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Splash Down, Playa Grande, Puerto del Carmen Lanzarote

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We’re recently home from a weeks holiday in Lanzarote (you can read our holiday diaries here and here) We had planned to go on quite a few trips whilst we were there but their recent heatwave meant we had to change our plans a bit as it was just too hot to be walking around too much!

The first trip we went on was to Rancho Texas a zoo / waterpark in Puerto del Carmen. A quick look on my mobiles map showed us the free shuttle bus that the park runs stopped near our hotel so getting there was hassle free and didn’t cost us any extra. The entrance fee was €22 for adults and €17 for children (up to 14 years old).

Inside there was a small zoo with all different animals, there was a sealion show, a parrot show and an eagle show where you could watch them flying the birds of prey. The absolute star of the day for us was a white tiger who was stood in the window of his enclosure watching everyone walk past (and scaring smaller children!).

It was incredibly hot the day we went here, but we did find a few shady treehouses around the park that we could sit in and have a drink and cool down.

Rancho Texas Lanzarote, Puerto Del Carmen


Our next little trip was to Splash Down at the Playa Grande beach in Puerto del Carmen. Splash Down is a floating water park out in the sea. This was just €5 each for an hour, which is more than long enough. Now I didn’t think going on this through very well as I’m absolutely terrified of the sea (I’m a shark week fan so putting even a toe in it scares me!) and I had major hip surgery only 11 months before so my legs don’t move as well as most peoples! But I was brave and we got our lifejackets on and swam out to it. Splash Down is quite a way from the beach so swimming out was the first challenge as neither of us are used to sea swimming. The first challenge I had was that I couldn’t actually get on! I needed to grab on and swing a leg up onto it…..but couldn’t as I physically can’t do that now. After a few minutes of laughing a man did eventually come and dragged me up on to it, rather undignified but I was on. We had so much fun trying to make our way around the obstacle course and laughing at each other when we fell off. Once we had made our way around it all we climbed to the top of the tower where you can jump off into the sea. That’s were the last problem came up, I remembered I was terrified of the sea and was too scared to jump off. We sat up there for about 10 minutes watching everyone else do it and I finally decided I could do it. Me and Ellie decided to hold hands and take a running jump off of it, but as we were running I somehow managed to slip and faceplant the platform whilst also managing to push Ellie over the edge! (Yes I did feel like the worlds worst mum) I had winded myself and was too nervous to stand back up on it so dragged myself to the edge and flopped off, the most undignified way you can imagine. Ellie decided after that she didn’t want to get back on and go around again so we swam back to the shore and handed our lifejackets back in haha. Fortunately Ellie has seen the funny side of it all and is still laughing about it when we talk about the holiday.

Splash Down, Playa Grande, Puerto del Carmen Lanzarote

Splash Down, Playa Grande, Puerto del Carmen Lanzarote


The last trip we took was to Aquapark, a water park in Costa Teguise. Again a bit of googling and apple maps meant we were able to find our way to a bus that went here which was €3 each return. The tickets in to Aquapark were €22 each, as Ellie was too old for their child prices.

Aquapark was a lot smaller than we’d imagined, we’ve always been to Tenerife so are used to Siam Park and Aqualand, and it definitely isn’t somewhere you could spend a whole day. There are different sized slides and pools so adults and children can enjoy going there and all the slides and pools were clean and well looked after. We had two main problems when we went though, firstly parts of Aquapark smell really bad! It smelt like a drainage / sewage problem and was strong enough to make us retch in places and meant some slides we totally avoided. The second problem we had was there are hardly any sun loungers, definitely nowhere near enough needed for the amount of people there! This meant we had nowhere to sit all day and spent a lot of the day walking backwards and forwards to the locker area near the entrance for our towels and flip-flops. Whilst we made the most of our day there I wouldn’t go back and, even though it is the only waterpark in the area I wouldn’t recommend going unless it is out of season and really quiet (and they had sorted out whatever was causing the smell!)


All in all we really enjoyed the trips we did take whilst on holiday and I would love to go back to Lanzarote again as there was so much more I wanted to do!

Have you ever been to Lanzarote? What excursions or trips did you take?

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