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Today I am joining in with We Have Lost The Coffee by Paul Mathews book tour. The third book in the We Have Lost mystery series.

We Have Lost The Coffee by Paul Mathews

We Have Lost The Coffee by Paul Mathews – The blurb

London, 2045. Three months into the Coffee Wars and Britain’s caffeine supplies are at critical levels. Brits are drinking even more tea than usual, keeping a stiff upper lip and praying for an end to it all.

A secret Government coffee stockpile could save the day … but then mysteriously disappears overnight.

One man is asked to unravel the missing-coffee mystery. His name is Pond. Howie Pond. And he’s in desperate need of a triple espresso. Meanwhile, his journalist wife, Britt, is hunting royal fugitive Emma Windsor on the streets of the capital.

Can Howie save the British Republic from caffeine-starved chaos? Will the runaway royal be found? And just what will desperate coffee drinkers do for their next caffeine fix? Find out, in Paul Mathews’ latest comedy-thriller set in the Britain of the future…

‘We Have Lost The Coffee’ is packed with dry British humour, political satire, dozens of comedy characters and enough coffee jokes to keep you awake all night. It’s full of crazy action and adventure in London, and beyond, and is guaranteed to set your pulse racing faster than a quadruple espresso.

So, join Howie, Britt and friends – as well as some enemies – as you travel forward in time to 2040s London.


We Have Lost The Coffee by Paul Mathews – review

We Have Lost The Coffee by Paul Mathews follows Britt and her husband Howie around London in the 2040’s as they investigate the mysterious disappearance of the nations coffee supplies. The two main characters are both investigating their own stories full of twists and turns. Both characters come up against problems, trouble and plot twists.

Paul Mathews We Have Lost The Coffee is a cozy mystery that draws you in quickly and keeps you reading until the end. I love that it is set in the future and I love how that future looks. (Apart from the no coffee problem of course!) It will keep you guessing as to who has taken the coffee right until the reveal.The main characters are both very likeable and I found myself rooting for them in their hard times.

Although this is the third book in the We Have Lost series it can be read as a stand alone novel. I haven’t read either of the previous books and didn’t feel like there were things I didn’t know or understand. Now I have read We Have Lost The Coffee though I would like to read the previous books.

Whilst the story doesn’t end on a cliff hanger there can definitely be more in this series and I am looking forward to finding out what happens next for Howie and Britt Pond.


You can buy We Have Lost The Coffee by Paul Mathews here

And find out more about it on Goodreads here.


I am giving We Have Lost The Coffee by Paul Mathews 4/5 stars ****


*This book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. I have not been influenced by this and all words and thoughts are my own.

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14 comments on “We Have Lost The Coffee by Paul Mathews *”

  1. I’ve never heard of this book, but it sounds quite interesting. A bit tongue in cheek and doesn’t seem to difficult to get into. Will check it out thanks!

  2. I love dry British humour and the coffee jokes. That’s why I think I need to get one of this. Definitely will check this out. Thanks for reviewing this book.

  3. What a strange idea for a story, but then with the amount of coffee shops on the high street these days it would be a real shock if they all disappeared. The book cover made me chuckle

  4. Love the sound of this book – right up my street! xx I love a good cliff hanger and dry british humour is not only my speciality but also the only humour I enjoy myself! I’m going to have to read this! xx

  5. At first lush, I’m thinking this is silly.
    Then realizing how seriously this quandary would be taken by p[people like my husband?
    You know, I thinking further about picking it up (and I wouldn’t tease him,no).

    I have no familiarity with the genre of books like this, but it could make for a fun read; I’m in!

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