Animal fostering – life as a kitten foster mum

Animal fostering

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Have you ever wondered what animal fostering is like? Or what it is like to be an animal fosterer? Today I am talking about my experience of being a kitten foster mum for a local animal rescue.

I am a huge animal lover and massively support local animal charities and rescues. Lex our rabbit is a rescue rabbit.  A local animal rescue often posts on my local areas Facebook pages and I went over to their website to look at adopting a cat. I came across the fostering section and instantly knew that was my calling. 

Once I was through all of the thorough checks I was officially ready to be an animal fosterer. I didn’t have long to wait until my first delivery, a litter of 5 week old mum-less kittens.


Animal fostering

Animal fostering


The three boys made themselves right at home straight away. They all loved nothing more than charging around the house chasing each other then cuddling up on the sofas for a sleep.

Within a few days they were causing mischief and were enjoying using me and Ellie as climbing posts! But there is nothing cuter than tiny kittens cuddling up to you and having a sleep.


Animal fostering

Animal fostering


The rescue gave us litter and a box of food, as they rely on donations, once that had run out I did buy my own. Living with fosterers means the kittens are really well socialised and used to living in a home. As a foster mum I had to monitor what they were all eating and make sure they were using their litter tray. I took the kittens to the vets for their check-ups and injections and gave them their flea and worm treatments.

Their new adoptive families came to our house to see them and once they were reserved they had lots of updates and photos. Arranging visits with adopters was quite hard to juggle between them all and to fit around work too. But it is lovely getting to know the people who are re-homing them.

Both me and Ellie really enjoyed looking after them and having them live here for a few weeks. Unfortunately the one thing I hadn’t thought through was what it would be like when they leave. There was a lot of tears from both of us! Even though we knew they were all going to lovely families it was hard to see them go.


Animal fostering is brilliant, looking after fur-babies is so much fun and knowing you are helping is really rewarding. But it is also hard work, it is a lot of responsibility and can cause you a lot of tears too.

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