Jamie’s Italian Super Lunch Leeds

Jamie's Italian super lunch ultimate garlic bread

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Jamie’s Italian is somewhere I have been wanting to try for the longest time but have never got around to. So when an email asking if I would like to try the new Super Lunch menu at the Leeds branch dropped in my inbox, naturally I said yes immediately! The Jamie’s Italian Super Lunch menu runs Monday – Friday 12-6. You can have two courses for £11.95 or three courses for £13.95.

Jamie's Italian super lunch Leeds

The inside of Jamie’s Italian is just gorgeous! Thick chunky wood tables, wooden floors and stripped ceilings.


Jamie’s Italian Super Lunch starters

From the Super Lunch menu this is the Truffle Tagliatelle. This is handmade pasta served in a black truffle butter with aged Parmesan, nutmeg and shaved black truffle. It is without a doubt THE nicest food I have ever eaten. The pasta is lovely, you can really taste it is freshly made. I thought for a starter there was the perfect amount too. There is enough that you feel you’ve had a course but not so much you worry about finishing the rest of your meal. It was my first time trying truffles and they are amazing. Im just sad I can’t have truffles on every meal from now on!

Jamie's Italian Super Lunch truffle tagliatelle

For Ellie, the ultimate garlic bread from the antipasti section of the normal menu. This almost looks too good to eat, I just love the rustic board it comes on. Again it is the perfect portion size for a starter course. As well as looking good it tastes and smells good too.

Jamie's Italian super lunch ultimate garlic bread


Jamie’s Italian Super Lunch mains

This is the Steak and Fries from the Jamie’s Italian Super Lunch menu. A marinated skirt steak, flash grilled & served with garlic butter, aged Parmesan, slaw & fries. The steak is done perfectly, to just how you order. The marinate is tasty and I love the garlic butter. The chips are super thin and crispy which is just how I like them and the slaw tastes great too. Again I thought this was a really good size portion too.

Jamie's Italian Super Lunch steak and fries

I had to try the polenta chips from the contorni main menu too as I’ve heard so many people talk about them! I love polenta but have only had it in baking or mash potato style. The polenta chips are crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. I love the herby cheesy topping too. I will definitely be trying to recreate these at home soon.

Jamie's Italian Super Lunch crispy polenta chips

Ellie has the margherita pizza from the Jamie’s Italian kids menu (fussy teenage eating day!) This is a sourdough base with Jamie’s organic seven-veg sauce, mozzarella and fresh basil. The sourdough base is thin and crisp, the sauce really tasty and a good, thick layer of oozy mozzarella. It is the perfect size, even for a growing teenager.

Jamie's Italian Super Lunch margheritta pizza


Jamie’s Italian super lunch – the desserts

Finally the Jamie’s Italian Super Lunch epic chocolate brownie. A chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce, salted caramel popcorn gelato and caramel popcorn. This is pretty much dessert heaven on a plate! The brownie is perfect, the gelato tastes amazing and the popcorn pieces add a really tasty touch. As I was so full I did ask for a smaller portion, so this is half the size of the usual portion.

Jamie's Italian Super Lunch epic chocolate brownie

And from the kids menu again an organic strawberry and mango ice lolly. This is made from real fruit so has “bits” in and is surprisingly filling. Ellie loved it though and it was a great end to her meal.

Jamie's Italian Super Lunch strawberry and mango ice lolly


Jamie’s Italian Super Lunch review

Both Ellie and I loved our meals at Jamie’s Italian. The Super Lunch menu has lots of great dishes to choose from all for a great price. As Jamie’s Italian Super Lunch runs from 12-6 it is great for lunch or an early dinner too.

The Leeds branch is a gorgeous venue and all the staff are lovely. They really know the menu and they are attentive without interfering whilst you are eating.

We can’t wait to visit again and try some different things from the menu.


Have you ever been to Jamie’s Italian?


*we were invited down in exchange for an honest review. I have not been influenced by this and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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32 comments on “Jamie’s Italian Super Lunch Leeds

    1. It almost looks too good to eat doesn’t it! I was really surprised by the quality and prices of everything.

  1. I keep hearing such good things about Jamie’s Italian, I really need to try and pop in myself at some point, perhaps a trip to Leeds should be on the cards.

    1. The food is just so delicious! I’m sure there’s quite a lot of them now so there might be one closer to you than Leeds.

    1. I think the Leeds branch runs the super lunch menu Monday – Friday, other places might be different though. If not there’s always bank holiday Mondays 😉 x

  2. I also really want to visit a Jamie’s Italian. I love Italian food and Jamie’s food always looks SOOO GOOD. I would also go for the Truffle Tagliatelle 🙂

    1. I definitely recommend the truffle tagliatelle, it is so good. Hope you get to try it for yourself soon Jenni.

  3. Was able to try some breads but reading your post makes me realized I missed many foods to try on over Jamie’s. I would love to try the lunch meals and their desserts!

  4. I do love Jamie’s Italian, the food is always so good and is so affordable for the quality!

  5. This all looks incredible this is one place I would love to go to if I got the chance. Looks like you had a great visit x

  6. I can’t say I’m a massive fan of Jamie’s Italian – I had a bad experience in the branch in Reading once, and haven’t been back since. This was about 7 years ago though, so it might have changed now. I do think it’s pretty pricey for what it is though… 🙁 x

  7. Super yummy looking! I think I have eaten at Jamie’s before, but your food looks a lot better, so maybe I need to re-visit!

    1. I could eat that brownie everyday .. well if it wasn’t for the calories and my waistline of course 😉 x

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