Reliving my childhood with Fox’s Biscuits minis

Fox's Biscuits minis

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Is there anything more British than a cup of tea and a biscuit? Having a mug of hot tea, a biscuit and a sit down is my treat when I come in from work each day. So when Fox’s Biscuits reached out wanting to send me some goodies of course I agreed. Opening a box full of the new Fox’s Biscuits minis was a great treat!


Fox's Biscuits minis

Fox’s Biscuits are made near to me, literally a 10 minute drive away, so they are a local brand I love. Fox’s Biscuits minis are tiny versions of their classic biscuits.

Fox’s Biscuits minis – Chocolatey minis

First up in the Fox’s Biscuits minis range is the chocolatey minis. Mini shortbread biscuits with a milk chocolate coating. The chocolate layer is nice and thick and the shortbread biscuit is sweet and crunchy. They are really tasty and you know…chocolate so a winner!

Fox's Biscuits minis chocolatey minis

Fox’s Biscuits minis – Cookie minis

Next in the Fox’s Biscuits minis range are the cookie minis. Tiny cookie chunks with milk chocolate chips. Despite being so small these really are amazing. The biscuit is crumbly and melts in the mouth and there is the perfect amount of chocolate in them. The only problem I have with these is one is just never enough.

Fox's Biscuits minis cookie minis

Fox’s Biscuits minis – Party ring minis

Lastly from the Fox’s Biscuits minis is the party ring minis. I’m sure you know exactly what these are but just in case. Colourful mini biscuit rings with an iced topping. Party rings are such a nostalgic blast from the past. I remember having them at parties when I was younger and Ellie always had them too. The minis are bite size and just as sweet and crunchy as I remember. They are definitely my favourite of the range.

Fox's Biscuits minis party rings minis

Fox’s Biscuits minis – final thoughts

I really love the Fox’s Biscuits minis range. All three biscuits are perfect despite being a mini size. They look super cute and I love that they are all bite size. The biscuits are in a re-sealable pouch so they won’t go soft once open. I think they are perfect for travelling or picnics or even just sitting on the sofa munching them like us.

Fox's Biscuits minis

I have to give a special mention to the card from Fox’s Biscuits. It has the cutest poem and is such a lovely, personal touch to receive in a parcel from a brand.

Fox's Biscuits minis


What is your favourite type of biscuit? Have you tried the Fox’s Biscuits minis yet?


*I was sent these in exchange for an honest review. This does not influence my thoughts and all words are my own.

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23 comments on “Reliving my childhood with Fox’s Biscuits minis

  1. My downfall is a cuppa with biscuits and I love all these. Mini versions sound the perfect solution – great for lunchboxes too

  2. These look so tempting! Those chocolatey minis are calling my name lol I would totally over do it with these. I’m thinking I could go through a bag all by myself!

  3. I have not tried this yummy treats yet. I have to find these at the store and get some. I think I will love them all. I will start with the Chocolatey minis. Yummy!

  4. Oh, I haven’t tried these, but these look to be so good. I shall get my hands on these when I’m in the UK in December. 😀 😀

  5. I love biscuits also I hate it . I love because I like it so much , I hate because I like eating and that make me getting big and bigger . Don’t let’s this fox mini biscuit stay in my table because I will never stop eating . Especially the chocolate one .

  6. The chocolate mints sounds so good. I used to love party rings! Haven’t had them in ages. Might treat myself to some biscuits now!

  7. Oh my gosh Foxes party rings now that takes me right back to childhood, we always had those at birthday parties and they were the best!!

  8. I wish I could get a box of cookies! This is so lovely, even though I am not British but I could eat cookies all the time with or without tea. These minis are so adorable, like I would feel sorry to eat them just how cute they look.

  9. We aren’t huge on biscuits. But they look incredibly appealing which I am pretty sure will have mass appeal for consumption.
    Via Bella Blog

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