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We all know we should keep our homes tidy and clutter free. I absolutely agree with the statement a tidy home is a tidy mind, I feel much calmer when my house is clean and tidy. The same is also true for businesses, it’s maybe even more important. A business needs to be organised, tidy and clutter free to run quickly and efficiently and for the well being of the staff. Whether you are a new business, an expanding business or just need to get on top of your existing work premises Warehouse Storage Solutions have everything you need. 

Warehouse Storage Solutions are a Harrogate company with over 20 years experience. Their many years of experience in the industry allows them to offer a full diagnostic check on the current storage and to find solutions for storage problems businesses may have.

They obviously offer the exact kind of storage solutions you would expect warehouses and other businesses need. BUT there are a few ideas that you might not think about that could be useful for all different kinds of businesses.

Warehouse Storage Solutions – short span shelving

Short span shelving from Warehouse Storage Solutions is a perfect way to keep offices (both in warehouses and other businesses) clean and clutter free. You can use the shelves for storing files, incoming and outgoing mail or paperwork.

Warehouse Storage Solutions short span shelving

We use shelves like this in my office, so of course I girly them up with pretty storage boxes and folders in bright colours. I love that the shelves are easy to dust and keep clean. For me keeping the workplace clean is just as important as keeping it clutter free.

Warehouse Storage Solutions coloured folders


Warehouse Storage Solutions – mezzanine floors

Mezzanine flooring from Warehouse Storage Solutions might be something a business hasn’t thought about. Mezzanine floors, a platform raised above the floor level, are becoming more and more popular. Homes, shops and businesses are making use of the space that generally goes to waste higher up. The floor can be office space, a staff room or even more space for storage.

Warehouse Storage Solutions mezzanine floor

Warehouse Storage Solutions – partitioning

Using Warehouse Storage Solutions to partition off areas is another great way to maximise space. Partitioning off areas, or creating set offices confines the space people and things will take up. It’s all too easy to spread out when you have open plan working. Containing areas will help contain clutter people and things make.

Warehouse Storage Solutions partitioning


Do you have any other ideas for keeping businesses clutter free and maximising storage and work space?

If this is something you are looking in to for your business make sure you check out Warehouse Storage Solutions.


*This is a collaborated post with Warehouse Storage Solutions.

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