Westlab Epsom salts from Hello Skin

Hello Skin West Lab Epsom Salt reviving

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Today is the last of my three Hello Skin posts. If you haven’t read them already catch up on the other two here and here. So Hello Skin is an online company specialising in skin care for acne, eczema and psoriasis. But there are lots of other goodies for “normal” skin types too. The Westlab Epsom Salts are something everyone can use.

Hello Skin Westlab Epsom Salts reviving


Who should use Hello Skin Westlab Epsom Salts?

People have been using Epsom Salts for hundreds of years. They are well-known as a bath additive to help relax muscles and recover after exercise. But they can also help people with dry skin, sunburn and insect bites. Westlab Epsom Salts, made from magnesium sulphate, create a soothing and detoxifying bath that aids general skin health and wellbeing. You can add them to baths or use them as a foot soak or exfoliator too.

Hello Skin Westlab Epsom Salts reviving


How to use Westlab Epsom Salts
  • In the bath – add 1/2 to 1 cup to hot running water.
  • As a foot soak – add 1/2 cup to warm water.
  • As an exfoliator – massage in to wet skin after a bath or shower.
  • For bites, stings and sunburn – mix salts in to cool water and soak a compress in the water.
My review of Westlab Epsom salts from Hello Skin

Although I have heard so many people raving about Epsom salts I had never got around to trying them out for myself. The Westlab Epsom Salts are easy to fit in to my bath routine. They dissolve really quickly in the bath water and have no scent. As soon as you step in to the water you can feel how moisturising the salts are. A long soak in the salt bath really does help relax and ease aching muscles too.

I am using about half a cup of the salts which definitely fully dissolves, along with a bath bomb to add some colour and fragrance. My sister has said adding too much makes it a bit gritty under your bottom though!

Afterwards my skin is left really moisturised and soft and I do feel really relaxed.

After emptying the bath there is no residue left in the bottom and they don’t leave the bath slippery. There’s nothing worse than getting in the shower after bath oils and it finding out it’s a skating rink is there?

I really like these and they are a great add on to my usual relaxing baths.

Hello Skin Westlab Epsom Salts reviving

You can buy the Westlab Epsom Salts from Hello Skin here and they are £3.40 for a 1kg bag or £7.99 for a 2kg bag.

Have you tried Epsom salts before? What are your favourite relaxing bath products?


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35 comments on “Westlab Epsom salts from Hello Skin

  1. I agree with this, we’ve been using epsom salts in our bath for sometime now and it really helps on cleansing and moisturizing skin. Mine was with lavender scents which indulge me to relaxation every bath.

  2. I haven’t tried epsom salts before but they sound amazing! I love a relaxing bath and I’m so happy you can exfoliate with these! My idea of a perfect bath would be a some nice hot water and a lush bath bomb! I love them! xx
    Marina xx

    1. I had heard so much about them and never got around to trying them myself, they definitely live up to the hype! Oh yes hot water and lush bombs are the best.

  3. We use Epsom salts as a foot soak. My husband says it relaxes his tired feet and his dead skin just sloughs off after soaking his feet in warm water with Epsom salts. Thanks for this post. It just reminded me that we’re running low. I have to get more tomorrow. 🙂

    1. I really want to try them as a foot soak next. It’s great that they soften the skin so much on his feet!

    1. There will be lots of things their for your skin then. Epsom salts are definitely my new favourite thing.

  4. I love bathing salts. Not a big fan of long baths but it’s always nice to bathe in some nice salts with bubbles and a calming scent. And the price is quite affordable!

    1. I think they have made their way to my favourite list now. I can’t believe I hadn’t tried them before!

  5. I’ve not tried Epsom salts yet but keep meaning to. I will have to pick some up as they are actually quite cheap and I love relaxing baths.

    1. There’s nothing more relaxing than a soak in the bath is there. I hope you enjoy them if you do pick some up.

  6. i have to say i haven’t tried this exact product – but have tried bath salts
    i really don’t have baths anymore…for me warm water seems to era my body too much and the next day i feel terrible and aching all over – showers r perfect for me as i love to train.

  7. I haven’t used their product but I think anything which claims to beautify skin is worth trying. Thanks for giving such useful insights of the products.

  8. I have never tried Epsom salt but have heard it’s good for feet..will try for the bath too

  9. I’ve been using Epsom salts in my baths for years. There’s nothing more relaxing. Just last week I started doing CrossFit and have been looking forward to my long soaks in the tub more than ever! x

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