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The Pride of Britain award show will be on our TV on the 31st October. If you don’t already know PoB is an awards event that honours Britains unsung, every day heros. The Summer of Pride tour is currently travelling around Britain stopping off at TSB branches. Here they are talking to the public to find out who they think deserves nominating for the Pride of Britain awards. Today the TSB Summer Pride stop is in Leeds I’m going along to see what is going on. They have also set me the challenge of making my own nomination too. 

Summer of Pride Tour

In the Leeds branch today customers (or any passers by) can have their photo taken with the Pride of Britain statue award. There are raffles raising money for charity. And of course you can give in your nominations.

Any one who uploads a selfie to social media with the Pride of Britain trophy or minis can win tickets to the Pride of Britain award show in October. So if you head along to the TSB branches Summer of Pride tour make sure you upload one with the hashtag #PrideofBritain.

TSB Pride of Britain Summer of Pride tour

It is super exciting to see the iconic purple Pride of Britain minis over by Leeds Town Hall too.

TSB Pride of Britain minis Summer of Pride tour

TSB Pride of Britain minis Summer of Pride tour

Summer of Pride / Pride of Britain my nomination

I am going to give my nomination to Armley Junk-tion Cafe. It was the first cafe to intercept food heading for the bin and make it into healthy meals operating on a pay as you feel basis. Customers can eat a warm and healthy meal and pay what they feel it is worth or whatever they can afford. People can also donate their time and skills in exchange for food too. The cafe also has a food boutique where customers can purchase the food that has been intercepted too. The Armley Junk-tion cafe offers outside catering and a bistro serving meals on a Saturday night. The Armley Junk-tion cafe now forms part of the Real Junk Food Project.

Since opening in 2013 there are now 30 cafes in Leeds, 80 in the UK and 120 worldwide.

I absolutely love that Armley Junk-tion cafe is feeding the community healthy food for whatever price they can afford or in exchange for time or work. I also really love their green ethos saving edible food from the land fill.

Any company championing to reduce the problems we have with landfill, championing to change our throw away culture and feeding the people in our communities who need it most definitely deserve some recognition.

Who would you nominate for the Pride of Britain? Will you be seeing the Summer of Pride tour whilst it is touring the UK?

You can find out more about the Summer of Pride tour here and You can make your nominations for Pride of Britain here.


*I was challenged to write my nomination and visit the Leeds stop of the Summer of Pride tour and will receive payment for this. This has not influenced my nomination or thoughts.

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19 comments on “The TSB Summer of Pride tour*”

  1. Aw hopefully you will get tickets to the pride of Britain show. It is always nice to show your appreciation towards the unsung heroes who are under appreciated x

  2. I always watch Pride of Britain awards with tears in my eyes so it’s great to find out about the tour. It’s so amazing to hear stories of greatness and how people work to overcome the odds. I’ll take a look at your nominated charity – amazing that they’re doing so much to reduce waste.

  3. Oh I totally missed this around Leeds, what a shame!!! but such a great cause this is!! 🙂

  4. Great nomination – it is criminal the amount of useable produce that is thrown away – anyone who can turn it into useable products is something to be proud of in my opinion.

  5. Fingers crossed you get tickets – looks like you shared some great pics on social. I love the sound of your nomination too – anybody/business who can make use of unwanted items (including food) to help others is a great cause x

  6. Will have to look out for those cars! The cafe you nominated sound like such a worthy cause! I hope they do well, definitely sounds like they deserve it!

  7. Being from a different country, I did not know about this Award but I really find this great way to honor the unsung heroes. Everything about it so lovely! All the best for your nominations.

  8. So great to think that there are people out there willing to make a difference. I really admire Armley Junk-tion and the work they are doing to save unnecessary food waste from landfill.

  9. That’s so cool, I never heard of Summer of Pride before, I don’t think they have something like that in the US, but I truly appreciate supporting and recognizing great local heroes

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