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The White Rose Centre in Leeds has been undergoing a transformation recently. A big extension now houses lots of new restaurants. The new Wagamama at the White Rose Centre is the shop I have been most excited about. Despite being a huge Japanese food fan, I’ve never eaten at Wagamama before. Fortunately I was invited down to try it out for myself and see the new summer menu. Steve Mangleshot, the executive chef for Wagamama, was also there to talk us through the menu.

Wagamama at the White Rose Centre is set in the new, outdoor, section. It looks stunning and is just perfect for sitting outside for a meal on a summery day.

Wagamama at the White Rose Centre

If you are new to Wagamama the menu is really surprising. As well as the ramen and asian buns you expect there are so many other gorgeous treats on there.

Wagamama at the White Rose Centre – Beef tataki

First up is the new beef tataki on the sides menu. This is thin slices of lightly seared, marinated steak that is served chilled. It comes with citrus ponzu, Japanese mayonnaise, pickle beetroot and coriander. I love my meat rare so this is a real treat for me. The marinate on the steak tastes amazing and the meat literally melts in the mouth. The accompaniments are all delicious and work perfectly with the beef.


Beef tataki Wagamama at the White Rose Centre

Wagamama at the White Rose Centre – Duck gyoza

Next the duck gyoza which is also on the sides menu. Five fried duck filled dumplings served with a dipping sauce. I love duck and often choose it when I’m out as it’s not something I cook at home. The dumplings are gorgeous. They are really crispy with plenty of filling and they are not greasy at all. The sauce is really tasty and perfect for dipping the duck gyoza in to.


Duck gyoza Wagamama at the White Rose Centre

Wagamama at the White Rose Centre – Bang bang cauliflower

The bang bang cauliflower is another dish on the sides menu. It is crispy, fried cauliflower with red onion and spring onion, fresh ginger and coriander coated in firecracker sauce. I am not a cauliflower fan but it is so popular at the moment. In the name of food blogging I did try it…and it is so nice! It has a really satisfying crunch and the spicy sauce takes away the cauliflower flavour.

Bang bang cauliflower Wagamama at the White Rose Centre

Wagamama at the White Rose Centre – Seared nuoc cham tuna

Next from the Omakase chefs special menu is the new seared nuoc cham tuna. This is a seared nuoc cham tuna steak on quinoa, kale, sweet potato, edamame beans, red onion and peppers. This really is a perfect summer dish. It is light, fresh and filling without being too heavy. The tuna steak tastes amazing and everything else goes with it perfectly.

Wagamama at the White Rose Centre - Seared nuoc cham tuna

Wagamama at the White Rose Centre – Sticky pork belly

Also from the omakase chefs special menu is another new dish, sticky pork belly. This is pork belly with a citrus and teriyaki glaze with miso aubergine, white rice and spring onion, ginger and chilli garnish. Pork belly is my absolute favourite, I often order it when I’m out and often cook it at home. This is as perfect as I was expecting. The glaze is sticky and super tasty, the pork belly is cooked perfectly and I love everything with it. A few of the other bloggers there did say they didn’t think the rice was necessary with it. I personally like it there, I always want all the carbs with my meals.

Wagamama at the White Rose Centre - Sticky pork belly

Wagamama at the White Rose Centre – Chicken samla curry

From the curry menu is the new chicken samla curry. This is a fragrant, spicy lemongrass and coconut curry with peppers, shiitake mushrooms, plum tomatoes served with rice and a spring onion, chilli and coriander garnish. This dish smells so nice! Whilst it is spicy it isn’t too hot at all, you get more of the taste of the spices than the heat.

Wagamama at the White Rose Centre - Chicken samla curry

Wagamama at the White Rose Centre – Pad thai salad

On the salad menu is the new dish, pad thai salad. This is ginger chicken and prawns with mix leaves, mange tout, plum tomatoes, shredded beetroot, carrot and red onion with peanuts and a nuoc cham and ginger miso dressing. It is a light, fresh meal that is perfect for summer. Everything is really tasty and it is a great nod to the favourite thai dish.

Wagamama at the White Rose Centre - Pad thai salad

Wagamama at the White Rose Centre – Chicken firecracker

Another dish on the Wagamama curry menu is the chicken firecracker. A fiery chicken, mangetout, peppers, onions and hot red chilli curry served with white rice, sesame seeds, schichimi and fresh lime. As the name suggests this curry is hot! One mouthful made me realise it is too hot for me, everyone else loved it though. If you like hot curry this is definitely a dish for you.

Wagamama at the White Rose Centre - Chicken firecracker

Wagamama at the White Rose Centre – Grilled duck donburi

On the donburi menu is the grilled duck donburi. Donburi is a traditional Japanese dish and is a big bowl full of steamed rice, meat and mixed vegetables. This has duck leg in teriyaki sauce with carrots, mangetout, sweet potato, red onion, sticky rice, a crispy egg and cucumber, spring onions and kimchee. This is my first time trying a donburi and it was definitely a great introduction. Everything in it tastes amazing and mixing it all together makes a perfect bowl of comfort food.

