Month: August 2017

Spending a day in Palma, Mallorca

As I was booking our holiday to Alcudia, Mallorca I knew we would be spending a day in Palma. I have seen so many photos of the city and cathedral that I fell in love with. My original plan was to use public transport and bus down to Palma. But as it was April and out of season the buses aren’t as regular. Fortunately an excursion shop had a coach trip there for us. The coach takes you from Alcudia to Palma, has a drive around the main sights before dropping you off to explore for yourself.  (more…)

Lunch at The Alchemist Leeds

The Alchemist Leeds is somewhere me and my friends often go for cocktails. It is a meeting place for us and we spend many a Saturday night in there. It isn’t somewhere I have been for food before. For no real reason, I just haven’t got around to eating there yet. So I happily accepted an invitation to go and try out the menu for myself.

Lunch at The Alchemist Leeds (more…)

Frozen desserts with Thornton’s and Weight Watchers*

It is no secret by now that I am a huge foodie. Or that I have a super sweet tooth and a love for anything “naughty. So when I was asked if I would like to try out some frozen desserts from Thorntons and Weight Watchers of course I agreed.Frozen desserts are something I often keep in the freezer as they are great for lazy Sunday dinners or when the sugar cravings hit.  (more…)

A guide to surviving your first festival

Lots of people are packing and getting ready to head down to Leeds & Reading festival this weekend. I’ve been attending Leeds Festival since I was 18 years old…I don’t even want to admit how many years that is! And over the years have been to festivals all over the country. Festivals are amazing fun but quite tough going too. Going to your first festival is so exciting but can be super nerve wracking too as you don’t know what to expect. I have lots of experience and a festival essentials pack from Push Doctor to help me out this year. But for anyone with no experience, here is my guide to surviving your first festival.

A guide to surviving your first festival


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