Mays Five Things / Blog Every Day May day 31

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I can’t believe how quickly the time to do this again has come around. How has everyones May been?

Here’s my round-up of the month

Five things I did this month

  • Me and Ellie crossed off two things from our wishlist this month and visited Huckleberry’s American Diner, York .
  • And we had A day out in Whitby.
  • I went to the Leeds Slamdunk Festival and had a brilliant day out with my friend sat in the sunshine watching bands.
  • I made a start on our front garden, it was a country-garden style but is just too much for me to manage and keep up to, so I decided to make a start sorting it out and landscaping it myself. Digging out bushes and turning everything over is surprisingly hard work so it’s still a work in progress!
  • I went to the NYX Leeds launch evening at Boots and had a fab time seeing all the products and talking to other Leeds bloggers.


Five great moments this month

  • As well as being invited to the NYX launch at Boots I have had a few other emails this month (some I’ve turned down as they just weren’t relevant to me) but it’s nice to be getting noticed.
  • I’ve been working hard trying to keep up with Rosaliliums Blog Every Day May, although I didn’t manage it (see this months bad moments) it has definitely helped improve my blogging and I’ve found lots of new bloggers to follow.
  • One of my oldest friends was back in the area and unexpectedly called in to see us, it was so nice to have a catch up with her. It’s funny how you can not see people for a long time and still be able to talk as if you’ve seen each other the day before!
  • I’ve been doing quite a bit of moonlighting work to try and get more hours (and money) in but this month my work have agreed to add extra hours permanently to my contract. It will be nice to just be working in one place all of the time now.
  • My DA went up again this month, which as a new blogger is so exciting to see.


Five bad moments this month

  • I went to see my hip surgeon this month for a check-up after my surgery, he’s not very happy with my leg and has referred me for nerve conduction studies to see how bad the nerve damage is from the surgery and if they can do anything to treat it.
  • I ran out of medication as I couldn’t get a Drs appointment for a few weeks (GP receptionists ugh!) so my anxiety flared up again, although I’m back on my medication now it takes a few weeks to get back into your system.
  • As I’d had no medication for a couple of weeks my sleeping has been awful….and there’s nothing like a few bad nights sleep to make you even worse.
  • I didn’t manage to keep up with Blog Every Day May, which was my own fault for not being more prepared and organised!
  • I’ve only managed to get to the gym twice this month so I’m really annoyed with myself for getting out of it again.


Five favourite songs this month

[spotify id=”spotify%3Auser%3Ahelerinablogs%3Aplaylist%3A0khZdVEO5Qsd4HZcNzfrRn” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]


Five things I want to do in June

  • I’m hoping my front garden will be finished, looking pretty and be useable this month.
  • I had wanted to book our New York holiday in May but the return flights weren’t out yet so this month I want to get that booked.
  • Hopefully we can cross another place off our Yorkshire Days Out wishlist this month.
  • Get back into going to the gym regularly.
  • Join in with more twitter chats, I love doing them but always forget about them all until I see the tweets afterwards.

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0 comments on “Mays Five Things / Blog Every Day May day 31

  1. Look like the good things way out the bad 🙂 I got involved in a twitter chat for the first time the other weeks and really enjoyed it, and I keep trying to make a point of doing more but I always forget too!

  2. I was also doing the ‘blog every day in May challenge’ – I didn’t manage to get something up every day but it really helped get me started with writing more often. x

    1. I love reading lists like these too and it’s a good way to look back on what you’ve done too. I love Whitby too, it’s such a lovely seaside town isn’t it.

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