wasn’t sure whether it would be suitable for Ellie but is definitely perfectly fine for teenagers. It is all really good value for money too, especially considering the portion sizes. Our meal including a drink each came to about £35. Their brunch menu looks amazing so I will definitely be going back soon to try that.

The Alchemist now has 11 branches over the UK, so if you are not close to Leeds there will be one nearer to you.

Have you eaten at The Alchemist before? What would you choose from our dishes?


Why not pin this to your restaurant board to remind you to try it out for yourself.

Lunch at The Alchemist Leeds

*I was invited to The Alchemist in exchange for an honest review. As always this does not influence my opinions and all thoughts and words are my own.

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36 comments on “Lunch at The Alchemist Leeds

  1. Oh the food looks delicous and the restaurant looks really nice I’ve never been to Leeds before however if I ever go I’ll have to check out this place.

  2. Aw I am glad that it was good value for money and was great sized portions. I really like the sound of the cheese nachos as that would be something I would order x

  3. Interesting, that lunchbox reminded me of very old days when my dad used to carry similar ones while going for work. But those sandwiches looked yumm!

  4. Lunch at The Alchemist looks fabulous and a nice place for sitting too. Those steel tiffins are very popular in India as everybody have their lunch in those stacked steel tiffin and we used to carry in trains, picnics and schools everytime. The photo of tin can in your post took me down the memory lanes of my childhood days.

  5. There a The Alchemist near me and yet ti visit but now after reading this Im going to take the girls for some cocktails. great post, nacho starter looks lovey and one of my favourites

  6. I have never been to The Alchemist before we just got one in Birmingham as I was moving to Derbyshire but the food does look yummy so I may have to make a point of going on a visit there x

  7. This looks like a great place to have a meal with friends and family. Those nachos look delish; the chili and rice look yummy too. The boxes that those came in are used as traditional lunch boxes in India that kids/adults used to take to school/office. 🙂

  8. This looks delicious, I’ll have to save it for if I ever visit Leeds. I love the tiffin serving style! So cute. But I’m also now craving nachos! I know what I’m making for dinner.

  9. This looks like a wonderful restaurant with a great atmosphere. I really love the name. I’ll have to check it out if I’m ever in the area!

  10. yummy! all these food photos look so tasty!! would love to try them all.. and the place looks really nice, a place where I would really enjoy!! will definitely check out this place, thanks for sharing!!

  11. Ooh I am going to Leeds in two weeks time. Your post couldn’t come at more perfect time. Thanks for the suggestion. It looks a cool place to visit.

  12. Ooh, the food here looks super scrummy! One of my best mates live in Leeds so I’ll have to suggest lunching here the next time I visit 🙂

    Louise x

  13. the name of the place is very intriguing. I actually saw some reviews bout this place. I would like to visit once I visited UK someday 🙂

  14. I love both the Alchemists in Leeds, their menu is wonderful and the cocktails are out of this world. Great review! x

  15. That looks like a fab place to eat! Love that your lunch arrived in a tiffin lunch box – it’s a traditional Indian style lunch box. I’ve got one my husband brought back from a visit to India once. 🙂

  16. Oooh I’ve only been to the alchemist for sunday lunch but I’ve been meaning to go back for ages! The fish finger sandwich looks yummy! xo

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