10 ways to keep a teenager occupied on holiday listicle

10 ways to keep a teenager occupied on holiday

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I’m busy getting packed for our holiday now and have spent the longest time thinking of ways to keep Ellie occupied whilst we are away. As she’s 13 now she doesn’t want to join in with the kids club activities and she is quite shy and doesn’t like making new friends so it’s much better for me to have lots of things to keep her busy than put up with “I’m bored” many times a day.

  •  Sign up to Apple Music – most teenagers have an iPhone, iPod or iPad and if you sign up to Apple Music they can download as many songs and albums as they would like and listen to them whilst away. The first 3 months are free but if you have already used that re-join and cancel it again once you’re home.
  • Colouring books – adult colouring books are the in thing at the moment (and who hasn’t always loved colouring in) so stock up on a few different books and pencils and they can colour whilst around the pool.
  • Get a Kindle / eReader – I’ve got a Kindle for Ellie and signed up to BookBub, this emails each day any ebooks that have been reduced or are free that day, she has chosen a few books to download and has been getting any of the free books she fancies too.
  • Find a free wifi spot – Hotel wifi is usually incredibly expensive so I always find a local bar with free wifi and go there for an hour each day so we can both catch up on Social Media and Ellie can talk to her friends.
  • Check their mobile phone bolt-on / packages – Most mobile phone companies have travel packages that give a certain number of phone calls, text messages and data. Buy them! It saves any scary bills coming in when they’ve snap chatted or text their friends not in your free wifi spot once you’re home.
  • Playing cards – I always take a pack of playing cards away with us, it has become a bit of a tradition now, and we play a few different games of cards together on a night in the hotel bar. I’ve also taught Ellie some patience type games to play on her own too.
  • Puzzlebooks – pick up a couple of puzzle books, these are great for on the plane, waiting around for transfers or for doing around the pool.
  • Plan your holiday – we usually have a few day trips and excursions so I always alternate them with a lazy day by the pool, it saves doing everything all at once then the rest of the holiday seeming boring. If you are going on an all inclusive holiday try to budget for a couple of meals out, the buffets do get boring not just for teenagers so it is nice to head into the town a few times to try somewhere different to eat.
  • Go for a walk each day – We always have a walk each day either around the resort or into the local town, it breaks up a day and is good exercise for everyone.
  • Take a notebook – Ellie likes writing lists (I know I don’t know where she got that from either lol!) so each holiday we go and buy her a new notebook. She can write a holiday diary, keep notes of things we’ve done and anything else she feels like doing in it.


Is there anything you do or take to keep your teenager busy on holiday?

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