Wagamama at the White Rose Centre - Grilled duck donburi

Wagamama at the White Rose Centre – Short rib ramen

Short rib ramen is on the ramen part of the Wagamama menu. This is beef short rib (on the bone) in chicken broth with noodles, chilli oil, mangetout, red onion, sweet potato and pea shoots. The beef short rib is so tender it literally falls off the bone. The broth is delicious, and not too salty as ramen broth can sometimes be. It is another really comforting, filling dish.

Wagamama at the White Rose Centre - Short rib ramen

Wagamama at the White Rose Centre – Katsu curry ice-cream

And finally, completely off menu, katsu curry ice-cream. This is exactly as the name suggests, ice-cream covered in katsu curry sauce. I really didn’t want to like this, I didn’t even want to taste it if I’m being honest. BUT it is amazing! The cold ice-cream melting in to the hot sauce and the spices mixing with the coconut ice-cream is just delicious. Everyone had empty bowls. Unfortunately this isn’t something that is on the menu, but if ever you get a chance to try it do.

Wagamama at the White Rose Centre - Katsu curry ice-cream

Wagamama at the White Rose Centre – Final thoughts

I absolutely loved my night Β at Wagamama in the White Rose Centre. The food was amazing and the staff are brilliant. Spending the night talking to Steve about all the dishes he creates really was so interesting.

My favourite dishes are the sticky pork belly, the duck donburi and (surprising for a cauliflower hater) the bang bang cauliflower. The only dish I didn’t enjoy was the firecracker and that was only because it was just too spicy for my taste.

I will definitely be eating at Wagamama in the White Rose Centre again soon.


Have you been to Wagamama before? What is your go to dish there?


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29 comments on “Wagamama at the White Rose Centre Leeds”

  1. Wagamama’s is my kids go to restaurant. When I experienced the new menu I was upset they took my veggie rice dish off the menu. The bang bang cauliflower is rather nice though.

  2. Oh my goodness! Everything looks super good, but that katsu curry ice-cream has my eyes! Looks super different yet tempting!

  3. I have actually been to Wagamama recently, when I met with a friend in Dorchester. I had the tuna, as I was on a low sugar diet and I was very happy with the meal. It was delicious!

  4. We don’t have Wagamama here in Greece… So sad… And everything looks so yummy! I guess I would go for the short rib ramen! But well, I’m actually putting this on my bucket list! Eat at Wagamama!

  5. I’ve been wanting to go to Wagamamas for ages, but I never get the time. There’s one right here in Peterborough, and my friends have all been… I really need to go.

  6. I love Wagamama, there is one downstairs from my dad’s flat and we always order from there when I go over to watch the football. My go to is the Katsu Curry so that ice cream sounds like something I just have to try! Hopefully this new menu will be making an appearance in Dubai some time soon!

  7. I’ve never been to Wagamama, and it looks wonderful! If my husband and I are ever lucky enough to go, you can bet we’d order Short rib ramen (for him) and pad thai salad (for her). Yum! x

  8. Ive never tried Wagamama & I was SO excited when I found out it was coming to the white rose! I must remember to go, the next time I am at white rose! xo

  9. This place sounds so amazing. I really want to have those dumplings & the chicken curry. Everything looks so appetizing. I hope you had a great time there.

  10. I would love to taste Wagamama. I really want to taste dumplings and the chicken curry. And the place? It looks wonderful. I always want to taste foods like this. I hope I can try it soon.

  11. wow these pictures look so good – i almost feel bad now that i opened the post :p but wagamama has some really nice selections to be fair – i can’t choose from the pictures!

  12. Wow. Those are some amazing dishes. I’ve never heard of Wagamama but I’ll definitely have to put it on my eating list. That sticky pork belly sounds pretty delish!

  13. Unfortunately there’s no Wagamama near by where I live but hopefully one day soon they will establish one here as well. All those portions look and sound so delicious. I love Asian food, but that’s pretty hard to get here.

  14. It’s been years since I’ve been in Leeds so I didn’t know that it had changed so much! I am however a huge Wagamama fan! Gorgeous looking food. It’s so yummy.

  15. I have been nevere to The Wagamama before. After I read your advises and wondeful cooked meals I think I will go there soon. Thank you for making me hungry lol!

  16. I’m a huge fan of ramen. I recently came back from Japan and during 2 weeks trip I had like 100 of ramens πŸ™‚ So now whenever I see them I;m just getting so hungry πŸ™‚


  17. I LOVE duck gyoza – my absolute favourite Helen! I’ve been to wagamama a couple of times in London and my experience there has been incredibly enjoyable with fast service and fab food! xx
    Marina x

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