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I have been wanting to go to the seaside for ages now and Easter Bank Holiday Monday is the perfect time for spending a day in Whitby. Whitby is the nearest coastal town to us in Leeds. It takes about an hour to get there and theΒ drive to it is lovely through all the moors.

Once arriving it was quickly clear a lot of the UK were also spending a day in Whitby and it was so busy. After lots of driving around the only parking was by Whitby Abbey. Ellie has never seen the Abbey up close before so it was a perfect place to park in the end.


Whitby Abbey is a really stunning Gothic ruin that sits on top of a cliff over looking Whitby and the moors and is the inspiration for Bram Stokers Dracula. You can go inside it and walk around it all which costs Β£7.10 per person. To be honest it isn’t necessary as you can get this close to it and all of its views for free.

Spending a day in Whitby - Whitby Abbey

You can walk back along the road into the town but the best way to get down there is down the famous 199 steps. The views as you walk down are just amazing.

Spending a day in Whitby - Whitby views

Spending a day in Whitby - Whitby views



Even if you are spending a day in Whitby on a grey and wet day like ours you can spend a few hours wandering around the town. The town is a mix of traditional seaside shops, cafes and pubs and gothic shops. Whilst window shopping I saw the most amazing handbag that was in the shape of a coffin. Although I love it, a coffin handbag probably isn’t very practical. So sadly, it is still sitting in the shop window.


After stopping off in a lovely cafe to dry off and warm up with a hot chocolate it was time to climb back up the 199 steps to the car.

The views on the way back home to Leeds are equally as stunning. Unfortunately the traditional bank holiday traffic meant it took us nearly 3 hours to get back home again.

Ellie spent her time photographing the views of the moors….diagonally……I think it’s a teenage thing?!

Spending a day in Whitby - Whitby moors views


Living so close spending a day in Whitby is a great idea for us. If you live further away it is definitely worth a weekend trip to see the sights there.

Have you been to Whitby before? Where is your favourite Seaside town?

Spending A day in Whitby

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21 comments on “Spending a day in Whitby”

  1. I love Whitby.Stayed in a cottage there in November.So got all the murky atmospheric weather too.Climbed the steps,visited lots of cute cafes and pubs and even bought some smoked kippers from Fortunes.

  2. Even on a cloudy day it looks pretty. I want to go to Whitby, maybe this year (I’ve been saying that for the last 2 years). I plan to visit the Abbey too, is part of English Heritage and I like visiting their places.

    • Whitby is almost better looking on cloudy grey days, I think it’s because it’s so gothic and bleak with the moors. Hope you get to visit soon πŸ™‚ x

  3. I love visiting the seaside! When I was younger we had a school holiday to Yorkshire for a week, and I can remember visiting Whitby and standing on the beach. I bought my mum a souvenir back of a blue and cream china milk maid! Thanks for invoking this memory πŸ™‚

    • I love the seaside too, it just makes me feel so fresh and alive (if that makes sense haha) Aw what a lovely memory! Glad it made you think of it πŸ™‚ x

  4. I was in Whitby last month and fell in love with it! The abbey is beautiful, the coastline is lovely and it’s just such a nice place. Such a shame that you had bad weather though x

    • It is such a beautiful place, it was your post that made me want to go again! We’re the same distance from Whitby as Scarborough and Blackpool and tend to go to the bigger ones now x

  5. Classic British weather for you, eh? Haha! Still, Love a good walk in the mud, I went up clent hills this weekend, we did 6 miles before we realised the sun was disappearing. Had to dash back in the mud!

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