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Spending a Friday night with Brooklyn Beckham definitely isn’t something I thought I would be telling you about! But that is just what we did a few weeks ago. We were lucky enough to attend the Brooklyn Beckham What I see book signing event in Manchester.

Brooklyn Beckham What I See book signing

If you don’t already know Brooklyn Beckham, yep the son of David and Victoria, has released his first book. If you follow him on social media you will have seen he always seems to have a camera with him. What I See is a book full of the photographs he has taken.

Selfridges, where the event was held, did an amazing job. We were there for just before our time of 6pm. A huge area was cordoned off, we were given our copies of the book and joined the queue. The queue did move fairly slowly but it gave us plenty of time to have a look through the book.

Before too long though it was our turn to go meet Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Beckham What I See book signing

Brooklyn Beckham What I See book signing

Me, Ellie and Ellie’s friend all met with him individually whilst he was signing our books. Brooklyn really is so lovely! He seemed so genuinely happy to be meeting his fans and proud of his book. He is super polite and well mannered. It is impressing that he is able to talk to teenage girls like Ellie and their mums like me too. I had a fab chat with him about photography and his favourite styles.

After seeing us all individually he was happy to have a group photo too.

Brooklyn Beckham What I See book signing

I have now had a change to look through the book cover to cover. Despite having some bad press I think it is brilliant. Watching Brooklyn’s journey through photography is really nice to see. There aren’t many of us who pick up a professional camera and instantly produce professional photographs. We all learn and grow as we go along. Seeing Brooklyn Beckham learn what he loves to photograph and his style is interesting. And of course a behind the scenes look at the Beckhams, the family photos and holiday snaps away from the posed magazine or press photographs is such a unique view. I really love the book.

Brooklyn Beckham What I See book signing


All three of us had an amazing night at the Brooklyn Beckham What I See book signing. As well as meeting him all three of us have a brilliant book to keep too.

Ellie is incredibly happy to have made it into his instagram video of the Brooklyn Beckham What I See book signing too!

Have you ever been to a celebrity signing? Who did you meet if you have? Or who would be your dream celebrity meeting?

You can pick up your own copy of Brooklyn Beckham What I See here.

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28 comments on “Brooklyn Beckham What I See book signing event”

  1. I’d love to meet Giovanna Fletcher as i love her books. I met her briefly and she was lovely and down to earth so it be great to meet her once again. I didn’t know that Brooklyn Beckham now has a book out I must admit I’m not really into the Beckham’s.

  2. Oh wow! I didn’t know much about him (or his book). Thanks to you for introducing him to us, it looks like a great book of his photography journey.

  3. Must admit, I’ve always had a little thing for Beckham and his son is just as handsome! Must have been nice to get the book signed and actually meet him, how exciting!

  4. Pretty cool, sounds like it was a lot of fun. I have not been to a book signing yet, but have been lucky enough to “bump” into a few celebrities willing to take a quick picture.

  5. I have been to a few celebrity signings but usually novel book authors. I do however know how exciting it is to meet your favorite author and get his dedication on the book. Brooklyn sees to be like a very polite chap, good for him for being passionate about such a beautiful subject as photography.

  6. That’s so good to hear that he was nice and genuinely seemed happy to be signing books for people, too many celebs seem like they’re there just because they have to be x

  7. Book Signing event is great to attend. As you get to mingle with book lovers, intellectuals and celebrities. Also we get to know about launch of new books in market. Lovely signup.

  8. He’s seems to be a lot taller than I imagined he’d be! It’s so great when you meet people at signing events who actually seem like they want to be there. I’ve been to a David Walliams signing and he was lovely but I also once took my class to a signing with Francesca Simon, author of Horrid Henry and you couldn’t have been less bothered if she tried, broke my heart because some of the kids were so disappointed.

  9. I personally follow David Beckham on Insta and his son is awesome, he seems nice and polite. i’m glad you had a wonderful time and indeed enjoyed this event, thanks for sharing.

  10. Oo, I’ve been waiting for this post after you hinted about it earlier! I can’t believe I missed this – I love Brooklyn! It’s nice to hear that a celeb is genuinely nice in person because not a lot are! xx
    Marina xx

  11. Wow! It’s always nice bumping into a celebrity and it would have been nicer to attend a book signing for sure. I would love to attend one. Great pics!

  12. What a fun event! I had no idea who he was until my daughter said “duh, Mom, he has like 9 million Instagram followers” Huh, who knew? xx

  13. It does look like a nice book and it’s great that Beckham has found something for himself that he loves. And that seems like it was a really sweet meet and greet. Very nice!

  14. That’s absolutely wonderful – you met Brookly Beckham! I’m so happy to hear that he really is a nice, genuine and well mannered young man. Seems like he is very down to earth type of guy even though he could just party and not do anything else. It’s great that he has found his passion. You must show us a couple of pictures from the book 🙂

  15. Is it awful that this makes me feel so old??! I remember when he was born haha! I say good on him though, sounds like a lovely guy and I hope he does Sally well with it. There will always be critics of course but I guess he’ll have his parents to guide him through. Really intrigued to see the book now x

  16. Aw it is great that he is so friendly and polite . While his photography style might need improvement we shouldn’t knock him for trying! At least he wants to learn x

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