One Love Manchester charity concert

One Love Manchester

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Todays post is very picture and word heavy but it is such an important post that really needs to be done justice. One Love Manchester, the charity concert for the victims of the Manchester terror attack. The concert not just our nation but the world was watching. The day Manchester stood up together against terrorism with the world behind it.

One Love Manchester stage

If you follow me on Instagram you will already know I was lucky enough to get tickets for One Love Manchester. It is such an amazing way to raise money and to show support for Manchester.

In the run up to the show I was a little anxious after the horror in Manchester just 2 weeks before, but felt ok about going and taking Ellie. The morning of One Love Manchester we woke to the awful news that there was another terror attack in London. Deciding to go was a difficult decision. Showing our respect, solidarity and defiance was so important and on the day that won for us.

One Love Manchester Tony Walsh

Tony Walsh opening One Love Manchester with his now infamous “This Is The Place” Manchester poem.

One Love Manchester Marcus Mumford

Marcus Mumford leading a minutes silence for the victims before performing Timshel. I have seen Mumford & Sons quite a few times so it was different to see Marcus on his own. He is a brilliant musician and a great start to the show.

One Love Manchester Take That

Take That performing Shine, Giants and Rule The World. You’ll already know I’m a huge Take That fan (if not read about that here) so I was always going to enjoy seeing them. Being from Manchester themselves I’m so glad they were on the setlist. Their set was really upbeat and everyone was up dancing.

One Love Manchester Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams performing Strong / Manchester We’re Strong and Angels. I love the change of lyrics and hearing the entire crowd chanting along. In the run up there were whispers of him singing with Take That, I’m glad he didn’t. It might have taken away from what the day was actually about.

One Love Manchester Pharrell Williams

One Love Manchester Pharrell Williams and Miley Cyrus

Pharrell Williams performing Get Lucky with Marcus Mumford and Get Lucky with Miley Cyrus. Although I’m not a fan of Pharrells music it is upbeat and got the crowd dancing along.

One Love Manchester Niall Horan

Naill Horan performing Slow Hands and This Town. Ellie is a big Niall fan so she was happy to see him at One Love Manchester. He came across as very humble and genuine.

One Love Manchester Ariana Grande

After a speech from Scooter Braun which was very moving and so relevant after the two attacks Ariana Grande came on to the stage. Her sets were intermixed with all the other artists throughout the day. She sang Be Alright, Break Free, Side to Side and Love Me Harder. She is amazing to see live! Such an incredible voice and such a sweet, lovely person too. Her speeches throughout the day were so heartfelt and moving, I was brought to tears more than once.

One Love Manchester Little Mix

Little Mix performing Wings. The girls are great live and again kept it upbeat and energetic.

One Love Manchester Victoria Monet

Victoria Monet performing Better Days with Ariana Grande.

One Love Manchester Black Eyed Peas

Black Eyed Peas performing Where Is The Love with Ariana Grande. Despite being 14 years old I don’t think you could find a more relevant song. It could have been written especially for One Love Manchester. It definitely brings a lump to your throat seeing it live in this setting.

One Love Manchester Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap performing Hide and Seek.

One Love Manchester Parrs Wood High School Choir

Parrs Wood High School Choir performing My Everything with Ariana Grande. The choir are beautiful singers and so brave performing to such a big audience. This was one of the most moving moments of the day.

One Love Manchester Mac Miller

Mac Miller performing The Way and Dang with Ariana Grande.

One Love Manchester Miley Cyrus

One Love Manchester Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande

Miley Cyrus performing Inspired and Don’t Dream It’s Over with Ariana Grande. Despite her “wild child” press Miley is a brilliant singer and seems genuinely upset at the awful attacks.

Katy Perry performing Part of Me and Roar. Damn she can sing live!

Justin Bieber performing Love Yourself, Roots Bloody Roots and Cold Water. Ellie is a big Justin Bieber fan so seeing him at One Love Manchester was a great experience for her. He seemed genuinely upset at the attacks and it was moving to see him so upset.

