Month: July 2017

Decluttering business’ with Warehouse Storage Solutions

We all know we should keep our homes tidy and clutter free. I absolutely agree with the statement a tidy home is a tidy mind, I feel much calmer when my house is clean and tidy. The same is also true for businesses, it’s maybe even more important. A business needs to be organised, tidy and clutter free to run quickly and efficiently and for the well being of the staff. Whether you are a new business, an expanding business or just need to get on top of your existing work premises Warehouse Storage Solutions have everything you need.¬† (more…)

Hiding roots and greys with Everpro Beauty

If you’re a regular reader you’ll already know I’m someone who dyes their hair…a lot! My number one problem with colouring my hair is trying to cover up my roots. Whilst my hair doesn’t grow especially fast they start showing after about 3 weeks. Lets be honest no-one has the time or money for 3 weekly hair appointments and no-ones hair would take that amount of dying. Everpro Beauty are literally covering (pun intended) that problem along with the covering pesky greys problem too. As a huge hair care and hair colouring fan spending a night talking about all the products with Everpro Beauty is a perfect night for me. I had a lovely night chatting, playing and learning more about everything Everpro has to offer.

Everpro Beauty Back 2 Blonde / Zero Grey collection (more…)

Quest Personal Care Pretty Smooth face masks *

Over the past few weeks I have been sharing Quest Personal Care skincare products and haircare products. Today I am sharing the Quest Personal Care Pretty Smooth face masks.

At the moment I have an obsession with face masks, there is nothing more relaxing after a busy day or when you want a good pamper. I especially like the single use masks as I don’t have to commit to buying a full size jar and can try lots of different ones.


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