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Well it’s almost June and that means it is almost officially summer. After the gorgeous weather the last few weeks I’m definitely feeling very summery. The warmer weather always makes me feel so much happier and more productive. I’ve got lots of plans for June that I’ll share at the end of this post, but first here is how my month has been in my May roundup and June plans.

May roundup and June plans

May roundup – the bad moments

I usually put my bad moments at the end of the post but today I feel this needs to be at the top. The Manchester terror attack. All the terror attacks all over the world are truly terrible but this one seems to have really affected not just me but the whole nation. Watching the news first thing Tuesday morning my heart was breaking and it broke even more as the news unfolded over the days. Terrorist attacks on anyone is awful but to know children are the targets is just unthinkable. Innocent children who were spending their Monday having an amazing night seeing their idol. Children never left that arena, children were witness to it and children no longer have parents as they were stood waiting for them.

Living in Leeds I’m half an hour away from Manchester and it is somewhere I visit a lot. Until Leeds arena opened a few years ago Manchester Arena was the nearest to me. I grew up in that arena and still go regularly to see my favourite bands. Ellie, like me, is a big music fan and I’ve taken her to see her favourite bands and singers there. Now she’s 14 she is at an age where I would feel happy to drop her off with her friends and meet her afterwards. After all if you have left them at the door and pick them up again at the door you feel they are safe don’t you?

My heart goes out to the victims, to their family and friends, to the people who were witness and to Manchester. If you haven’t already please, please give whatever you can to the Manchester Emergency Fund.


Now I have gotten the sad news this month out and you’ve all given a donation I’ll get back in to my regular monthly round up.

May round up – things I did this month
  • I had breakfast and a good look around the new Ham & Friends wine bar / deli.
  • An amazing road trip to Newcastle with my friends to see Take That.
  • I had a night with Leeds Loves Cocktails ahead of it opening on June 5th.
  • A BBQ this bank holiday weekend with both mine and Ellies friends sat outside in the sunshine was a great afternoon.
  • We’ve had a road trip up to Sunderland to see my nan.
May roundup – the good moments
  • The weather this month has been amazing! We’ve had lots of time outdoors enjoying it and I’m cracking on with my garden project.
  • I’ve spent a few different nights with my girly friends catching up and laughing.
  • I have my first ever giveaways live on my blog right now, a collaboration giveaway to win a Kindle Fire HD and kids tablet and a giveaway to win a £40 voucher for Kaya jewellery. I’m really enjoying doing them and hopefully there will be more soon!
  • For the first time in a  long time I’m keeping up with my blog schedule which always makes me feel I am accomplishing something.
May roundup – June plans
  • My front garden project is almost complete. I started last summer so it has been a long slog! I want to hire a gardener to finish digging out the bits I can’t do myself. If the sunny weather stays I’ll be able to finish it after that.
  • I’m hoping to get another holiday booking for me and Ellie. This month I will start looking and planning our next adventure.
  • Hopefully we can get another thing done from our 2017 wishlist.

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28 comments on “May roundup and June plans”

  1. I am glad that you are raising awareness of the emergency fund, the more we raise the more we can do to support those involved in the attacks. It breaks my heart that so many hearts were killed or injured. Glad you had fun at Leeds Cocktail festival!

    • I just wish there was more we could all do! It is absolutely heartbreaking isn’t it.
      Thank you hun x

    • It’s heartbreaking what happened. The fund is such an amazing thing, it has raised so much money for the families affected by it.

  2. It is just horrific what happened in Manchester. You have had some lovely moments, a cocktail night sounds good to me! Going to pop over to the kindle giveaway

  3. The terrorist attack in Manchester was horrific, I did not know anyone personally, but have friends who have lost people in it which is heartbreaking.
    It sounds like you had a great May and was very busy

  4. Manchester shook me for similar reasons, as a teenager I went to gigs there and have now taken my own children. It’s unthinkable to imagine what those families have gone through x

    • It’s so awful isn’t it to think somewhere we’ve grown up and taken our children to was the scene of such horror x

  5. I love your notepad and your personalised pencil! Where did you get them from?

    I’m glad that you are raising awareness about Manchester!

    • Ah thank you. The diary is from Paperchase and I’ll have to get back to you about the pencil when I remember where I got that from lol!

    • I know just what you mean. It seems to have hit us all so hard doesn’t it. Sending you love and hugs x

  6. Thank-you so much for posting a link to the emergency fund. I’ve been wanting to give. As for your round-up, I really enjoyed the post about visiting Ham and Friends. It’s atmosphere was so beautiful x

    • Thanks Rebecca. Oh I know, I just couldn’t believe it was happening again when I woke up on Sunday morning!

  7. I enjoyed reading your post. The manchester arena is a place we go a lot so it really hit home here too! The competition sounds great. Kaya Jewellery is fab!

  8. It’s great that you’re raising awareness and raising funds. A lot of people are still in shock.
    It sounds like , as a whole, you did have a good May, I’m really jealous you got to see Take That! I saw them a few years ago but every time they’re touring now, there’s something else happening.

    Good luck finishing your garden!

  9. Aww lovely you have wrote this post. Its so scary to think our kids have to grow up with this happening. I fear for my kids who are aged 11, 4 and 2. I live in Bradford!!

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