Vengeance by Roger A Price book review tour *

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Today is my stop on the Vengeance by Roger A Price book tour.

Vengeance by Roger A Price

Vengeance by Roger A Price – The blurb

Jack Quintel is a hit man. When a job comes in to kill the Deputy Chief Constable of the Greater Manchester Police Jim Reedly, he contracts it out to a new guy, Charlie Parker. Watching in the shadows, Quintel sees Parker shoot out Reedly’s windscreen, then drag him into the woods and thinks the job’s been done. But when Parker tries to pass off a pig’s heart as Reedly’s, things start to go very wrong. Jack’s right hand man Jason kills Charlie, who it turns out is an undercover police officer.

Detective Vinnie Palmer is with the Preston police. He was called in when they received the information about the impending hit. Now he has to figure out how to clean up the mess. And he wants whoever killed Parker bad. He finds the man who put Parker in touch with Quintel, a low life hood named Dempter, living in an estate in Preston. He doesn’t know much, but motivated by money, agrees to be an informant for the police.

Christine Jones is a TV reporter. She and Vinnie had worked together before, chasing a serial killer. They meet again at the warehouse where Charlie was killed, and realise their relationship could be more than professional. But first, Christine wants to know what’s happening. Vinnie agrees to keep her in the loop.

Meanwhile, Christine is working on a documentary about positive discrimination against non-Catholic officers in Northern Ireland since the peace process. She makes contact with a former police officer in Northern Belfast named Paul Bury, who feeds her some of the information she needs.

Meanwhile, as the bodies start to pile up in Preston, there’s another attempt on Reedly’s life, when a grenade is thrown at him at his brother in law’s funeral. As Vinnie fights to keep Reedly alive, suddenly Christine’s life is in danger. And they both start to wonder if the contract against Reedly has anything to do with her documentary on Northern Ireland. But how could it?

Filled with twists and turns and gritty detail, this is must read for crime fans everywhere.

Vengeance by Roger A Price – My review

Vengeance by Roger A Price is a gritty crime novel set in the North of England. The story follows Vinnie a Detective, Christine a reporter and Quintel a hit man. The three characters stories all eventually culminate into one ending.

I love that throughout the story you are following the different characters and reading their point of view. (The point of view of a hitman is as disturbing as you imagine!) All three characters journeys are full of plot twists and shocking revelations. It makes for a great read and keeps you guessing right until the end. I found the book really easy to get into and it keeps you wanting more. Vengeance is a gritty crime with some violence but it wasn’t too graphic or violent for the sake of being violent.

It is definitely a must read for any crime fans.

I’m giving Vengeance by Roger A Price 4 out of 5 stars


You can buy Vengeance by Roger A Price from Amazon


*This book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. I haven’t been influenced by this and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Hi Helen, a great start to an early weekend reading your kind review of Vengeance. I’m glad it kept you entertained and thanks for hosting m,e as your visitor today on your blog, much appreciated, cheers, Roger.

    1. Thanks Roger I’m so pleased you enjoyed reading my review. You’re very welcome and thanks for having me along on the book tour!

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