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Do you struggle to get clear on what you want to achieve and stay focused? Do you need help getting into your own thoughts and feelings? Whether it is fitness, health, career or work life balance sometimes we all need a bit of help with our goals and what drives us. The new mindset workbook Mindset Guide by Lucy Locket Loves does that! 


If you are anything like me this is the time of year when your January goals are starting to slip. I definitely need to some help in setting my goals and making them easier to achieve.


Mindset Guide by Lucy Locket Loves


The Mindset Guide by Lucy Locket Loves review

The Mindset Guide by Lucy Locket Loves goal is to create a sustainable lifestyle that enables you to look and feel good. It includes different daily exercises such as goal setting, mindset habits and affirmations.  All the exercises are easy to understand, simple enough to complete daily and will be relatable to any goals. The mindset habits are great for looking after your mental health too. I love this workbook and recommend it to anyone wanting to improve themselves this year. I am going to make some time for myself every day to complete the workbook and will post again about it in a month to let you all know how I am doing.


The Mindset Guide by Lucy Locket Loves is on offer at the moment for just £4.99, its usual price will be £19.99. If you do buy this for yourself use the voucher code “helerinablogs” before you check out.

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14 comments on “Mindset Guide by Lucy Locket Loves”

    • It is so motivating, looking after my mind more and achieving my goals were my “resolutions” for the year too!

  1. Hi 🙂
    I love Lucy, I went to one of her classes this morning.
    How long do you spend on the workbook each day?

    • Oh I would love to be able to do one of her classes! I’ve been spending about half an hour a night on it.

  2. I could do with something like this, I’m forever focusing on trying to eat healthy and keep fit I forget about looking after my mind too!

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