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Veeno, the Italian wine cafe, have a new bar in the new Wellington Place business park in Leeds City Centre. I was thrilled to be invited along to the Veeno Selezione wine tasting event last Wednesday night. The Selezione experience brings you 2 white wines, 1 rose wine, 2 red wines and 1 sweet dessert wine along with the matching authentic spuntini (appetiser platters) to match each wine.

Veeno Leeds Selezione wine tasting event

This was my first time visiting a Veeno, but the bar is gorgeous! The Wellington Place, Leeds branch is a glass fronted bar illuminated with twinkling lights in the windows. The interior is just as lovely with wooden cladding, bottle and cork decorations and it is really warm and cosy. I could quite happily spend an afternoon or night in there catching up with friends.


Veeno Leeds Selezione wine tasting event


The Veeno Selezione wine tasting event

As I mentioned above there are 6 different wines and spuntinis to the Veeno Selezione wine tasting event. Each is served separately along with a little bit of information about each wine and food platter.


Veeno Selezione wine tasting event, Leeds Wellington Place


Veeno Selezione wine tasting, 1 – Our driest

The first wine is the Timpune Sicani Grillo, a dry Sicilian white wine. This is served with Mozzarella  di Buffala, buffalo mozzeralla with lettuce and bread sticks. The mozzarella was delicious and was the perfect accompaniment to the wine. This was my second favourite wine of the night.

Veeno Selezione wine tasting event, Leeds Wellington Place Timpune Sicani Grillo, Mozzarella di Buffala


Veeno Selezione wine tasting, 2 – The wine of love

The second wine is the Corte Ferro Sicani Zibibbo, a white wine that Cleopatra apparently drank! This is served with Pecorino in Grotta, sheets milk cheese and baked bread sticks. The food was beautiful but this was my least favourite wine of the night, though it was my friends favourite.

Veeno Selezione wine tasting event, Leeds Wellington Place Corte Perro Sicani Zibibbo, Pecorino in Grotta

Veeno Selezione wine tasting, 3 – House rose

The third wine is the Tasari Syrah, the house rose wine. This is paired with speck, smoked ham. The rose wine was lovely, I don’t usually drink rose but really like this one. The ham was amazing, I could quite happily eat this all night.

Veeno Selezione wine tasting, Wellington Place Leeds

Veeno Selezione wine tasting, 4 – experts only

The fourth wine is the Sachia Sicani Perricone, a red wine with liquorish and spices. This is served with bresaola, beef with warm slices of bread. This is my absolute favourite wine and food of the selection.

Veeno Selezione wine tasting Sachia Perricone and bresaola

Veeno Selezione wine tasting, 5 – Our richest

The fifth wine is the Cutaja Le Selezione Nero d’avila Riserva a rich red wine served with gorgonzola cheese on bite size crackers. This was another wine and food pairing I really like.

Veeno Selezione wine tasting Cutaja Nero d'Avola Riserva and gorgonzola

Veeno Selezione wine tasting, 6 – Tagos

The final wine is the Tagos Grillo, a sweet dessert wine / sherry. This is served with homemade tiramisu. This was my first time trying a sweet wine but it was surprisingly nice! I couldn’t try the tiramisu (I’m allergic to caffeine and have learnt the hard way it doesn’t cook out in food!) but my friend said it was delicious. This was the perfect last course to finish our wine tasting night out.

Veeno Selezione wine tasting Tagos Grillo with tiramisu


The Veeno Selezione wine tasting event is a brilliant night out. It would be great idea for a girls night out, a couples night out or even a first date. All of the wines and food compliment each other perfectly and I think everything is delicious. It costs £26.90 per person, which is good value considering the amount of food and wine you get. There are Veenos all over the UK, if you are near to one I would definitely recommend trying it out for yourself.


*I experienced this event free of charge, this has not influenced my thoughts and all words are my own.


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8 comments on “Veeno Selezione wine tasting event *”

  1. Wow what a cool place, I really love those wine bottle lamp shades hanging down. Funny as I was in a pub the other day and the owner was saying he wanted to make something like that. Back to the wine!. I do love a glass of sweet wine and tiramisu is just my favourite dessert ever!.

  2. This looks like a great event and I agree, the price is right for all the food and drink you get! Love the cozy decor of Veeno too!

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