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My absolute favourite drink is tea, there is just nothing nicer than sitting down for 5 minutes with a good cup of tea! Over the years I’ve moved from just loving a cup of tea to loving anything tea related and now have a strange obsession with teapots and teacups. Whenever I pass anything teapot or teacup shaped it’s really hard to resist buying it to add to my little collection!

These are some of my favourite (and quite random) tea related things from my collection.


Scentsy teapot wax burner, Drown Soda tea necklace, teapots, teacup vase, teacup necklace


At the top left is my teapot wax warmer from Scentsy , the lid comes off and you can pop a wax melt inside and it lights up too. This is in my bedroom where it looks pretty, is like a night light and makes my room smell lovely.

Top right is my tea necklace from Drown Soda (who have unfortunately shut down now) This is a real statement piece of jewellery and is definitely a conversation starter!

In the centre right is a pretty teacup and spoon necklace from Pog Handmade.

Bottom left is my favourite teapot that is a teacup and teapot all in one. This was a present from a friend and is on my kitchen window sill with my other teapots.

Bottom centre is the first teapot I ever bought….and the pot that started the obsession!

And finally at the bottom right is a super cute teacup vase from Polka Dots and Petticoats. This usually has flowers in it but when it doesn’t it is still out on display on the window sill with my other teapots.

Do you have any strange collections?

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