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I’m really pleased to be sharing a new book review today by a new author to me, Kate Trinity. It Is The Demon In Me is a fantasy novel and just the type of book I’m usually drawn to and after I heard the excerpt I was looking forward to starting it.


It Is The Demon In Me is an intriguing, fun and entertaining book that will be particularly enjoyed by young adults and fans of urban fantasy alike.

Set in modern day America, It Is The Demon In Me tells the story of Deanna, a young teenage girl. Born a witch, she has always known she has powers but not the extent of them. Her parents and their coven have bound her abilities to keep her safe from the demons that want to find her. But as her powers grow, the bindings weaken and they are found. 
She must be unbound quickly as only she has the power to fight off the demons. 
But what she discovers now changes everything.
Her place in this world is not as she thought.
The time has come to make a decision and the lives of her family and their coven rest on it.

“‘Deanna became so much more than I originally intended, and grew on the page to become something even I hadn’t imagined when I began.” – K.T.


It Is The Demon In Me Kate Trinity book review


It Is The Demon In Me is told in the third person and follows Deanna and her family as Deanna discovers her powers as a witch and it watches her face several trials as her powers grow and she learns who she really is.

The story is really well written, everything was described in great detail so I could picture things as they were described and all the characters were all believable and well introduced so there was no flicking backwards and forwards to remind myself who people were or what they had done.  I found the book was easy to pick up and read any time and it didn’t take much thinking about whilst I was reading it. It was very different to any other book I’ve read in this genre, Deanna and her family although supernatural were very human-like and modern and there is no love story running through it which is usually the main storyline of these type of novels all of which made it really refreshing to read and meant I couldn’t guess what would happen. The story kept me wanting to read more and trying to guess what would happen right up until the very surprising end! I also really liked that it didn’t finish on a cliffhanger but the story could very easily be continued.

I am rating It Is The Demon In Me 3.5 / 5 stars.

You can find It Is The Demon In Me on Amazon here and find out more on Goodreads here.


I would happily read more from Kate Trinity and look forward to her next book.

Kate Trinity has visited 11 countries, has 2 degrees, and has a love of animals as well as all things supernatural. When Kate isn’t writing she’s baking, and loves to decorate cakes in unusual ways. She was brought up around steam trains, as her father was an engine driver. Her mother meanwhile, was a nurse in St. Luke’s. The eldest of five siblings and with 2 children of her own, her family is a large one. After the break-up of her marriage and becoming unwell, Kate began to write and never stopped. Her world is filled with gods and demons, monsters and fae.


*This book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own and I haven’t been influenced by this.

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