Coldplay performing Don’t Look Back In Anger, Fix You and Viva La Vida. I’m generally not a Coldplay fan but they are an amazing band to see live. Chris Martin is an amazing singer and musician and the show they put on is incredible. I did quite a good job of keeping myself together through all of One Love Manchester but this is the point where I lost it. Chris Martin on his knees singing Fix You was my tipping point!

One Love Manchester Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher performing Rock n Roll Star, Wall Of Glass and Live Forever. One Love Manchester couldn’t have picked a better Mancunian to perform! Liam is probably one of the most famous singers to come from Manchester. It is disappointing Noel didn’t come too, but like with Take That, it might have made the day about them.

One Love Manchester Ariana Grande

The finale, Ariana Grande performing One Last Time and Somewhere Over The Rainbow. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the crowd!


One Love Manchester was such an emotional day and it is a day I will never forget. We stood as one, showed our respect and we were defiant. We sang loud and proud, we danced, we hugged and we cried. Every artist performing was amazing. The crowd were amazing. The atmosphere was like nothing I have ever experienced.

What you didn’t see on the TV was the atmosphere, so strong you could almost touch it. The crowd were calm, there was no pushing or surging to the stage. Everyone looked out for one another. Grown men lifted strangers children on to their shoulders so they could see. Strangers hugged as they sang. It wasn’t a sad day, the music and the crowd made it uplifting and upbeat. We were strong and happy to be there.

The music never stopped, once the TV cameras stopped filming we carried on singing. We sang queueing to get out of the grounds, we sang walking the streets and we sang on the buses and trams.

I am so grateful and proud both me and Ellie got to be a part of One Love Manchester.

One Love Manchester banner

If you haven’t already please, please donate to the We Love Manchester fund here.

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16 comments on “One Love Manchester charity concert

  1. To attend that show must have been both incredible and harrowing at the same time. I can only imagine the feeling of togetherness that there must have been at that show! Thanks for sharing your experience. ♥

  2. This was such a good benefit for what happened. To raise the money and for singers to contribute. The turn out was amazing! It’s times like this you really remember how strong a community can be x

  3. I’m so very glad they held this event. Thank-you for brining it to your readers. I’ve been following all of the new coming out of London, and my goodness, you guys have sure been hit hard. I loved with when you said everyone looked out for each other. We could sure use a lot more of that (all the way around)

  4. I really think that Ariana did such a good thing by putting this on. Also so wonderful to have the choir involved. Really was a touching and heartfelt moment having them sing on stage with her. Not all artists would have shown the same compassion that Ariana has after the manchester attacks and she has really gone up in my books as someone I will like and support in the future. Really great that all other stars also joined her to do this 🙂

  5. I watched on tv. Such an emotionally charged concert. I was in tears. Ariana did a great job and showed great strength during a time that would have shut down a lot of others.

  6. I live streamed it on Twitter and I have to say I was crying the whole way through . Especially at Miley and Ariana’s duet and somewhere over the rainbow, it was so sad x

  7. Looked like such a beautiful and emotional concert. I heard that it was amazing. It’s so unfortunate the reasoning behind it.

  8. “Where is the love” is one of my all-time favourites! Couldn’t be more suited as well for these times we live in the UK.. I just moved here one month ago and since then so many tragedies happened… I am glad there are these kind of events to remind us life goes on and we must go with it.

  9. It must have been so amazing yet emotional to have been at the concert. I watched it on TV and it was so lovely to see everyone come together and be full of love.

  10. I was so in awe of what Ariana did for the victims of the Manchester attack. She was just so brave to come back, knowing that her concert was deliberately targeted. She’s such and amazing and inspirational young woman. I need to watch this soon, as I recorded it and never got round to viewing it!

    Louise x

  11. What an amazing experience this must have been. I watched it on TV and even through the TV you could see the energy and love in the crowd! Such a great way to raise money.

  12. One Love Manchester was a great event showing solidarity at the wake of what had happened. It was such a beautiful gesture for the ones who were affected by the incident. I was able to watch the clip of Miley and Ariana, and Katy Perry. Miley and Ariana’s bit was very emotional I couldn’t stop myself from crying. Ariana was so brave to come back after what had happened but you can hear sadness in her voice. Such a great young artist.

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