Ten tips on how to get free baby samples and products *

How to get free baby samples

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Although baby items are expensive to buy, you can get plenty of cool baby stuff without spending any money if you know how to get free baby samples and products. All you need to do is find out where these items are offered, and what is needed of you to get them. Outlined below are a few tips I wish I had known when Ellie was a baby on how you can get these great deals and save money in the process.

How to get free baby samples

1. Sign-Up for Newsletters

According to Kelly (a freebie baby product finder), many companies out there are offer high-value coupons, huge discounts, and even free samples to potential buyers. The offers are however available for a limited time, which means you need to know just when the offers are out. The only way to learn about these deals is by signing up for their newsletters.

2. Sales and Coupons

Many companies offer coupons through their websites, email newsletters, or even in the daily press. Collecting most of these coupons can help you nab an exclusive baby gift you have always been dreaming of. Only use the coupon-sale when applicable.

3. Reward Programs

Many companies that produce/manufacture baby products run reward programs for their shoppers. One however needs to stick to one brand, and register for points to win many of these free baby items, including nappies.

4. Attend Expos and Conventions

Attending baby conventions also provides parents with an excellent opportunity to grab some free goodies. Many companies hold conventions and exhibitions to showcase some of their latest inventions.

5. Participate in Surveys

Marketing surveys are rewarding especially if you have time to take one or two surveys. Participating in these surveys is a sure way to get free baby stuff.

6. Help with Market Research

With many marketing companies holding research for various products, participating in any of these market research expos can earn you some free cash and free baby items as well. All you have to do is take part several trials to qualify.

7. Competitions and Contests

Almost every website providing baby-related stuff run competitions and contests that come with hot giveaways for new parents. Although it may take you some time to enter a contest, you could definitely win something cool from it.

8. Hand-Me-Downs

You can also get plenty of baby things from friends and family members who had babies before you. Infants tend to grow very fast during the first few months and years. Many of their items are rarely used and in an almost new condition when handed down to you.

9. Join Mum Groups

Many local organisations sponsor fun activities for new mothers and their baby. You can take advantage of these activities to make as many friends as possible, and find free stuff too.

10. Magazine Subscriptions

Magazine subscriptions often come with gifts such as coupons, tote bags, and even free books.

Some effort and plenty of your time may be required to find free baby stuff out there. Nonetheless, with proper timing, you should be able to find great items for your child.

These are my top tips on how to get free baby samples and products (and can easily be used for other samples such as beauty goodies) do you have any good tips?

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