Easter weekend

What The Fudge mini egg handmade fudge

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Hope everyone has had a nice Easter? And didn’t eat their own body weight in chocolate on Sunday which *ahem* I totally did not do of course….

I’ve had a little break from blogging and social media this last week, it has been really nice to log out of everything and not worry about writing anything or checking in on social media! It’s been really surprising how much extra time that has given me and I feel quite refreshed from it and have lots of new ideas for both this blog and my nail blog (if you are interested in reading that you can find it here)

My Dad, who lives in the Philippines, is staying at my Nans house at the moment so on Good Friday we had a little road trip up to Teeside for the day. As I don’t see him often it makes the times I do see him really precious moments. I got loads of photos and I’ll send him some once he’s gone home again, after all I’m sure he wants 157 photos of his best daughter and granddaughter haha. I adore these photos of him and Ellie and will be printing a copy myself to put up somewhere.


On Saturday I had a rare girls night out, it was brilliant to get dressed up, catch up with all my friends, have a few drinks and embarrassingly after a few too many drinks decide to share with the world Wrecking Ball on the karaoke *cringe*.

On Sunday and Monday me and Ellie spent the day in our PJs watching films, eating Easter eggs and just generally relaxing. I decided to get us both something a bit different for Easter and after lots of searching came across What The Fudge, an online store that sells homemade fudge and toffee. I chose the Galaxy golden egg fudge and Cadburys mini egg fudge, both were £7.50 for 300g.

What The Fudge mini egg / golden egg handmade fudge


Both of these were absolutely amazing and great as a treat for yourself or a gift for someone else.


Unfortunately the long weekend was over far too quickly and it was back to work and school again for us both on Tuesday…….and back to my healthy eating and working out again too!

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