Hair makeover – going grey!

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I’ve been feeling fed up with my hair for a while now so as it was my birthday last week I bit the bullet and had a completely new look.

I’ve gone to the same hairdressers for highlights and a trim for about 10 years now but whenever I asked for the colour doing differently I feel like they didn’t really listen and did the same as I’d always had. After asking around friends I decided to try a new hair salon, I’m going to be honest going somewhere new and letting them do my hair was incredibly scary!

This was my hair the morning of my hair appointment, I didn’t straighten it that morning so it’s a bit wavy.

Hair makeover, long blonde hair

I went to Victoria Barton Hair Salon, in Leeds, and had highlights with Olaplex, toner and a cut and blow dry.Β Olaplex was something I’d been dying to try for ages, if you haven’t heard of it already it’s a revolutionary treatment that is used whilst colouring hair to protect it from damage. It was mixed in with the bleach used in my highlights and a second treatment was applied as a mask once the bleach was rinsed off. All in all it took 3 hours to do my hair and here is the finished results.

Hair makeover long silver lilac hair

I’m thrilled with how it turned out! I finally have the silver / grey / lilac hair I wanted πŸ™‚ Using the Olaplex has meant it feels amazing and there wasn’t the usual bleach damage.

Hair makeover long silver lilac hair

What do you think of my hair makeover? Would you dare to go grey?

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43 comments on “Hair makeover – going grey!

  1. the grey looks lovely. I’d like to try that colour some time but i’m afraid soon enough i will be grey lol so I’ll probably wait for then! Angela from Daysinbed

  2. I had red home done dye in my hair but it’s currently growing out. Part of me is tempted to go grey all over but then I will need to keep up with it other wise the brown underneath will show badly when it grows out. Dilemmas!

    1. Grey is hard to keep up to (purple shampoo and toner are my best friends at the moment) but its worth the trouble I think πŸ™‚ Let me know if you decide to do it!

  3. It looks so amazing on you!! I love the trend but I’m way too scared to do it myself cause I don’t know if it would suit me or not. You’re so brave!!

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