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Nowadays almost every household has at least one car. Passing your driving test is a right of passage and buying your first car is something you will remember forever. All the driving lessons and tests teach you how to drive and be safe whilst driving. BUT one thing they don’t teach you is how to keep your car in new condition. Knowing how to keep your car in new condition not only keeps it road safe but can help keep some of the value in it too.

How to keep your car in new condition

How to keep your car in new condition – MOT

This first tip is the one everyone knows about, keeping up to your MOT. This is a legal requirement and will check your car is safe to be on the road. If you are caught without a valid MOT you’ll get a £100 fixed penalty notice from the police or up to £1000 fine in court. Make sure you know when it is due and make your appointment in good time. You can quickly and easily check when your MOT is due here.

How to keep your car in new condition – service

Regular servicing isn’t a legal requirement but makes really good sense to do annually. A service can find any minor faults before they turn in to major (expensive) problems. At a service all the critical parts of your car are tested making sure they won’t let you down when you need them. Whilst it is easy to think servicing is expensive it will save money in the long run. Small wear and tear repairs are cheaper to fix and clean oil and air filters are better for fuel efficiency. Having a full service history also boosts the value of your car when you come to sell it. You will usually get an MOT and service deal so book it in at the same time your MOT is due.

How to keep your car in new condition – clean

Let’s be honest, cleaning your car isn’t the most exciting job in the world is it? But making sure you clean it once a month will keep it looking in new condition. An immaculate interior boosts the value of the car, so splash out on those boring but necessary car mats. Not cleaning it regularly will eventually attract dirt and grime that you can’t get rid of or even damage the interior and exterior. Make sure you clean all of the mirrors whilst you are doing it too, you need those! Wipe off any bird poop as soon as you notice it, it is acidic and can cause rusting if left.

How to keep your car in new condition – exhaust

Something not many people think to check regularly is their cars exhaust. If you notice an increase in the amount of petrol you are using or rattling there could be a fault with your exhaust. Make sure you book in a car exhaust inspection somewhere like Ossett Tyre House.

How to keep your car in new condition – Tyres

Make a habit of checking your tyre pressures once a month as well. Whilst you are filling them up with air check the condition of your tyres. Worn tyres are dangerous and face a fine if you are caught driving with them.


Keeping up to the maintenance, wear and tear and appearance is the best tips for how to keep your car in new condition, and for road safety too.

Do you have any other tips for keeping your car in new condition?


*This is a collaborative post with Ossett Tyre House .

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16 comments on “How to keep your car in new condition”

  1. Honestly, I don’t have cars right now but I am hoping to have one in the future. This post of yours could be a much help to those who have one.

  2. I think in cars especially, you should try your best to pick things off the floors as soon as you notice them. If there’s a receipt down there don’t let it stay on for months without throwing it out. You won’t have to spend hours cleaning you car if you keep it clean to begin with.

  3. It’s such a good point to keep your car in good condition. Not just to keep it looking good but to ensure it keeps its value too! Great tips!

  4. I appreciate the straightforward tips helen. you will be surprised how I’ve sat in some serious grime and wondered what happened to car maintenance – this post should be a billboard on the M1

  5. Keeping your car in tip top condition is just like taking care of ourselves. If you take a shower everyday, you should also pay attention to the car’s cleanliness. Don’t allow small pieces of trash to pile up before you start cleaning it. Do you like wearing worn out shoes? Of course not. Your car’s “shoes” (tires) should also be checked out regularly! Just think of your car as a person that also has needs.

  6. cars can get so dirty so quickly if you dont take care of them. Plus if you have kids the likelihood for a mess is bigger. People also often neglect the exhaust and tyres, great tips.

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